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#CPCRetroDev 2021 -- 9th international Amstrad CPC game creation contest with prizes (until November 2nd)

Over 2000 euro in prizes! Here you can find more details about the contest: https://itch.io/jam/cpcretrodev2021

And here you can see the games from the previous contests: http://cpcretrodev.byterealms.com/games/
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Deadline 2021: Ticket pre-sale over / Reminder: No sleeping hall, camping possible / Shirts for home delivery available / Livestream

[ Demoparty.net News ] Deadline 2021: Ticket pre-sale over / Reminder: No sleeping hall, camping possible / Shirts for home delivery available / Livestream

Ticket pre-sale is over.

There will be limited amounts of tickets available at the door, esp. if you traveled from outside Berlin you can still pay at the door. (but no discounted tickets anymore).

Reminder: No sleeping hall, camping possible

Reminder: No sleeping hall available this time (as it’s not properly ventilated). Camping in the ORWOGarden is possible, or of course hotel or crashing at a sceners place.

Shirts for home delivery available

We will print a second batch of shirts, for those who want to buy a shirt but they are already out on the party place, or if you can’t come but want a shirt. You can buy them at the website.


The livestream can be found here: https://streaming.media.ccc.de/deadline2021Cheers to the CCC for providing the infrastructure!

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N64brew Game Jam 2021 -- Nintendo 64 development competition for charity, Super Mario 64 dev is among the judges

It’s back for the second year in a row, the N64 Game Jam 2021 hosted by N64brew! The one last year had a great turnout with 14 submissions and five winners. This year it will be running from when the theme is announced on the 9th of October until the deadline on the 8th of December 2021. The judges will then announce the winners on the 12th of December.

More info: https://n64squid.com/homebrew/competitions/n64brew-game-jam-2021/

See as well:

- N64brew Game Jam 2020 entries (with source code): https://n64squid.com/homebrew/competitions/n64brew-game-jam-2020/

- Awesome N64 Development resources: https://n64.dev/
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Scene World Podcast Episode #125 - Watermelon Games - Fonzie Part 2

Welcome back Gwénaël Godde aka Fonzie! The Watermelon Games chief talks with us about his plans to port the furious Sega Genesis / Mega Drive brawler Paprium to current-gen consoles and games business in general. Turn on, tune in, drop out! (Watch out for their Kickstarter launching soon!) Interview starts at 6:38 minutes

with video version this time!: https://scene.world/watermelon
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#16 Even nostalgia isnt the same anymore

[ ZINE: The Radio Show ] #16 Even nostalgia isn't the same anymore

The scene is nothing if not a giant ball of sobbing about how everything was better when computers were just growing their eighth bit - but is that a good thing? Are we taking up the space from the future with the past? What's better, to make a fresh demo on an old platform, or an old demo on a fresh platform? The show dives into these weighty questions while, naturally, reminiscing about old times, because of course.

Send us your questions, suggestions and voice messages to zineradioshow@scene.org

Join the discussion on the Demoscene Discord server or our own.

Links in the episode:

Episode credits:

  • Hosts: Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid
  • Produced by: Gargaj
  • Editing, audio jingles, and engineering: Gloom
  • Cover art: Critikill

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