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any sceners going to GDC?

category: general [glöplog]
hoi, any sceners going to gdc 2007 in san fran (march 5-9th)? if so, we should meet up for a beer or something. :)
added on the 2007-02-08 17:27:28 by smash smash
of course, it's in my backyard! pyromaniac usually holds a demoscener afterparty, so I'm sure he'll do the same this year too. good time to spread the word about blockparty, too.
added on the 2007-02-08 18:18:51 by radman1 radman1
forget blockparty, it's not in utah :(
added on the 2007-02-08 18:24:55 by radman1 radman1
radman: wicked, put me on the list. :) havent seen pyro in a few years. :)
added on the 2007-02-08 18:28:57 by smash smash
Smash: Talk to Hyde. He's living there atm.
added on the 2007-02-08 18:46:09 by Archmage Archmage
oh shit! i wanna go... i'm in Burlington VT
added on the 2007-02-08 19:16:34 by xteraco xteraco
I'm not going to gdc, but I do live nearby SF.

Jekyll used to go to gdc, but he doesn't do games anymore so I don't know this year.
added on the 2007-02-08 19:36:06 by Hyde Hyde
i'd go, if someone wants to pay for the trip for me
added on the 2007-02-08 19:40:41 by xteraco xteraco
@xteraco: shroud yourself in bubblewrap and have someone mail you over!
added on the 2007-02-08 22:46:40 by radman1 radman1
i think maybe duckers/outracks is going(?) ask him.
added on the 2007-02-09 01:51:06 by spookysys spookysys
mmmmmh bubblewrap!
added on the 2007-02-09 01:55:21 by kb_ kb_
pop my bubbles me beautiful ^^
added on the 2007-02-09 02:17:01 by psenough psenough
BB Image
added on the 2007-02-09 02:59:27 by EviL EviL
Who ARE you people?

And what's with those white coats?
I try to be there, hope to get confirmation soon (budgets, you know) ..
added on the 2007-02-09 09:49:59 by spike spike
Smash: I'll be going to GDC. I don't know if I will be trapped in the HP booth for the full conference but going for a beer would be great.
added on the 2007-02-19 11:02:08 by noname noname
added on the 2007-03-01 10:12:45 by smash smash
I hear you're meeting up with the more dubious half of Andromeda over there. You should really take care when you're around these guys, you know.
added on the 2007-03-01 13:33:17 by Archmage Archmage
ok, i got confirmation. meeting for a beer would be nice ;-)
I already arrive on saturday. How about gathering at the HP booth during the week and screaming "beer!" aloud?
added on the 2007-03-01 15:48:04 by spike spike
i'll be on the sony booth for about an hour at some point as well.. :) jar, drop me a mail, im collecting mobile numbers. :) (smaash at yahoo.com )
added on the 2007-03-01 16:04:10 by smash smash
Archmage: Dubious, bah! I just got promoted to Kapitan vtorogo ranga of the second largest ship in our fleet. Arrrr. Arr.
added on the 2007-03-01 21:13:00 by Hyde Hyde
tonight at seven. Union Square.
added on the 2007-03-06 17:33:19 by Hyde Hyde
btw radman (or pyro), get in touch :)
added on the 2007-03-07 01:03:20 by smash smash


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