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Solskogen 2007

category: general [glöplog]
i thought solskogen was also in the middle of nowhere :D
added on the 2008-07-21 14:40:54 by Gargaj Gargaj
Gargaj, then you haven't been at Kindergarden =)
added on the 2008-07-21 14:45:57 by Sesse Sesse
sesse, kg is definitely less in the middle of nowhere than solskogen. walking distance to train station and gas station with shop, anyone?

posting on a party site that it is easy to reach and then proposing taxi as the only way to get to the partyplace, *that's* in the middle of nowhere :-)

then again, it can't be a coincidence that when you talk fast, "norway" and "nowhere" sound the same.
added on the 2008-07-21 14:53:22 by skrebbel skrebbel
Yeah, thanx for another excellent party. I had a blast all the way, there's just something very special about norwegian demoparties. I'd recommend this to every scener with a working pulse.

do you have a "lost&found" department? I think i lost my "zombie hunter" t-shirt. :)
added on the 2008-07-21 15:41:57 by quisten quisten
Location was pretty good I thought, though not easy to find (well, the GPS had no trouble, but without it we would've ended up in Finland).

Nice that we didn't disturb anyone with loud chiptunes at 4 in the morning =)
added on the 2008-07-21 16:10:11 by farfar farfar
farfar: except from Duckers? :)
added on the 2008-07-21 16:15:38 by kusma kusma
there's this special something to disturbing Duckers, though
added on the 2008-07-21 16:26:32 by skrebbel skrebbel
In fact, it's encouraged :)
added on the 2008-07-21 16:42:47 by gloom gloom
if you're sober enough to be disturbed, on your head be it ^_^
added on the 2008-07-21 16:52:02 by farfar farfar
although I was in a quite depressive mood during saturday, I think the party was real nice and will concider it for next year as well if we can arrange a trip... you should have a warning about speedbumps on the road to get there though because our rental car did hit the ground once durint one takeoff ;-)

it was nice to play fotball on the saturday (and how could I loose both matches I was in when I made 2 goals in each match?!?) but even nicer to take the trip to the sea afterwards for a nice bath :)
added on the 2008-07-21 20:58:11 by thec thec
thec: you should call things by their real name.. HANGOVER \o/
added on the 2008-07-21 21:59:09 by leijaa leijaa
and! finally nice to meet you gloom :) I'm sure our paths have crossed before but nice to shake your hand at last :)
added on the 2008-07-21 22:13:44 by thec thec
thec: same to you dude, a pleasure :)

kusma: proof here:

BB Image
added on the 2008-07-21 22:24:29 by gloom gloom
This was my first solskogen and it felt like a scene event to me, which is of course a good thing :). Until around 20-22 saturday it was pretty close to perfect.

Unfortunately the compos were handled so poorly that I would have probably had a better experience by skipping the compos and sleeping a few hours longer, which is particularly bad considering that I and we (the danes) had several contributions for the competitions.

That the compos were delayed I can forgive (shit happens). Not announcing that they will be delayed by 6-7 hours or why, makes it worse. If we had at least known, we could at least have gone something sensible to kill time.

The music and graphics compos went reasonable well, but the realtime compos were a disaster. On the top of my head, the following things should preferable not have happened:
-Compos at 3 o'clock is a horrible time, but i suspect you had your reasons. Regardless, people are tired.
-Testing entries right before the compo delayed it even further and left people with little chance to fix their stuff, even if they had delivered their entries 9 hour earlier.
-Starting the compo by simply starting the first entry without announcing it first, hoping that people will figure out that the loud music is from the demo compo, especially people outside.
-The single worst thing: NOT showing slides, announcing or in any way communicating the platform of the entries (even oldschool entries), who made them, their titles, if it were 4k's or 64k's (in the intro competition) and there was even some confusion about for which compo the entries were submitted. Simply showing all entries back to back without any context does NOT constitute a competition. It is disrespectful to those who bothered to contribute.

I don't know anything about the WILD competition, as I had given up at that point and gone to bed.

I don't mean to be disrespectful to the organizers, but it is hard to convey this without sounding harsh. I am sure you had your reasons, but this needs to be fixed. With just a little bit of information, this could have been so much better. I suspect most of this could be fixed by getting a microphone and starting the preparations for the compos a few hours earlier.

Besides these screwups, this was one of the cosiest and generally 'nicest' parties I have been to in a while, with lots of friendly norwegians and even half-norwegians \o/. I will definitely try to be there next year as well.

Also, duckers should improve his danish for next year :)
added on the 2008-07-21 22:39:38 by mentor mentor
Mentor: No objections, I agree to all of your points. It WILL not happen next year - you have my word.. now; be sure to come next year to make sure! :)
added on the 2008-07-21 22:48:23 by gloom gloom
Oh, an congratulations to the danish soccer team for winning the tournament!

BB Image
added on the 2008-07-21 22:49:35 by gloom gloom
whoa .. way to type what i thought as well mentor ;)

but you got one tiny thing wrong ..

added on the 2008-07-21 22:52:04 by dwarf dwarf
added on the 2008-07-21 22:55:12 by gloom gloom
thec .. thats some damn nice photos .. what hardware did you take these with
added on the 2008-07-22 00:09:01 by dwarf dwarf
Soccer results, curtesy of Sesse/Excess (the picture above is by him as well), the official Solskogen soccer tournament administrator :)

The infamous and glorious Solskogen soccer compo!

Quarter finals:

Danmark - Boozoholics 4 - 2
Trackouts - Liten hest med hår 5 - 8
Sverige Amiga - Machinegun Dinosaurs 7 - 2
Dataillusionisterna - WO walkover


Danmark - Liten hest med hår 4 - 2
Sverige Amiga - Dataillusionisterna 5 - 2


Danmark - Sverige Amiga 2 - 0
added on the 2008-07-22 00:13:32 by gloom gloom
I admit that the danes used doping: Whiskey & Snaps
BB Image
BB Image

added on the 2008-07-22 00:39:20 by Puryx Puryx
dwarf: thanks! I'm using a nikon d40x, not that expensive actually, but most photos are taken with a 50-150mm f:2.8 zoomlens which is more expensive than the camera house itself :-) The normal lens which comes from the factory is a 18-55 f:1.3-5.6 wide angle zoom lens and is quite alright as well.. the camera goes for about 500€, and the zoomlens (50-150) was like 600 I think.
added on the 2008-07-22 00:42:09 by thec thec
oh, and btw, feel free to use any of my images any way you want (with appropriate credz)! Like promoting the party or whatever! (plz let me know tho)
added on the 2008-07-22 00:44:17 by thec thec
Great party, I think I was the only Brit (all be it from the Netherlands) there! You're all very cool people, nice to meet you all and hope to see you all next time around.
added on the 2008-07-22 00:50:25 by m0d m0d


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