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More Or Less Zero by Dead Hackers Society [web]
screenshot added by evil on 2008-10-26 12:11:16
platform :
type :
release date : october 2008
release party : The Alternative Party 2008
compo : alternative demo
ranked : 2nd
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popularity : 69%
  • 0.94
alltime top: #794
added on the 2008-10-26 12:11:16 by evil evil

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Harddisk version
Floppydisk version
MPEG-4 movie

It does not work on any known emulator today, so run it on a real STe or watch the video please. The video have a couple of quirks (colour bandings) but shit happens..

added on the 2008-10-26 12:13:46 by evil evil
Nice mixture of new and oldschool, challenges the STe, managed to survive a poor competion viewing experience, and looking forward to getting home and trying it on real hardware.

Thanks again guys :)
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 12:23:12 by CiH CiH
oh nice surprise during the first coffee ;)

watched it with steem... some effects don't work... but most of the parts are working...

nice work ;)
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 12:34:07 by ultra ultra
loads of original techniques! very brave to do all that techno fullscreen shit in 2008! dhs style! i love the vertical zoom-scroller and most of the raster effects.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 12:38:07 by earx earx
Very nice !
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 12:52:39 by micdune micdune
nice code,good colors,kewl graphics and a fitting music :) <3 it.

the part in the screeny is the weakest one btw.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 12:54:05 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
Great! Loved the zooming scroller. You could have picked a better screenshot considering that screen is virtually the only one in the demo with a direct counterpart on ST ;)
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 13:01:38 by parcelshit parcelshit
Some parts really made me wow!
And kudos for pushing the techniques.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 13:14:23 by p01 p01
As I prefer to let my Ataris collect dust instead of switching them on I had to watch the video version. :) Pretty nice demo with cool effects. Alcafrens :) bars are always nice to watch! Contrary to Earx and Parapete I didn't like the zooming scroller though. :D I also didn't really like the fullscreen pictures. Still, very enjoyable demo, nice job!
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 13:16:03 by StingRay StingRay
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 13:17:17 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
A coder boner for sure!
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 13:18:19 by shoggoth shoggoth
Thank you DHS and company. Very good parts! I wish they were a bit synced up with the music, but they're nonetheless enjoyable. The voxel thinghy is my fav effect for the time being :)

P.S. Dies on my MSTE in the part with the (very) chynky rotator that has some sort of waveforms in the left and right edges of the screen (in lieu of a better description!). I'll ivestigate a bit!
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 13:44:04 by すすれ すすれ
Great demo, thanks a lot !
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 13:46:35 by frost242 frost242
Some really nice effects and nice to have them fullscreen, but a 6 minute creditscene?
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 14:07:34 by mdx mdx
Colorburst TO MY BRAIN! :-)
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 14:16:19 by visy visy
:D nice show
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 14:24:16 by Premium Premium
Nice stuff and glad to see Gizmo / FR active on Atari again :)

screenshot reminds me of something I liked very much ;)
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 14:30:07 by keops keops
cool fx show
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 14:37:51 by havoc havoc
rasters \o/

eyebrow raising stuff.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 14:43:33 by gwEm gwEm
Great show.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 15:07:08 by Cj Cj
Like it.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 15:17:08 by Paranoid Paranoid
keops, re. my comment about the screenshot I can't actually remember where it's from. I guess from your comment it's in an Equinox demo? I though maybe a Holocaust one...
yum yum!
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 15:21:45 by evilpaul evilpaul
liked it!
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 16:05:19 by pommak pommak
a good old fashioned megademo
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 16:26:40 by bfx bfx
nice prod, refreshed old effects.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 16:30:48 by pmdata pmdata
Parapete : about your comment, you probably mean this one
added on the 2008-10-26 17:38:57 by keops keops
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 18:16:26 by Optimus Optimus
Very nice effects ... but incredibly annoying soundtrack :/
added on the 2008-10-26 18:34:24 by shock__ shock__
Aha, keops yes I did have that one in mind, but also there's a screen in the 'Face In The Abyss' part of Choice of Gods by Holocaust that looks very similar too.
Hatari runs it about 85% but I definitly have to try it on my STE someday!

*all thumps up* for this awesome demo - refreshing to see something new on STE!

And *surprise surprise* this time no tunnels in :D
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 19:42:44 by simonsunnyboy simonsunnyboy
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 21:16:35 by dodke dodke
oh noes, teh Atari is winning over AAAMIGAAHH! :(
Awsome show! Music was superb.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 21:34:03 by tFt tFt
I could only watch the video as my STE is 3000 km away, which makes it hard to really appreciate the overscan effects.
Cool demo, nice mixture of old and new effects, great musics and graphics.
rulez added on the 2008-10-26 22:08:49 by exocet exocet
very nice stuff, but the music was just too repititive.
added on the 2008-10-26 22:24:58 by gentleman gentleman
added on the 2008-10-26 22:25:47 by gentleman gentleman
acid music
3 rubber bands
rotating pix mapping
vertical, horizontal rolls, interlaced
2 spirals, interferences effect
colorful plasma effect
green picture of a person
lightful maps
vertical scalator rolls, horizontal rolls
greetings font
2 blue 3D spikes rotating
volcano landscape 3D
vertical multiscroll, zoom, font, multidirection scroll, white background
landscape trees picture, sunset

end part parallax scrolling of
text and background graphic, font
mellow music
rulez added on the 2008-10-27 02:52:35 by BITS BITS
WOHA! This made my day!

Amazing music! NIIIIICE fullscreen gfx by gizmo(?)!. I could swear I have seen the burning cow before though. Is it a reuse or something? but who cares! this rocks in all ways! thank you!
added on the 2008-10-27 03:13:22 by Proteque Proteque
and a thumb nat! :D
rulez added on the 2008-10-27 03:13:48 by Proteque Proteque
The Very BEST STE demo i've seen for a long time ! thank u DHS
rulez added on the 2008-10-27 08:12:35 by RIP RIP
STE rules....:-)
rulez added on the 2008-10-27 09:06:25 by Zweckform Zweckform
Very nice surprise! :-) Some screens make me go hmm.

Good fullscreen code, some really nice fullscreen pictures and a great soundtrack!

Evil: Damn, how do you put the Lance Mod-Player into the fullscreen code? Seems to be a hard job...
rulez added on the 2008-10-27 09:51:21 by RA RA
Proteque: It's a re-edit for 4096 colors from his works featured on his blog
added on the 2008-10-27 10:02:49 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
OK! That's finally what the e in STe stand for! I understand now! :)
rulez added on the 2008-10-27 13:08:12 by Gʀɪʍʍy Gʀɪʍʍy
Thanks for all the comments guys :) We're finally back home again.

Ultra: In fact none of the effects work on Steem. Everything is cropped to 384x270 in Steem, it should be 416x273. The endpart is missing lmc1992 sound emulation which make the modfile play wrong in all emulators. The best emulator to use for this demo is Hatari 1.0.0 or newer.

Parapete: The Kefrensbars are indeed pretty alike the Equinox one, except the Equinox scrolls the graphics upwards giving one sine. This one (and Kefrens) have double sines which in my opinion gives the effect a bit more life. I don't think you can do a replica of this on the ST, but please give it a try and prove me wrong :)

RA: Sorry to dissapoint you. The mainpart doesn't use the Lance player, it's a sample sequence. That's also the explanation why the soundtrack is a bit repetive. It's already using something like 600k memory so no more space for extra variation (505 really wanted more sample loops, so it's not his fault!).

And last, sorry Keops for the missing Equinox greetings! It is in the greetings screen before the envmapper, but it scrolls out before it is visible, and I forgot to type it in the endpart. PERKELE! So, here goes: Greetings to Equinox! :)
added on the 2008-10-27 13:59:10 by evil evil
evl... ahjo... but i can extrapolate how it would look like in 416*273 ;) but i'll check the vid version later... btw... maybe next time you should do a overscan gen... so far i read you did all by hand... it's that hearvy to code and saves alot of time ...
added on the 2008-10-27 14:18:32 by ultra ultra
isn't hard i mean ;)
added on the 2008-10-27 14:18:56 by ultra ultra
ultra: nah most code is linear and is generated at init anyway
added on the 2008-10-27 14:30:02 by evil evil
evil, hehe I didn't mean to imply anything by my comment, I don't even know how the effect is done so I shut my mouth now :D
Wonderful work for an awesome demo. Stay Atari !
rulez added on the 2008-10-27 15:08:54 by Shazz^TRSi^MJJ Shazz^TRSi^MJJ
This demo just killed me ...
DHS !!!!!
added on the 2008-10-28 00:00:53 by Tomchi Tomchi
just forgot to tell it rocks :D
rulez added on the 2008-10-28 00:01:35 by Tomchi Tomchi
NIcely done! It didn't work very good on my mste so I guess I'll dl the video. But nice work guys!
rulez added on the 2008-10-28 14:13:36 by ChrisTOS ChrisTOS
STE Power in its real form!! great work guys!! cant ask for more!! my kid even poped down himself..
rulez added on the 2008-10-28 15:20:33 by Marcer Marcer
evil: Except in the beginning (logo & tunnel), the demo works very well in Steem 3.2/TOS 206 but I can't get it working in Hatari. Hatari just outputs crap.
added on the 2008-10-28 18:00:49 by Cj Cj
Cj: No it doesn't. As I said Steem crops the image in all parts (it misses 9888 pixels resolution!). The endpart modplayer sounds wrong in Steem. Also the oscilloscope part is wrongly timed and the change disk screen is distorted. Apart from the stuff you mentioned that is.

In Hatari it's not cropped, but the other problems from Steem remain. The entire demo is in fact coded in Hatarri 1.0.0.

I'm sorry Cj, this demo is not emulator compatible now, no matter how much you try to justify this and that. However, Mr.Styckx is at hard work on fixing Hatari to run it :)
added on the 2008-10-28 18:09:29 by evil evil
Some nice effects, good graphics but main music is boring. Big + for hdd version!

added on the 2008-10-28 23:48:16 by pigula pigula
Hooray for participating!
rulez added on the 2008-10-29 12:29:15 by T$ T$
WOW! A beautiful display of STe-specific capabilities... Rather unusual, even though this machine is so old now. I really like the music and considering it is a sample that loops, it does not feel so repetitive.
rulez added on the 2008-10-29 21:33:19 by HarryPotter HarryPotter
S-T-E ! polished artwork. only the end tune is not my taste... the rest roxxx!
rulez added on the 2008-10-30 07:55:13 by grey grey
Lots of effects but some of them weren't very good looking. Coderpron can be displayed in a visually pleasing way too... Would have maybe benefited from more involvement from some graphics people.

I don't mean to bash the creators' hard work but I just think there's quite a bit of room for improvement here..
added on the 2008-10-30 08:20:49 by Sverker Sverker
The tunnel was nice, so was the zoomer.

Two textured spikes 6 fps?. One spike is enough and you'll get 12 fps. But why in earth 2 textured spikes?

rulez added on the 2008-10-30 09:08:11 by moredhel moredhel
mored: two spikes does not take twice the time to draw. in fact, second sprike in this is mirror of first one and as such, takes about 0.3 frame to produce (at most). entire screen runs 5 to 6 vbl, about 8 to 10 fps. if you think that is slow then do remember this is in fullscreen which always takes some extra time and makes thing more triky. even when doing just c2p and clearing in fullscreen part of screen and actual rasterising elsewhere.
and that background is moving every frame :)
(really nice use of gfx stripes+rasters there by the way)
rulez added on the 2008-10-30 09:57:17 by wiztom wiztom
great demo !
i didn't seen it running on real hardware, i must wait next week ><
rulez added on the 2008-10-30 10:47:24 by tobé tobé
I love it ! Absolute code pr0n.
rulez added on the 2008-10-30 11:19:29 by d0DgE d0DgE

Mukava kuulla sinustakin todella. Ainut Suomi-kooderi Atari ST:llä.

Nytkun sais Sinut ja Mad-Pierren(holocaust) vielä kerran tekemään demo/intro niin ei tarviaisi paljon tänne kirjotella :)
added on the 2008-10-30 13:16:17 by moredhel moredhel
Absolutely fabulous. I could only watch the video, no luck I made an old pc station to convert any kind of image disks. Crappy motherboard, it's floppy controller seems out
rulez added on the 2008-10-30 15:39:48 by Buckethead Buckethead
Absolutely brilliant STE demo, just love it, especially the main tune. You should get a Nobel prize for it :)
rulez added on the 2008-10-31 20:48:57 by jury jury
Very nice :)
More STE only code please !
About the overscan, does it work on MegaSTe as well ?
rulez added on the 2008-10-31 22:22:55 by Dbug Dbug
Dbug: It does.
added on the 2008-10-31 22:55:39 by evil evil
This is awesome. I only viewed it in steem, but I could still see enough to be impressed, espec. the 3d volcano landscape
rulez added on the 2008-11-01 05:08:33 by tompee tompee
Ok I forgot to upload it to YouTube and Capped.TV before, so here goes:


The YouTube encoder really messed up, so better use the Capped.TV link.
added on the 2008-11-01 10:05:47 by evil evil
Very good one
rulez added on the 2008-11-01 17:46:56 by bxo bxo
rulez added on the 2008-11-01 22:43:21 by AntDude AntDude
The music is cool. Is there a MP3/OGG of it?
added on the 2008-11-01 22:44:20 by AntDude AntDude
I forgot to mention that the ending credits are too long. :(
added on the 2008-11-01 22:51:24 by AntDude AntDude
Wow. I thought it was a Falcon demo at first :D shame on me. Too bad for the sample loops, but that's the price to pay when you don't have Paula in the computer. Wouldn't it be possible to load more samples from the HDD during the demo, between two fullscreens ? (just asking, it might be a dumb question)
rulez added on the 2008-11-02 00:36:57 by fenarinarsa fenarinarsa
Awesome !
rulez added on the 2008-11-02 01:20:02 by Anat Anat
Good demo, some fantastic effects, not very cohesive, still rules though.
rulez added on the 2008-11-02 01:40:30 by johnl johnl
rickst: Yes it would be possible to load new samples from harddisk between the parts, the problem is that it has to run from floppydisk as well, and that loads far too slow.. Another solution could have been to use 4MB memory and three or four floppydisks.
added on the 2008-11-02 08:32:13 by evil evil
i can understand you don't like the idea of using 4 floppies for a relatively short demo.. but how about calling the current version the "floppy remix" and also releasing an "extended remix" for hdd owners/compo/videos etc? using 4mb instead of 2mb and getting a longer 505 track in return sounds like a good deal imho :)
added on the 2008-11-03 01:43:03 by havoc havoc
Pfff...the original 2 disk version failed to run on 3 different STe's....
added on the 2008-11-03 15:52:10 by Exin Exin
Exin: Standard STe's?
added on the 2008-11-03 16:18:14 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Exin: Do they have two megs or more memory?
If yes, more precise, how did the demo fail?
added on the 2008-11-03 17:26:17 by evil evil
actually much better than I was expecting it from the screenshot above. Next I must watch it on the real STE.

I love the typical 505 msx .. totally of my taste. And many thanks for the greetings. Keep the spirit alive!!!
rulez added on the 2008-11-03 22:17:29 by twh twh
Old school rockers!
rulez added on the 2008-11-04 12:18:40 by decca decca
one of best STe demos ever! or maybe even the best!! :)

overscan effects are uber impresive!!! you ROCK!
rulez added on the 2008-11-04 13:30:24 by calimero calimero
Wow really nice stuff again by DHS ! I only saw the crappy video on YouTube but I hope the mpeg4 gives more justice to this great demo. I wish my STE was still working :(
rulez added on the 2008-11-04 14:24:39 by stsurvivor stsurvivor
slick production :)
rulez added on the 2008-11-04 15:15:23 by seppjo seppjo
the nicest ste demo for a very long time!!
rulez added on the 2008-11-04 21:00:04 by freddek freddek
brilliant! after seeing this one I had to look up the STE specs again ;) truly amazing and very nice design, too !
the sample(s) DID get on my nerves after a minute, though ;)
rulez added on the 2008-11-04 22:40:13 by xyz xyz
p.s. I did not mean to imply that the music was "bad" or so! it's just too repetitive

how does the sound stuff work ? do you simply load a couple of samples from disk and play them, looping each sample a couple of times ?

here is an idea:
1) write a synthesis engine and replayer that calculates a "bit" of the "next" pattern loop each frame
2) thus get rid of lots of sample data on disk(s)
3) profit, of course :-) !

(to max profit, mix several "precalc'd" tracks -- at the same sample rate it is relatively "cheap", no need for addx etc..)

(damnit, I should code this player but I'm probably too lazy for that.. ;))
added on the 2008-11-05 02:21:27 by xyz xyz

The music is a bunch of sample loops that are replayed in a sequence. The sequencer uses perhaps 0.5 scanline CPU (something like 0.2%) and the actual DMA playback is of course free.

To write a softsynth no matter how simple would break quite a lot of the screens. We're simply out of CPU-time (we're talking <1 scanline free per vbl, we even have to precalculate colour fades of 16 colours..).

The sample sequence , two floppy disks and 2MB requirement is a compromise to keep the full 416x273 fullscreen resolution, 50 FPS, loading-free main part and digimusic instead of chipmusic.
added on the 2008-11-05 08:22:11 by evil evil
Lots of atari coder porn here.
rulez added on the 2008-11-05 23:40:13 by Frequent Frequent
Evil & Loddek: On the STe 1040(donno how much memory) and the 520 (with 2 and 4MB Ram) after inserting the second disk, it jumps back to the tos screen. (ST Low). On the Mega STE with 4MB i think, it made strange loading noises....like it was clacking a few times and then repeated that. Screen kept being black. I was changing disks for the images and floppy drives. The same result, except that the Keyboard on my STE 520 broke... I also tried different ram modules on the 520. The others were not mine.
added on the 2008-11-05 23:52:35 by Exin Exin
very cool ... imagine that one released back in 1994 or so ... :)
rulez added on the 2008-11-06 00:13:48 by slippy slippy

I understand. Back in "1994 or so" I wrote a (mod-like) replayer that used up just a single rasterline but we "amiga people" had it good because, as "rickst" already mentioned, we had "paula" ;)
(....i.e. hardware sample mixing for all you kids out there ....;)
(the player simply decompressed and wrote the (incremental) paula register sets for each "frame" ... ;)))

well, you could use greetings/pics/textscreens/simple effects to cover the sample precalc, just like you did for the 3d scene (I assume) ...

..however, I probably should do this myself instead about talking about it ..

off topic:
(well, 1994 calls and wants their raCer back..)
here's a little present (a wipeout clone (early alpha!, please don't spread widely) I programmed over the last weekend :)
(keyboard controls are printed on the console, works best with a ps2 pad (via ps2 usb adapter, I have a "center" one..)
(start tks.exe for big fun, 'k' is boost -- forgot to mention..) :D

p.s.: using comments for chat is probably a bit lame, sry ;)

p.p.s: Again: Great demo, really looking forward to your next one !
added on the 2008-11-06 00:50:04 by xyz xyz

Hum I can't explain why it doesn't work for you. The video is recorded on a standard STe (4MB memory) from floppydisk-. I've also tried it from floppydisk on my Mega STe (so have a bunch of other people). I assume you change disk before you press space in the change disk screen?

Out of interest, which MSA software did you use to write the images? It shouldn't really matter, they are normal system 720 disks.. Are you sure the second floppydisk is alright ? You can try to rename part1.bin to part1.prg and run it from desktop (the sound will be noise but should work apart from that) - then you see if the floppydisk is working at least..
added on the 2008-11-06 10:56:12 by evil evil
evil: I dont remember. It was some Windows Gui St2disk thing. It was at the meeting and i tried different floppies.
added on the 2008-11-06 17:37:34 by Exin Exin
Exin, well on your MSTe, copy all files from both floppies to one HD floppy (if the MSTe have a HD-drive that is) and see if it works. It's a bit hard to debug without more infos :-)
added on the 2008-11-08 13:42:06 by evil evil
Evil: As i said, i was on a party. (Read again, it was not MY mSTE &STE 1040) And my own STE got a broken keyboard controller from that. so that means no mouse or joystick. Cant tell if the keyboard still works...since it only makes ping, whatever key i press....
added on the 2008-11-09 19:41:07 by Exin Exin
Wonderfull STE demo! Always nice to see ST code released in 2008! Now I should finish my amiga music disk to release it.
BTW I don't test it on real STE, did your "special" fullscreen work on every STE?
Again, nice work guys!

rulez added on the 2008-11-10 21:42:52 by leonard leonard
Leonard: All the ones we have tested, yep. (Half a dozen STe and another half a dozen MSTe).
added on the 2008-11-10 21:56:39 by evil evil
rulez added on the 2008-11-12 12:57:26 by abscess abscess
rulez added on the 2008-11-20 13:21:41 by eye eye
one good demo
rulez added on the 2008-11-22 10:50:34 by mrhill mrhill
wow. best STe demo I've seen so far. Congrats !
rulez added on the 2008-12-13 05:01:36 by coze coze
rulez added on the 2009-02-26 19:21:04 by Haohmaru Haohmaru
Works almost accurate with SainT 2.13.
added on the 2009-03-02 19:05:37 by Cj Cj
rulez added on the 2009-03-05 09:53:07 by chuckdun chuckdun
Incredible! The first demo almost full screen and always with a party in the VBL!
The music is really nice and the graphics are among the most beautiful ever seen on ste! When the code ... it is truly amazing!
I love the small details such as the raster blue scroll in one vbl to the volcano part !
Conclusion is probably the best demo on Atari STE produced!
rulez added on the 2009-03-17 19:34:42 by Templeton Templeton
sexy stuff all-around
rulez added on the 2009-09-06 03:02:46 by Alpha C Alpha C
Awesome :)
rulez added on the 2009-09-06 03:06:42 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
Cool demo !
Nice fullscreens !
rulez added on the 2010-02-21 16:55:31 by lsl lsl
oldschool effects respect!
rulez added on the 2010-03-05 23:27:42 by rudi rudi
rulez added on the 2010-07-23 04:46:44 by [ProToS] [ProToS]
guys, check it out :)
rulez added on the 2010-12-29 16:38:57 by n1k-o n1k-o
Hardcore code, as usual... Well done. :)
rulez added on the 2011-01-06 20:55:52 by baah baah
Oldschool effects at their finest
rulez added on the 2011-01-07 23:57:23 by BackSpace BackSpace
Kicks some serious asses really hard!
Great tune, great STe code!
rulez added on the 2011-01-24 00:08:01 by sim sim
One of my most viewed demos! Love it!
rulez added on the 2011-02-20 15:24:08 by BeetleF060 BeetleF060
totally ace effects+the music rox!
rulez added on the 2011-02-20 15:48:20 by mad mad
Excellent demo! Made me buy an STe again! :)
rulez added on the 2011-06-02 16:28:04 by Daniel Daniel
Great among great ! Ste makes the difference. DHS coders & team makes the Awesome !
New gen effect, design, original... Congrats dudes !
rulez added on the 2011-08-10 12:09:48 by hylst hylst
another brilliant atari production, the tune rocks.
rulez added on the 2011-10-11 16:58:57 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
added on the 2012-04-15 22:20:13 by grip grip
what, forgot?
rulez added on the 2012-04-22 00:54:23 by grip grip
Great demo! Showing a true potential of STE :)
rulez added on the 2012-09-16 15:43:12 by Sir_Lucas Sir_Lucas
DHS just excels at the STEring wheel.
rulez added on the 2013-09-17 22:58:52 by lennart lennart
rulez added on the 2013-11-24 03:01:29 by bitl bitl
excellent. love it!
rulez added on the 2014-04-13 05:06:56 by _nemo_ _nemo_
Best ever Atari STe demo?
Works great in Hatari too fwiw...
rulez added on the 2014-04-26 16:12:39 by applecrypt applecrypt
rulez added on the 2014-08-24 17:03:58 by Blast! Blast!
rulez added on the 2015-04-19 11:10:14 by Emod Emod
Nice music and effects. Overall a tad slow, though.
rulez added on the 2015-04-19 11:49:34 by elend elend
forgotten thumb!
rulez added on the 2019-08-14 20:47:00 by MKM MKM
Nicely presented effects!
rulez added on the 2019-10-04 17:01:22 by spkr spkr

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