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Scene World Podcast Episode #91 - From Vultures to Vampires with David Pleasance

David Pleasance is the former marketing director for Commodore, and gained notoriety for his use of software bundles to sell computers, especially in the UK. He's also the author of "Commodore - The Inside Story", which detailed the internal workings of Commodore during its waning years. He's following this book up with a look at the Amiga: "From Vultures to Vampires", which looks at what became of Amiga after Commodore vanished into the mist. David joins AJ and Joerg today to talk about his time at Commodore, how other companies can carry on the torch, and about his new book, which is on Kickstarter. (Interview beings at 24:00)

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Underground Conference 10 is taking place - Thu, July 9th to Sun, July 12th 2020

Yes, it is happening. Not offline, not streamed, but an actual demo party in real life!

Join us next week for four days of non-stop insanity at the craziest and coziest outdoor demoparty event ever.

While in the past years our focus always has been to maximize the insanity aspect of the party, the focus this time is different: We want to enable sceners who have not seen each other personally for a long time to finally be able to meet again in a safe space.

We have developed a highly detailed anti-virus security concept. At a level you'd expect from a proper Nerd and based on recent studies, we've eliminated pretty much every possible way of transmitting the Corona virus for the event. UC10 will be the safest spot on earth when it comes to having a good time with fellow demosceners. Who knows when we'll be able to meet next, so take this chance now!

Check out the party website: https://uc10.party
Read our detailed Covid-19 security concept .
And go watch our amazing invitation demo.
[Submitted by scamp]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2020-07-01

Flashback 20/20, june, 26th - 27th, NL

[ Demoparty.net ] Flashback 20/20, june, 26th - 27th, NL

date: june, 26th - 27th
country: NL

»We are very happy to announce that Flashback 20/20 featuring Amiga 35 will host it’s very own demoparty!

Two days to explore escapades of creative computing underground and how the demoscene contributed to the retro-computing history. The DESiRE team and friends are proud to have their own little demo cave at Flashback 20/20 and allow the visitors to get acquainted with the demoscene and creative computer art.

The demoscene is all about exploring the quirks specific to a certain type of hardware, regardless if that’s a C64, an Amiga or an IBM PC. The active groups then compete with their impressive demos comprised of their own graphics, music and code on the targeted platform. The thrill comes from creating things with computers rather than simply playing games on them. And although the demoscene can be seen as competitive, the demoscene members are actually friendly people: don’t be afraid to visit and say hello!«

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lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2020-07-01

Congratulations: 30 years of TRSI

The cross-platform scene group TRSI celebrates its anniversary on 29 June 2020. 30 years ago, Red Sector from Canada and the German group Tristar became TRSI. What started with cracks on the Amiga, C64, MS-DOS and various game consoles, developed far later into a pure demo group. If you are interested in the background, you should read this german article. For this purpose Irata, one of the veterans, was interviewed in detail.

Originally a big TRSI birthday party was supposed to take place during the Easter days when the Revision took place, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. It was planned to bring together the former and current active members. If you want to congratulate on the anniversary or get more information, you can do so here in this Facebook group.
[Submitted by Ghandy]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2020-06-27

Edison 2020, july, 3rd - 4th, SE

[ Demoparty.net ] Edison 2020, july, 3rd - 4th, SE

date: july, 3rd - 4th
country: SE

»This year’s Edison takes place entirely online!

This means all competitions are open to remote entries and remote voting by purchasing an online party ticket.

We will broadcast the party on SceneSat and Twitch and everyone’s heartily invited to socialize on Discord. We sincerely encourage you to participate in our compos. You create the party!

As usual there’s supporter and sponsor tickets available if you love what we do and want to help us out even further.

Our t-shirt store is open providing the usual warez including face masks. This year’s visual design and logo was created by fegolhuzz.«

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lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2020-06-27
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