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category: general [glöplog]

not adding: 7zip (plz recompress), vimeo (yt or capped plz)

for higher powers: 256b.com
added on the 2010-12-12 20:57:16 by havoc havoc
Working web link for SillyVenture Party
Current one points to 2004 edition site which is not available anymore. :)
added on the 2010-12-12 21:30:27 by Tomoya Tomoya
added on the 2010-12-12 21:32:39 by havoc havoc
Successfully completed my first capped.tv for Silly Things, so people don't have to download the whole video. Really nice to have have 50 FPS finally.
added on the 2010-12-12 23:30:06 by JAC! JAC!
added on the 2010-12-13 02:18:18 by iks iks
and Youtube link for Carbon Trioxide as well..
added on the 2010-12-13 21:28:08 by fragment fragment
added on the 2010-12-13 22:08:32 by StingRay StingRay
Please add youtube link for whazzah thanks!
added on the 2010-12-14 00:26:26 by DragonL DragonL
added on the 2010-12-14 09:22:22 by Sdw Sdw
SillyVenture 2010 needs some cleanup. There seems to have been two compos, Atari 8-bit compo and Atari ST compo, but as it is now, everyone seems to have set their prods in "Atari demo" category. Not sure how to fix it though, so maybe this is not the thread for it...
added on the 2010-12-14 09:31:54 by Sdw Sdw
please add rating for tricks It was 7th, also please add info about group , it`s "Agenda".
added on the 2010-12-14 11:23:02 by gorgh gorgh
oh, sorry, i managed to change rating, just please fill the "group" field
added on the 2010-12-14 11:38:19 by gorgh gorgh

Final results for Sillyventure are now available here . The correct compo names and assigments are:

"atari st code": visualize, coast ii coast, sventure

"atari 8-bit code": saigon, sillyfiller, tricks, silly things

"atari 8-bit wild": go elwood go!
added on the 2010-12-14 12:46:14 by JAC! JAC!
Stable working download for tricks
added on the 2010-12-14 14:48:16 by JAC! JAC!
tricks once again;
there`s a broken link- here`s a new one http://atarionline.pl/demoscena/cp/Silly%20Venture%202010/Tricks.xex
added on the 2010-12-14 15:17:38 by gorgh gorgh
Added group AGENDA to pouet and to Tricks. Fixed dl link aswell.

Jac: Results link does not work.

Youtube links added aswell.
added on the 2010-12-14 16:50:00 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Meanwhile I found proper ASCII results and was able to upload them myself. Thx!
added on the 2010-12-14 17:23:22 by JAC! JAC!
Please add here party Sillyventure 2010. Something was wrong and this info has gone somewhere. Also it was placed 5th in atari 8bit demo comp. Thanks!
added on the 2010-12-15 21:36:57 by miker miker

Could please replace the download links of the following prods with the working ones next to them?

prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link
prod - download link

Thanks :)
added on the 2010-12-16 14:19:49 by Defiance Defiance
Please add youtube link for Tokyo Demo Fest Invitation. Thanks!
added on the 2010-12-16 16:07:49 by crv crv
all fixed.
added on the 2010-12-16 16:23:36 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
please always use klystrack is ported to AmigaOS4 and OSX as well.
The download URL is the same though.
added on the 2010-12-17 14:16:20 by spotUP spotUP


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