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Or so they say... by xplsv [web]
screenshot added by mrdoob on 2010-07-25 02:03:48
platform :
type :
release date : july 2010
release party : Euskal 2010
compo : combined demo
ranked : 1st
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popularity : 68%
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alltime top: #1416
added on the 2010-07-25 02:03:48 by mrdoob mrdoob

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Best with Chrome Windows/Linux
added on the 2010-07-25 02:05:07 by mrdoob mrdoob
Nice little diddy, had to reload the page in order to get it running for some reason.
added on the 2010-07-25 02:26:42 by lug00ber lug00ber
nice! I also had to reload (chrome/linux)
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 02:27:52 by jaw jaw
worked immediately here. very nice.
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 02:31:15 by Gargaj Gargaj
Brilliant guys!
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 02:45:20 by ekoli ekoli
beatiful stuff !
just the z-clipping went wrong in the asteroids-part !
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 03:00:15 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
worked after restarting chrome once here
Yeah, I suspect it's because the lack of loading (and files not being ready). Will try to sort that out at some point.

Btw, I've just committed the code to github (it has some additional assets the zip didn't include):

Glad to see people enjoying it :)
added on the 2010-07-25 03:11:30 by mrdoob mrdoob
Didn't run with firefox on linux 64bit. Tried Iceweasel 3.5.10 and Firefox 3.7a6pre. No chrome installed.
added on the 2010-07-25 03:52:06 by Nuclear Nuclear
I bet you could have installed Chrome in the time you wrote that message ;)

Ah, I think it doesn't work on Firefox because Firefox doesn't support .mp3. I'll see if I can make a .ogg too, but I think it'll run quite slow anyway.
added on the 2010-07-25 03:57:45 by mrdoob mrdoob
I like the dots, and I dislike the galaxies.
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 04:06:10 by xernobyl xernobyl
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 07:09:12 by micksam7 micksam7
And when we finally move away from "requires this and that gfx card" we end up with "requires this and that browser". Great.

Won't install Chrome though. I don't like the way Google wants to think for me.
added on the 2010-07-25 07:20:55 by leijaa leijaa
yea i wont watch it for pretty much the same reason.

added on the 2010-07-25 09:01:18 by gentleman gentleman
It requires Chrome because the other browsers aren't fast enough yet. In some months hopefully it will run fast properly in all browsers (which is not exactly what happens with graphic cards requirements).

I've changed it so it uses an .ogg instead of an .mp3. Albeit much slower, it should now also run in Firefox and Opera.
added on the 2010-07-25 09:43:54 by mrdoob mrdoob
thump up for the platform.

thumb down for the music and content = piggie.
Worked just as fast in Chrome(Iron) as it did in Opera(Opera@USB 10.60 portable), but Opera had display problems.
added on the 2010-07-25 10:29:37 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
Worked flawlessly in Iron.

rulez added on the 2010-07-25 10:44:05 by Defiance Defiance
I found it beautiful. Now throw WebGL into the mix and it seems to be a quite decent platform for demos?
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 10:59:42 by evil evil
Great, it runs perfect on chrome. Nice mood on it, even if it's just a little "hello" of the beginning of a new era where I know you'll rock :)
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 11:06:01 by KILE KILE
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 11:27:27 by zefyros zefyros
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 11:39:52 by panic panic
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 11:58:57 by elfh elfh
Nice ambient and spacey mood. I like..
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 12:19:31 by CiH CiH
The Universe - Part 4? :)
Thumbs for sole's ambient track.
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 13:22:08 by dixan dixan
what evil said !!! we need a WebGL category !!!
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 13:37:54 by cxnull cxnull
KILE: :$
dixan: heh, I wish ;)
cxnull: WebGL category? Nah, JavaScript is fine.
added on the 2010-07-25 14:14:15 by mrdoob mrdoob
Slow but nice.
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 14:28:28 by Manwe Manwe
Opera doesn't clear the screen.
added on the 2010-07-25 15:16:30 by xernobyl xernobyl
I know. I'll buy you a beer if you find out why.
added on the 2010-07-25 15:18:01 by mrdoob mrdoob
just beautiful
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 17:02:31 by Gmitts Gmitts
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 19:10:07 by _0x3a ^DESiRE _0x3a ^DESiRE
javascript, seriously? upload it to fucking youtube, otherwise it does not exist.
added on the 2010-07-25 20:13:13 by blala blala
xernobyl: No beer for you, I've found the problem already :P bug in Opera...
blala: haha! good joke! :D
added on the 2010-07-25 20:20:17 by mrdoob mrdoob
The atmosphere is really good in this one!
rulez added on the 2010-07-25 21:21:07 by Bobic Bobic
best browser demo so far. at least for me
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 00:33:55 by RRROAR RRROAR
Nice mood (great soundtrack).
The visual content is not really interesting, but thumb up for the platform

rulez added on the 2010-07-26 13:26:11 by wullon wullon
Not that special or original content, but well executed anyway. Especially considering it's js.
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 13:45:12 by teel teel
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 16:16:54 by texel texel
BB Image for being a fastro and open source and 1st of course. Otherwise its a bit of slowtro.. ;] in general: what about a "RUN"-link for web enabled demos? why should anyone "download" this?!?!
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 17:08:23 by ewerybody ewerybody
Trace and doob on the same demo! \o/

...but unfortunately it's not playing in safari. No other browsers installed here (unless you count ie7 in vmware). I'll wait for the software to catch up.
added on the 2010-07-26 17:15:59 by psonice psonice
I don't think Safari will ever add support for .ogg files. Neither IE...

Probably Chrome on vmware (or virtualbox) will give you the best results.
added on the 2010-07-26 17:47:53 by mrdoob mrdoob
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 17:48:51 by rp rp
Beautiful! =) Really like this one...
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 18:38:23 by Aasemoon Aasemoon
tried to run it on MS-DOS, didnt work. video plz!
sucks added on the 2010-07-26 19:43:37 by post malone post malone
Nice javascripting!
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 20:22:45 by _10b0 _10b0
Crawled at something like 5 FPS with Firefox and was very close to freezing the PC every few seconds.
added on the 2010-07-26 20:53:50 by keops keops
Mate was unable to watch it on a Mac, which is odd (Safari, Chrome, FF). Maybe its just him.

Nonetheless, very impressive for the short time that has been put into this - apart from the used libs themselves.

I like.
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 21:21:57 by mog mog
Maali: You're the reason I won't submit more prods to pouet. Fucking troll.
Keops: Yeah, I code that bad. Or maybe you don't read enough.
mog: That's quite a serious problem, whether Apple does something about it, or Chrome moves to another lib. Opera seems to be the only option performance-wise (although they have the clear screen bug too).
added on the 2010-07-26 21:43:58 by mrdoob mrdoob
This was terrible bad.
sucks added on the 2010-07-26 21:56:05 by Zplex Zplex
Chrome only? Javascript? It is a wild. Anyway, nice slideshow with Firefox. And video please.
added on the 2010-07-26 21:56:25 by slyspy slyspy
Slow, but nice!
(btw: why the title?)
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 22:12:38 by untel untel
Firefox here, runs < 1 fps, when it runs... Video/youtube please?
added on the 2010-07-26 22:14:26 by iq iq
just.download.chrome :)
added on the 2010-07-26 22:23:04 by Gmitts Gmitts
untel: Well, because that's what happened. Or so they say... :P
added on the 2010-07-26 22:26:19 by mrdoob mrdoob
I enjoyed this one 2 gazillions more than the ASD one at the party
but then I'm a galaxy/stars/planets/space whore which could explain it...
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 22:39:52 by EviL EviL
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 23:29:11 by bitl bitl
rulez added on the 2010-07-26 23:29:38 by Ized Ized
added on the 2010-07-26 23:33:15 by iq iq
Don't worry iq, you're not missing much.

There is no kkapture for browser demos, neither I have access to the HD from the browser to save pngs out of it, and I don't have any decent software to record my screen on Linux.
added on the 2010-07-26 23:40:43 by mrdoob mrdoob
As slyspy said - the time is still not ripe for general browser demos. But we´re getting close (too bad that the screen got messed up in Opera - in fullscreen it already made me forget that it is running in a browser)
rulez added on the 2010-07-27 02:37:17 by T$ T$
I remember watching it on the big screen thinking of "texas" by keyboarders.

I can't watch it on FF properly and I don't have chrome. Maybe it is too early to say that webdemos have solved the platform issue, but maybe I'm talking bollocks here.
rulez added on the 2010-07-27 12:08:50 by Navis Navis
kkapture for web demos? how about kkapture.com, hosting an app that receives the .ogg/mp3/whatever and a stream of .pngs sent by the demo, fires out a video some time later? I'm guessing it's at least possible to draw to canvas, then read back the pixels and send them somewhere other than the local disk.
added on the 2010-07-27 12:13:53 by psonice psonice
I've been learning much by viewing the Three.js code since some time (props for MIT license).
Must say it's not that slow for <canvas>.
rulez added on the 2010-07-27 12:25:42 by ponce ponce
@psonice: "somewhere" like a local web server ;)
added on the 2010-07-27 13:06:16 by p01 p01
Even if not technically outstanding (for my standards), it felt really nice: good flow, nice ambient, and it ran fast on Chrome. Kudos, keep them coming :)
rulez added on the 2010-07-27 14:15:37 by shash shash
p01: local or external. Just thinking if it was somewhere out there on the net, you could capture directly to, say, capped.tv :) A standard API and it'd be fairly easy to capture any web demo.
added on the 2010-07-27 14:42:24 by psonice psonice
Ideally yes, the stream of PNGs could go directly to, say, capped.tv for encoding along the .ogg or .mp3.

If Canvas was the only way to make cool effects and people only use a time based timeline ( no other input than the current time ), it would be a piece of cake to extend the Date object to get regular ticks simulating a stable framerate and upload each frame to a server.

However Canvas ( and SVG ) is far from being the only way to make cool effects in an open web standards based demo, and alas there is no standard to get a screenshot of the current document.

Also with the forth coming Audio Data API, people might start to do beat detection and the likes on their .ogg which would make it quite tricky to get the proper visuals.

added on the 2010-07-27 15:04:10 by p01 p01
#ponce: Glad to know that other people are learning out of it too :)

psonice: I may do a js>php thing to save a sequence of frames, but it's incredibly low priority right now. Source code is on github if anyone cares that much.
added on the 2010-07-27 15:14:35 by mrdoob mrdoob
Besides, I keep tweaking and updating the demo from time to time whenever I get ideas for it. So a video of it may get outdated in a day.
added on the 2010-07-27 15:17:08 by mrdoob mrdoob
can't you use the canvas image api to dump frames?
added on the 2010-07-27 15:17:17 by superplek superplek
If someone wants to make a JS PNG dumper of some type, feel free to poke me to run it and encode etc.

Till then, I have a stuttery screen-cap: http://capped.tv/xplsv-or_so_they_say
added on the 2010-07-27 15:55:12 by micksam7 micksam7
Pretty Good! I love the music, somehow it made me remember Cha no aji :)
rulez added on the 2010-07-27 16:11:40 by Zafio Zafio
micksam7, superplek: As stated above, getting PNGs out of a JS demo like this one is not a problem. The problem is to get the PNGs somewhere.
added on the 2010-07-27 16:31:29 by p01 p01
micksam7: thanks! :D
zafio: bajando ;) tus ideas siguen siendo complicadas?
added on the 2010-07-27 16:33:53 by mrdoob mrdoob
rulez added on the 2010-07-27 21:23:54 by iq iq
well designwise it couid have been a bit better and more, also it runs way to slow in ff4b1.
but i guess the later one is not your fault and i like to see what is all possible with a fast js engine.
encouragement-thumb, do more of them!
rulez added on the 2010-07-28 01:03:20 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Awesome! How come the performance is hugely different between Chrome and the rest? Chrome rulz! :D
rulez added on the 2010-07-28 02:53:40 by soueusou soueusou
Impressive :)
rulez added on the 2010-07-28 07:39:11 by ferris ferris
soueusou+wysiwtf: I really doubt the JS engine is stressed here. What takes the heat of the action is the Canvas and general rendering engine, and Webkit ( and Opera's ) is much faster than Gecko
added on the 2010-07-28 07:49:49 by p01 p01
It's full of stars!
rulez added on the 2010-07-28 08:40:15 by elend elend
trace: too much is unexplained in that one. This is more interesting: http://arxiv.org/abs/1001.0785
added on the 2010-07-28 10:07:53 by psonice psonice
very nice one
rulez added on the 2010-07-28 11:33:52 by v3nom v3nom
trace: wait, don't let the trolls win!

also, getting a joke is crucial for demosceners. just ask the girl who can't stop ranting about how many beers i drink ;)
added on the 2010-07-28 12:31:58 by leijaa leijaa
Javascript with canvas and sound is a great platform for demos. Basically all demos from DOS, amiga, etc are possible to do now with a fast javascript engine like V8 and canvas tag.
rulez added on the 2010-07-28 12:34:27 by PauloFalcao PauloFalcao
video :)
rulez added on the 2010-07-28 12:40:53 by slyspy slyspy
Now that there's a video:

Sadly quite boring, and I never liked the truecolour galaxy and space stuff to begin with.. JS saves the pig..
added on the 2010-07-28 13:43:08 by leijaa leijaa
That was good for javascript.
added on the 2010-07-28 14:02:34 by leGend leGend
Very good javascript.
rulez added on the 2010-07-29 19:36:05 by jack-3d jack-3d
Good music. Very poor visuals.
added on the 2010-07-30 21:16:08 by Aeko Aeko
rulez added on the 2010-07-31 16:11:27 by Blueberry Blueberry
Nice from recorded video. I hope I can watch it under Mozilla's web browser one day. ;)
added on the 2010-07-31 18:25:49 by AntDude AntDude
added on the 2010-08-01 21:55:01 by tFt tFt
JavaScript can evidently not cure a demo of boredom
sucks added on the 2010-08-03 20:24:13 by Duckers Duckers
Firefox users can try it out in FF4 - was about as fluent here as on Chrome.

Nice prod, 100% canvas. Soon WebGL will make browser demos even more viable.
rulez added on the 2010-08-04 09:11:29 by Inopia Inopia
I like it...
rulez added on the 2010-08-04 10:18:44 by Raven^NCE Raven^NCE
Okay prod. I agree with Leia that getting jokes (and sarcasm) is crucial for a demoscener.
added on the 2010-08-04 10:43:39 by gloom gloom
rulez added on the 2010-08-04 11:02:08 by pandur pandur
too slow
sucks added on the 2010-08-04 16:41:39 by overhead overhead
I always feel Trace never quite gets the props he deserves for innovating on the web. Almost on a daily basis he's constantly pushing the bleeding edge of web technologies; beginning with Flash then doing it all again with HTML5. Sole's soundtrack compliments the production very well indeed, not to mention she's an incredible web coder too.
rulez added on the 2010-08-05 01:09:30 by rc55 rc55
I love the mood, the music and the platform, haters gonna hate ... (and complain about the speed of their lousy machines) :P
rulez added on the 2010-08-05 01:42:47 by Weyland Yutani Weyland Yutani
The readme bit clearly states things are royally and well fucked if you play this in any other environment than the one recommended. Quit bitching, you bunch of failures! Get back to demanding video captures for console demos and finals for nvidia-only demos from 2004.

This was brilliant. Okay, maybe "1997 called, it wants their 64k intro vibe back" is in order, but looking like certain intros made of particle awesome in space works well in my book :)
rulez added on the 2010-08-05 02:43:43 by Shifter Shifter
rulez added on the 2010-08-06 01:16:07 by neptun neptun
Left me somehow cold, even if I do generally dig space/astronomy themes. By most standards a rather good browser demo though :)
rulez added on the 2010-08-07 03:48:56 by Alpha C Alpha C
Excellent ! Lot of avant-guardist stuff for the web on the website :)
rulez added on the 2010-08-08 17:16:56 by Hexogen Hexogen
sick stuff...
rulez added on the 2010-08-08 21:32:28 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
Cool, a demo in browser!
rulez added on the 2010-08-10 03:24:57 by svo svo
I saw this on capped.tv first, didn't even realize it was a js demo :D
Great! Loved the way greets were presented.
rulez added on the 2010-09-06 01:05:40 by shuffle2 shuffle2
rulez added on the 2010-11-17 14:31:12 by abscess abscess
smooth music. Nice indeed...
rulez added on the 2010-12-28 21:02:44 by samurai samurai
rulez added on the 2012-07-01 17:14:57 by xTr1m xTr1m
Great stuff. The music makes the atmosphere. The visuals respond. I like it a lot.
rulez added on the 2013-07-11 23:51:19 by pixtur pixtur

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