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Haunted by Loonies [web]

     __._        _.____   _.____   _.____   _.__    ____._    ____._
   _/  |/________\|_   \__\|_   \__\|_   \__\|__)__/  _ |/___/  __|/____
  _)   _/      /   /    /   /    /   /    /      (_   __|  (_____      (_
  \    \      /        /        /   /     \       /         /   /       /
 - -diP--------------------------------------------------------------uP!- -

                        Winner at Revision 2019
                           8 kb Intro compo

Music: Punqtured/Fnuque
Synth: Blueberry
Visuals: Psycho (psycho@loonies.dk)

Crinkler for compression
Rocket for scripting
Oidos synth for music (special version with 4 outputs and seperate reverb)
Internal shader compactor

Windows 10 Creators update (reading from typed uavs)
DirectX 11, feature level 11_0
A reasonably fast GPU - if framerate is too low you will get sound clipping.

To have the feeling of different music playing in different rooms we have 4
output channels (and their reverbs) and are mixing these live by rocket 
parameters, including panning for the sound effect channel and letting the 
reverb being heard longer than the channel itself.

Visuals are rendered in 3 passes with an optimized raymarcher very similar to 
'One Of Those Days'. There is an additional 1-thread pass resolving the track
segments and a number of positions relative to "track space".  There is a 
single shadow casting point light and another pointlight without shadows.

The whole intro being one-take is a major headache for especially the lighting
setup since lights cannot be swapped/moved before they are completely gone
from the screen (or faded down), but also the object placement is tricky 
regarding what can share which masks bits and when to swap them. In hindsight a
more complicated setup should have been made since it simply limits the
lighting too much.

Sizewise we have more than 4 kb of compressed shader source from some 22 kb
before minification - it takes almost 10s to compile main pass - or 2 
minutes if optimizations were turned on.  Music (without too much note 
optimization) is around 900 bytes and the oidos replayer including mixing is 
of course somewhat larger than the usual 600. Sync data for our 130 byte rocket
replayer is around 750 bytes. Generally we were not really pressed on the size
in the end, the struggle was about getting good enough visuals in the setup.

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