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Nano Awards 2024 need your nominations

The ⭐ Nano Awards ⭐are now open for nominations. You can nominate your favourite tiny productions of the year:

To celebrate the best tiny intro productions, we'll be awarding the top productions of 2023 in the run up to Lovebyte 2024 Demoparty on February 9th, 2024.
And the best thing is you will be able to recommend tiny intro productions right here on Demozoo from December 1st 2023 until January 1st 2024.

To make your life easier, we've aggregated all tiny intros from 8 bytes up to 1024 bytes released in 2023 into the following 3 categories:

Oldschool Tiny Intros
High-end Tiny Intros
Fantasy console Tiny Intros

Log in to Demozoo (using your SceneID or Demozoo account) to start making recommendations.
[Submitted by TheWatcher]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-12-07

Subscription is GA

[ Demoparty.net News ] Subscription is GA

On demoparty.net you are now able to subscribe to Parties, Party series, Platforms and even Countries.

You will find a subscribe button on each of those pages. All subscribed items are in your settings. Initially we subscribed you to all future events you wanted to visit or are interrested in.

News and updates on those subscribed items are available in you private RSS feed for now. Further possibilites will be added soon (email, web push).

[Submitted by BitBot]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-11-23

Say Hello To Our Little Friend

[ Conspiracy ] Say Hello To Our Little Friend
So every time we begin using a new generation of tools, we release the old one to the public - so here it is: the tool we built Offscreen Colonies and Clean Slate with.
[Submitted by BitBot]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-11-22

Demoscene Report November 2023

Video of all the news and highlights from the demoscene in the early days of November 2023.
[Submitted by ps]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-11-22

Scene World podcast episode #177 - Richard Loewenstein aka spieleschreiber

Here's our new Scene World podcast episode #177 and we are very happy to welcome Richard Loewenstein aka #spieleschreiber - He's very well known for his Amiga game Reshoot Proxima 3 and being an editor for Amiga Joker. Enjoy!: https://scene.world/spieleschreiber
[Submitted by Nafcom]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-11-22
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