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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

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Take a bow, Gasman!

added on the 2018-12-30 16:26:59 by xeron xeron
"Commodore has a good sound chip" <3
added on the 2018-12-30 23:11:00 by leGend leGend
Gotta watch this again <3
added on the 2018-12-30 23:33:01 by Virgill Virgill
So, who cracked the game and how was the intro ;)
added on the 2018-12-31 07:36:45 by leGend leGend
saw it yesterday night. this sentence about commodore was ace.
added on the 2018-12-31 12:34:19 by iks iks
:D When having an obscure hobby actually pays off. Take that "So uhm, what is this good for?" people.
added on the 2018-12-31 15:52:54 by raer raer
no one's noticed there's some other shit on the fake company's website that goes to other stuff and they're disguised as ads

I smell an ARG...

also I got the nozedyve ROM there too and it's actually a legit ZX Spectrum game, they really went all-out on it
added on the 2019-01-01 10:02:21 by Parzival Parzival
yes yes but what does the russian zx scene think
added on the 2019-01-01 12:34:50 by Gargaj Gargaj
nice to see you in a festive mood gargaj :)
added on the 2019-01-01 13:16:58 by farfar farfar
Did you click the link at the very top of this thread? The game was made by Gasman, of this parish
added on the 2019-01-01 16:16:49 by xeron xeron
just watched it :) great stuff!
am a big fan of choose your own adventure books, even did a few of games in that style myself :) so it was very lovely to watch :D
loved the speccy bits, good job gasman :)
added on the 2019-01-01 22:37:13 by psenough psenough
yes yes but what does the russian zx scene think

added on the 2019-01-02 08:55:57 by gloom gloom
Very cool, watched today.
Congrats Gasman :D
added on the 2019-01-02 21:29:31 by SnC SnC
Well, well done Gasman! :)
Unfortunately when I saw the episode I did not go through the part where the spectrum load tape is heard. I would have immediately tried to load it with my car cassette adapter in to my spectrum LOL.But I saw your tweet and I was amazed! Superb!
Thanks all! :-)
added on the 2019-01-03 00:27:18 by gasman gasman
This deserves massive respect. There you go. RESPECTZ!
added on the 2019-01-03 01:04:24 by jco jco
BB Image
added on the 2019-01-03 15:08:12 by Gargaj Gargaj
Nice to know there search for the real person to keep the oldschool job done and no rnd bullshit talk. Awesome episode too!
added on the 2019-01-03 15:40:44 by Green Green
well done Gasman, it was an enjoyable episode and a good trip down the memory lane...
added on the 2019-01-03 16:46:43 by Navis Navis
added on the 2019-01-05 13:30:20 by Frequent Frequent
Are there really totally different outcomes, or does the guy (SPOILERS) always end up in jail after killing his dad and boss at the end?
added on the 2019-01-06 08:49:31 by Foebane72 Foebane72
Yes. There are endings where nobody dies, or plots where several die. There are plots involving psychological experimentation or a form of time travel.
added on the 2019-01-06 10:37:26 by xeron xeron
Also, a sequence of cascaded fourth wall breaches that would make Deadpool blush :D
added on the 2019-01-06 14:18:19 by kb_ kb_
I don't know which is the last ending, i had several endings (with loop), till there was one which is very final and the credits rolled. So i think there is just one. And that feels like a Sierra Adventure, you can die in every decision, but there is just one way to end this game.
added on the 2019-01-06 17:06:20 by Green Green


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