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release date : february 2022
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added on the 2022-02-25 00:07:00 by ilmenit ilmenit

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I do not know why, but I read that the title was "RAIN"...
I do not know why..
added on the 2022-02-25 01:32:43 by sim sim
Putin = Hitler 2.0
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 08:25:31 by bitl bitl
Rather tasteless, don't you think?
sucks added on the 2022-02-25 08:58:04 by Foebane72 Foebane72
Ukraine flag is getting destroyed and replaced by Russian one with rockets, smoke and blood. However it will never be fully replaced. Stay strong Ukraine.
added on the 2022-02-25 09:01:16 by ilmenit ilmenit
If someone takes it as tasteless and offensive then I'm sorry and I can ask to remove this prod from Pouet. My opinion is that computer arts can be something more than flashy effects with disco music, even when in minimalistic tiny intro.
added on the 2022-02-25 09:14:51 by ilmenit ilmenit
...I'd always support coding efforts on that respect...there's a place for art in anything...we are not living in a computer-pouet-happy-world-bubbly-bubble...and this one here just reflects a reality taking place unfortunately...though pouet might not be the place to discuss how it came that far...
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 10:21:36 by Kuemmel Kuemmel
An impressive production that’s both art and political statement, in 256b. I like it.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 10:40:15 by VectorEyes VectorEyes
You wanted to express your feelings in these sad hours. I think that's it. Stay strong Ukraine and I wish this nightmare to end as soon as possible.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 10:54:08 by netro netro
Not tasteless IMHO
added on the 2022-02-25 10:55:20 by 42Bastian 42Bastian
These are dark days.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 11:01:46 by Mystra Mystra
not tasteless. found it hard to watch, kept wanting it to stop, not because of the visuals but because of the war. proper art.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 11:08:35 by mantratronic mantratronic
Putin = Hitler 2.0

Aw... To be precise there many 2.0s these days. Sometimes just with a kind, smiling mask...

Do note judge it under your FIRST impression. Let it be...
Personally, first I found it delicate (personal sensibility), but later I came to the conclusion this production most probably hurts noone. It is an (artistic) expression. Strong, with emotions, but expression. I do not need to watch it daily nor watch it at all...

And you do not see bodies here with a zoom x1000, as the media feed you almost daily...

Thumbing down is like thumbing down shooter games (Operation Wolf, or Rambo or whatever) cause you are killing ppl in there.

Not easy times we got now... Not easy...
Be strong sisters and brothers!
added on the 2022-02-25 11:12:32 by sim sim
sim, I live in Russia and I know what I'm talking about. Putin is a crazy dictator.
added on the 2022-02-25 11:55:05 by bitl bitl
Hi BiTL.
I did not want to offend you and hope you did not feel bad. Thank you for your answer.

I think I know what you mean. It is a delicate subject for here, and I prefer to avoid it here (even if I am interested in that geo-political stuff).

But as I said, there are many 2.0s out there... In many countries. Too many! Some with a sheep-like face expression.
And the man you are talking about does not wear this mask (too often).
added on the 2022-02-25 12:16:55 by sim sim
What mantratronic said
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 12:22:15 by HellMood HellMood
Fuck Putin, fuck his cronies and fuck everyone in the West who's wishy-washy about it or a Putin apologist.

Also - these 256 bytes hurt in exactly the right way.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 12:35:06 by Preacher Preacher
What Preacher said.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 13:03:43 by introspec introspec
Brilliant and definitely done with taste.
I'm sure every sane person in Russia or Ukraine wants peace. War is madness.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 13:12:51 by ham ham
By supporting Ukraine, you support the Nazis and those who killed children. How it stinks in here.
sucks added on the 2022-02-25 14:31:34 by g0blinish g0blinish
I'm as far as possible from supporting the Nazis and the ones who kill children. I'm opposing the act of war, that is driven by nationalism and leads to killing children.
added on the 2022-02-25 14:41:07 by ilmenit ilmenit
totally what preacher said :/
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 14:46:02 by wbcbz7 wbcbz7
Disturbing in a good way. Stay strong Ukraine.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 14:49:59 by keops keops
Also what Preacher said. I didn't even realize the flag was being replaced with Russian colors. The visceral statement with a simple effect in 256 bytes is rather brilliant. To the last thumb-downer, turn off the Putin propaganda (aka Fox News of the East), and watch some actual video of the destruction happening right now.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 14:58:03 by phoenix phoenix
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 15:01:27 by havoc havoc
By supporting Ukraine, you support the Nazis and those who killed children. How it stinks in here.

Fuck you
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 15:27:07 by okkie okkie
i saw it this morning and had the day to think about it. without context/meaning as explained by ilmenit it cries for being misunderstood imho if one does not know ilmenits position. but that can always happen with political things. tbh i was curious it the russian flag will be drawn completely or if the code was faulty ;) silly me.

even though i think politics can be or are important in any form of art it is simply not my thing. what my thing is however is the idea, the concept and how it comes together. so thumbs for that.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 15:36:27 by sensenstahl sensenstahl
Yeah, without the clarification the intro could be seen both ways and it wasn't sure if it condemned or glorified what's happening...

But with it it's a strong artistic expression, and also a good 256b intro. Stay strong, and what Preacher said.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 15:40:27 by kb_ kb_
There are sensitive topics (religion, sexuality, history, politics, health, privacy, law...) that can be avoided or can be opened. When opened, they can be a Pandora's box. I opened one. The ongoing military conflict brings a lot of strong emotions, probably only negative ones. I expected actually more thumbs down, even with the explanation provided. People have different opinions and different point of view and it is normal. Be mature and respect the others, even if you do not agree with them, please.
added on the 2022-02-25 15:59:17 by ilmenit ilmenit
This is what I call Art with capital A.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 16:17:39 by AceMan AceMan
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 17:25:35 by SiR SiR
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 17:38:48 by xeen xeen
you draw inspiration from what you see around you. sad is this situation is, you actually made a good piece about it, both in content and in sizecoding tech.
Keep being like this.
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 19:01:43 by sjaak sjaak
Stop war!
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 22:19:06 by Adam Bazaroff Adam Bazaroff
Миру мир, войне пиписька
rulez added on the 2022-02-25 22:50:16 by darya darya
I really hope that this whole nightmare, lasting already 8 years, will soon end in peace. Patience and strength to the residents of Russia and Ukraine. Especially those who got into the epicenter of these events, forced to leave their home or lost loved ones.
I wish the adequacy to the government of all countries of the world in decision-making. I hope and believe that WW-III will not come...
Our grandfathers – Russians, Ukrainians (and others), who passed WW-II together, sharing their last shirt and a piece of bread, protecting each other with their bodies – were dying not for such future.
Russia is not the enemy of Ukraine! Stay in a sanity and sober mind. Do not incite enmity between peoples and inside the States...
added on the 2022-02-26 15:15:10 by Jin X Jin X
I'd never had thought that I could give a thumb up to prod on this 'platform'.
rulez added on the 2022-02-28 11:35:01 by sheriff sheriff
Stop war!
rulez added on the 2022-02-28 12:26:56 by MKM MKM
So so. Yes, please end this war.
added on the 2022-02-28 20:16:36 by AntDude AntDude
I don't think most Russians support Putin. The invasion of Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster. Thousands of women and children leaving the country. War, invasion is never a solution.
In a war "...young people kill each other without knowing or hating each other..."
Now, imagine the people of Pouet going to war, and we have to fight each other. It's INSANE!
The problem is Putin and his friends, who present a completely distorted worldview to Russians, they present a dystopian scenario where the rest of the world is against Russia and they must protect themselves from the rest of the world.
Well, the world is different now, we have Internet, we communicate, we do projects together, we work together, we are friends!
Only insane people start wars. Russians, Ukrainians or anyone in the world just want to live their lives peacefully, nobody wants war, any human loss is terrible.
rulez added on the 2022-03-01 00:28:20 by PauloFalcao PauloFalcao
war sux
rulez added on the 2022-03-01 06:51:32 by usual usual
Stop war!!
rulez added on the 2022-03-01 09:59:41 by Dalthon Dalthon
By supporting Ukraine, you support the Nazis and those who killed children. How it stinks in here.

we remember well who supported Nazis:
German–Soviet military parade in Brest-Litovsk 22th September 1939

BB Image

BB Image
rulez added on the 2022-03-01 10:22:18 by Blast! Blast!
worth to mention that the leader of Putin's Wagner Group is just neonazi:
added on the 2022-03-01 10:35:33 by Blast! Blast!
It's a pity that also kind citizens of Russia, who are often our friends, will suffer and sanctions struck innocent. However it is Russia that can stop the war. Without the reaction of the West they would have no reason to do it.
added on the 2022-03-01 11:17:20 by ilmenit ilmenit
Why don't we accept that we are just all Nazis and get over it?
added on the 2022-03-01 11:53:39 by Optimus Optimus
Because we're not. Don't believe what your nihilist far right bubble feeds you.
added on the 2022-03-01 14:00:44 by Preacher Preacher
My post can be taken under any context. If everyone is separating people in the good-bad buckets, anyone can be the Nazi, even those who call others Nazis or other epithets (like far-right alt-right and whatever), because the title sticks, it puts them automatically to the subhuman category.

And I need to say something, but I am sure this will put me on the pro-Putin bucket list. So I have to preface it with "I don't support what Putin does, it's totally wrong!" (I am actually angry that a country in the civilized world decides to invade another country in our home Europe, it's close proximity to most of us, and makes me wonder if things are stable in the world).

Ok, after I did this preface, I only want to mention the one thing that rubbed me wrong in this whole situation. Instant virtue signalling from the media and all the world about poor Ukraine and evil Russia. Instantly profiles all around social media with yellow blue flags, we stand with Ukraine, solidarity, Onlyfans modes and pornhub caring. Suddenly the people switch from an old narrative to a new one, like everyone knows what's going on in eastern Europe, have taken a side while they don't understand the complexity of the situation and all others who might simply want to discuss in more depth the complexities of what is going in certain Ukranian regions, might be called Putin apologists. Meanwhile a lot of bombardment by images and videos of destruction and poor people, some of them fake news (like showing images and explosions being from the war, but some are footage from years ago, like some gas explosion in China, etc). And I am not saying it's fake, I am not saying war is not happening, but how can I trust the media when it's obviously news trying to sensationalize things towards a certain people.

And the trouble most people will see the news and instantly it's going to be a wave of sensationalization towards certain narratives and everybody suddenly caring fueling the senationalization of certain groups or countries more. It might be more easy to fall into this virtue signaling, with this war as it's obvious which country is the invader and which the invaded and anyone supporting the other side will look obviously bad. But my annoyance here is not whether to support someone (both Ukrainian and Russian soldiers are anyway in shit right now, in fact I'd think the Russian soldiers are more demoralized sent to a war being the bad guys), but how easy the media and social creates a barrage of virtue signalling, and now regular people who might want to discuss might be put in the bad-guy bucket (although I don't think a demoscene forum is the best place).

Because that shit happened with other groups, and most mainstream media dominate one opinion and the other opinion is called far right. Because this virtue signalling and media sensationalization split the regular people in pro covid restrictions and anti lockdowns, and now people are hating each other. Because they were reprogrammed like pavlovian dogs from the mainstream. I'll admit it if you tell me that I was also reprogrammed by the alt right cycles (except I will not accept the are far right or even alt,. because that's a strong accusation, one of the context of my "we are all nazis if you wish" is also that). But that's happening all over the place and it's making me sick. It is a (let's use another recent "dogwhistle") Mass Formation Psychosis. See something sensational on the news, start with the bumper stickers, create a global narrative of good vs bad guys. Where good/bad = the regular people whose opinions support the perceived good/bad in the world.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be writing these things here. But I should own the things I believe. If people post certain stuff, I should tell my opinion, even if I will be on the unpopular side.
added on the 2022-03-01 19:23:04 by Optimus Optimus
Summarize your point (if you have one) in 30 words or less and I'll read that, as long as none of those words are "virtue" or "signalling".
rulez added on the 2022-03-01 19:58:17 by jobe jobe
Optimus, your last "I'm leaving" manifesto is almost a year old - if you stand by your principles just gtfo for good.
added on the 2022-03-01 20:34:42 by darya darya
And I didn't left, I wanted to make demos.
added on the 2022-03-01 23:55:44 by Optimus Optimus
российский военный корабль, пошел нахуй!
rulez added on the 2022-03-02 02:29:35 by dipswitch dipswitch
If people post certain stuff, I should tell my opinion, even if I will be on the unpopular side.

BB Image
added on the 2022-03-02 02:48:35 by okkie okkie
rulez added on the 2022-03-02 10:21:35 by Rob Rob
Quite good post by Optimus, typical "answers". And a piggy for the prod.
added on the 2022-03-02 11:11:12 by Serpent Serpent
Russians obviously won't like it.. but I don't care that much.. like it or not.. there will be no sympathy and respect for Putinian Russia and Russians in the Free World. There is only one brave Russian that I personally respect today. The one that was sent to Sybir just because he wanted to come back home.

Luckily at the battleground, there is huge difference between slaves and warriors. Ukrainians are the warriors!
rulez added on the 2022-03-02 11:55:47 by hollowone hollowone
Funny, I can appreciate this prod and fully support its message, but at the same time prefer Optimus to stick around and continue making cool demos rather than to "gtfo". The less-funny part is how that's an utterly foreign notion to too many people these days.
rulez added on the 2022-03-02 11:56:27 by VileR VileR
hey, faggots from Gayrope, you are next!
sucks added on the 2022-03-02 12:52:09 by demoscener demoscener
Did not want to open a separate topic, so pardon me.

I wander who gave a right to ban ppl "like that" after "this or that" as an expression.
Too many users perhaps? If there was just few users, I wonder if banning would have been so frequent. Yes, OK, might be the subjects would be less aggressive as well.

Ban, if really needed (oh well), should in my opinion be done temporary (YES) for a week or month. If no "calm attitude" from the person, then we could consider a permanent one.

Besides I see many experts here, many geo(ego?)-politicians, many fighters for freedom.

What PulkoMandy proposed (is an interesting list).
added on the 2022-03-02 16:32:20 by sim sim
I just spotted that there is a list of political demos, there is few missing I'm aware of like Channel 88 by FUSE and Kaldahar by Amnesty and 911 by Anadune, all Polish
added on the 2022-03-02 17:01:40 by hollowone hollowone
Russians obviously won't like it.. but I don't care that much.. like it or not.. there will be no sympathy and respect for Putinian Russia and Russians in the Free World. There is only one brave Russian that I personally respect today. The one that was sent to Sybir just because he wanted to come back home.

as a ru citizen being totally shocked by such unprecedent aggression, i won't totally agree with your point of view, as escalating the hate is NOT the way to stop that useless war.

and to be honesty, it's all our (both West ignoring pootine imperial ambutions and Russians being unable and somewhat, shamefully, unwilling to stop pootine and seeing how he scorching political field and every public process over at least last 10 years since 2011-'13 protest) fault that we did nothing to halt, and it's our joint responsibility to restore peace
added on the 2022-03-02 17:09:50 by wbcbz7 wbcbz7
Wbc, it’s fair what you wrote and I wish there was more opinions from RU people like yours, heard and… influential
added on the 2022-03-02 18:20:40 by hollowone hollowone
Optimus is right, we (ordinary peaceful people) don't know a lot about this situation. Many people judge by what media write, and this is 90% fake. And there is a lot of black stuff about Russia, distributed including by order from Ukraine and not only (not from ordinary peaceful people, of course). Perhaps the residents of other countries will not like what I'll say. But the West (I mean primarily the government and the media) has strongly condemned Russia's actions for many years. For any reason. Although let's face it: they are not angels themselves and act only in their own interests, clinging to any reason, just to roll out some new sanction. They don't give a damn about Russia. Although no, they want to weaken Russia, because they don't need a strong Russia. And the situation in Ukraine is important to them only from the point of view of their own interests.

But I am sure that there are many sane people in the West who do not believe everything that is pushed to them. And they do not always agree with the actions of their government. There are also many such people in Russia.
added on the 2022-03-02 19:05:23 by Jin X Jin X
fuck off
added on the 2022-03-02 19:24:55 by Rob Rob
It can be that on the global level it's all about balance of power between Russia, USA and China. It can be that Russia does not like the expanse of Western culture, economy and military that will limit their future growth. It can be that all the governments feed citizens with propaganda. It can be that countries support Ukraine because it serves their short-term or long-term interest. Yet, on a smaller scale, Russia attacked Ukraine, it's a fact. Hundreds of thousands currently lost homes, many lost lives and the hell of war is ongoing. Saying that "the other countries shouldn't interfere, just let Russia annex Ukraine and everything would be more peaceful" is not neutral, it is a passive support of the oppressor and doing what Russian narrative says. It would destroy the country, the nation, and would lead to changing it to “next Belarus”, at the same time strengthening a bully and giving confidence that it can do anything without consequences.
added on the 2022-03-03 11:27:38 by ilmenit ilmenit
Jin X, прости, но ты дебил
added on the 2022-03-03 12:12:00 by bitl bitl
It can be that all the governments feed citizens with propaganda.

One has to be extremely ignorant to believe anything else, especially during war.
added on the 2022-03-03 12:55:24 by Serpent Serpent
JinX, as long as the Russian government suppresses free media and arrests peaceful protesters your statement is just bullshit.
rulez added on the 2022-03-03 14:02:29 by 42Bastian 42Bastian
BiTL, раз уж мы перешли на русский, то выражаясь в твоей манере, дебила советую поискать в зеркале. А со мной в таком ключе разговаривать не нужно. Ты меня не знаешь, и я тебя, к счастью, тоже. Но хамская манера твоего общения, в котором нет ничего кроме оскорблений (людей и флага), говорит сама за себя. Такие как ты как раз и разжигают вражду, фашизм и ненависть к своей стране, когда чьи-то слова не совпадает с их "гениальными" умозаключениями. Так что продолжать диалог не вижу смысла.

42Bastian, Serpent, we live in a world of free Internet, not depending on local media, and we can rely on much more extensive data than what is shown on official channels.

ilmenit, firstly, in order to assess the situation, it is necessary to look not only at individual action, but also at their causes. Deep reasons, not just lying on the surface. I am not thrilled with what is happening, believe me, I don't want war and death of either peaceful Ukrainians or Russians (like all sane people). But I don't like the fact that the West considers itself to be angels-benefactors, bringing peace, and Russians – almost fascists, bringing evil and aggression. Secondly, if we talk about humanity, the West is no less aggressive towards Russia. Only this aggression is not military, but economic. The sanctions affect the entire civilian population of Russia (not just the government and oligarchs), who do not touch anyone and want to live in peace. Our prices have soared almost 2 times for most products in a week! And this is not the limit. And it was arranged by the humane, damn, West. Is this normal, in your opinion, in relation to peaceful Russians?
added on the 2022-03-04 09:04:33 by Jin X Jin X
I'm not going to start a feud here and blame each other, because I think we all want world peace. I just urge you to look at things more comprehensively. And at all these political games.
added on the 2022-03-04 09:12:02 by Jin X Jin X
@JinX - West (esp. USA) is far from being saintly. However it changes nothing with the fact that the dictatorship of Putin is exactly now bringing evil, aggression, war and even straight lies about it, even to own citizens. Sanctions are not aggression, they are an attempt to break the aggressor. They are response, not the cause. There wouldn't be any if Russia didn't start the war in Europe. Is in your opinion hitting someone who is trying to murder a child good or bad? Not interfering would be a passive evil and would also bring serious threat to European countries in the future. The West did a great united response that can force Russia to stop the aggression. Do you see any other way they could do it, that wouldn’t start nuclear war? Russia must feel that continuing the invasion is not going to be beneficial and with the sanctions it starts.
added on the 2022-03-04 10:28:42 by ilmenit ilmenit
Is in your opinion hitting someone who is trying to murder a child good or bad?
So, is it good or bad to hit everyone who is in the same room with someone who is "trying to murder a child"? We, the civilians who will suffer the most from sanctions, didn't start this war (not 8 days ago, but actually several decades ago, if not earlier). Everything that is happening now didn't begin on February 24 of this year. And not even in 2014. I hope you know that. And this game is played by politicians of a large number of countries. Some are active, others are reactive, others are passive, and others are entering into a favorable moment for them. This is not just a response to the war in Ukraine. Do you seriously think that sanctions will stop the war, and not escalate the conflict?
added on the 2022-03-04 11:42:54 by Jin X Jin X
The sanctions will eventually remove Russia's ability to wage a war like this when the economy grinds to a halt. So yes, they will stop the war. Also, Russia has the option of stopping the imperialist war right now, if it wants to.

Sanctions are a humane version of conflict. Shooting rockets at children, like Russia is doing now in Ukraine, is not.
added on the 2022-03-04 11:57:15 by Preacher Preacher
A very strange humanity that ruins the lives of the civilian population...
added on the 2022-03-04 12:06:49 by Jin X Jin X
Yes, I think sanctions can be so severe that Russia may stop the invasion or future occupation, but nobody knows. They may lead to revolution, changes in government or even fall of dictatorship. Maybe Putin will be served polonium tea with novichok cake. Sanctions can break Russia economically and technologically so much that it will not pose danger in the future. Even if they are not only the response to the war, Russia gave very good justification to set them by starting war in Europe. Russia did it to itself.
Of course, it's politics and everyone is waiting for moves from the USA and China. The sanctions may escalate the conflict, but the conflict can easily escalate without them. They are however greatly changing the balance of power. Who knows, maybe weakened Russia will taste rockets, tanks and occupation from China soon, which I do not wish upon anyone. In such a case, nowadays nobody will stand on the side of Russia.
added on the 2022-03-04 12:14:44 by ilmenit ilmenit
Oh the irony.
added on the 2022-03-04 12:17:35 by Preacher Preacher
jin x, oh irony, then poland is main benefactor. we've just taken half a mil of refugees to our homes. yes, homes, not refugee camps.
rulez added on the 2022-03-04 12:36:12 by comankh comankh
An impressive production that’s both art and political statement, in 256b. I like it.
rulez added on the 2022-03-04 14:07:08 by v3nom v3nom
Jin X, еще раз, ты дебил. И позорище русской демосцены.
added on the 2022-03-04 14:26:39 by bitl bitl
A very strange humanity that ruins the lives of the civilian population...

As the old Dutch saying goes, "soft surgeons make stinking wounds". Or to put it differently, I'm truly sorry that you and your loved ones might be facing uncertain or (god forbid) violent times ahead in your near futures. However, unfortunately I cannot think of another way to definitively prevent your nation's leadership from also starting to trample all over my own human rights at some point in the future if we do not resist them strongly right now. So yeah, a clash between political systems is now occuring, and all parties involved wield their strongest weapons short of the nuclear non-option. It's a sad state of affairs no matter any sane viewpoint. And there unfortunately seems to be no other way, the only way I can think of to accelerate matters is if the Russian people *somehow* manage to convince their leadership to drastically change it's current course of action. (AKA, Russian people are not the problem but the only real hope for a less terrible solution.)
added on the 2022-03-04 15:32:41 by havoc havoc
Russians, this is not hate speech, this is just special operation to raise your awareness about the situation around you. Same like the whole world is not setting sanctions on you and isolating from you. This is just a special financial and political operation to liberate you from unhealthy capitalism, sense of freedom, liberty and other intoxicated ideas of so called West. In fact we all are helping you to come back to simpler life, you ought to prefer for centuries. Enjoy.
added on the 2022-03-04 21:15:46 by hollowone hollowone
...This is just a special financial and political operation to liberate you from unhealthy capitalism, sense of freedom, liberty and other intoxicated ideas of so called West....

As a person from the ex-communist country I would say there is no capitalism there.
We spent so many years under totalitarian leftist system, there are still a lot 'ex' communists in power, in goverment, with they totalitarian way of thinking.
We need more than additional 30 years to be really free from that disease.

We just have to show them that their world can be free, with free speech, free market, free ideas, no fear, without control from that totalitarian side.
added on the 2022-03-04 21:55:05 by Blast! Blast!
You are such funny Europeans - stubbornly repeating the shit that you are fed in the news and stubbornly denying facts that are not worth wasting time stating. We know all the personal data, they were transferred to the FSB, so it is not surprising that many people will be denied access to Russia for negative statements. limenit, better do the Mona Lisa and not this vomit

А что это самарский дед молчит? зассал небось?
sucks added on the 2022-03-05 06:17:03 by blyatl blyatl
Yes, your cries will not stop great Russia
added on the 2022-03-05 06:18:06 by blyatl blyatl
stubbornly repeating the shit that you are fed in the news and stubbornly denying facts that are not worth wasting time stating.

added on the 2022-03-05 06:39:11 by okkie okkie
Humiliation of the country must be painful if Russian trolls are joining Pouet... Dear Russian friends, just an advice to consider: if you enjoy freedom (of travel, possession, speech, thought), leave this country while your passports are still not taken by your "great Russia".
added on the 2022-03-05 06:47:47 by ilmenit ilmenit
Limenite, look for a decent woman, the trolls will stop appearing
added on the 2022-03-05 07:08:26 by blyatl blyatl
ilmenit: it's all g0blinish' twinks :)
added on the 2022-03-08 17:42:34 by wbcbz7 wbcbz7
West Europe said nothing when Russia invaded Georgia, Chechnya, Syria, taken Crimea in 2014. We all said not and did not enough therefore we have 2022 and Russia felt so strong to invade Ukraina with bullshit saying about their special mission to help free from nazi etc.

Destroying civilian targets is a war crime.
Killing civilians is a crime, a war crime.
Raping women is a crime, a war crime.

You can say media lies. Yes, the media lies. Injured people from buried houses that lost their families incoming to Poland also lie. They all lie? Russia just wants to help - seriously anyone follows this logic? over 1 million of Ukrainian citizens escaped their homes. I'm in touch with people being developers in Ukraina - the stories are terrible, terrifying.

Therefore - the Russian army is a set of criminals. And from the captured soldiers there is narration I've read in ss-men trials "it was orders, not my fault".

The biggest problem is that Russia has washed out her citizen's minds. They believe that Putin helps people in Ukraina. Soldiers are surprised that they are not welcomed by happiness. It's that bad. So how do you want to change perception of people in Russia? I know people that escaped from Ukraina and they called their families in Russia and - Russian people cannot believe in what they hear from their family from Ukraina. "It's not possible. We know from TV that the Russian army will help you, it will free you." From what? This narration about nazi in Ukraina - this is an episode from IIWWW.

Why is war, why Russia invaded Ukraina?

Natural deposits. Uran. Titanium. Iron. Natural gas. Ukraina is placed in 1st-3rd on the world list of these natural deposits. So, yes it's all about money - but this time world reacts much better then in 1939.

Someone said it should be stopped by Russia and by Russian citizens. Otherwise, they will be paying for Putin's war. It hits Russian people but also the rest of the world by increasing prices and fear of world war. But - let's be honest, there are too many countries that will not allow Russian to win over Ukraina and take this land. Also because of the money. And because more then anything after all - those who lose will pay.

rulez added on the 2022-03-09 18:29:17 by tooloud tooloud
And from the captured soldiers there is narration I've read in ss-men trials "it was orders, not my fault".

That defence did not work then and it will not work now either. You are responsible for your actions, even if you did them out of fear or whatever.
added on the 2022-03-10 18:18:33 by El Topo El Topo
Oh, and thumb.
rulez added on the 2022-03-10 18:19:39 by El Topo El Topo
rulez added on the 2022-03-11 09:31:18 by twh twh
My heart goes out to everyone in Ukraine.

As much as Putin/Russian govmt is to blame here (it's terrorism), we have to look at the other major instigator here. No wonder they are not being talked about in western media, after Assange was locked up.
You can have a bullshit govmt, but you can also have a bullshit govmt that makes you believe in their transparency.
Look into the recent wikileaks posts on their fb feed and also hunter biden (wow, it's almost reminiscent of a couple of other wars in the recent past).

My point is - it's a complex situation, and as bad as Putin is, the "west" is a nasty place too, and they are players here, who are not being talked about.
added on the 2022-03-11 18:42:22 by wrighter wrighter
Yes, "west" did nasty things, especially in the Middle East and Africa. It does not change the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine and the terror is ongoing. Bringing into discussions “whataboutism” and “tu quoque logical fallacy” is often a way of redirecting the discussion from the actual problem. It is also a commonly used technique of Russian propaganda.(with “And you are lynching Negroes” arguments) to justify own awful actions, which I hate. No, it’s not OK to be a serial killer only because other serial killers exist.
added on the 2022-03-11 21:44:52 by ilmenit ilmenit
Look into the recent wikileaks posts on their fb feed and also hunter biden

You should stop listening to FSB.
added on the 2022-03-11 22:57:02 by neon neon
im not a person that wants to split the world in "good" and "bad", especially not the people living under a opressive leadership which is feeding them all sorts of propaganda.
what is happenig out there is politically very complex and it didnt start with the invasion of the ukraine. putin seems to be a mad man, completely shifting away from the truth and hanging on to a past long gone.
i dont want a nuclear war, in fact i dont want any war and the best way of making this stop is the russian people, and not the western military nor their weapons, deciding that its time for a real democracy.
i dont want people to die and suffer: no children, no women and also no soldiers - it doesnt matter where they live or what language they speak. i believe in unity, not in drawing lines on a map.

please make it stop and thanks for the message.
rulez added on the 2022-03-22 02:44:16 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Ukraine war

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