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  • AW87 link me beautiful
  • aqu CoolEdit Pro renamed?
  • wertstahl Cool Edit, Bro
  • nx @Waffemann - thanks for the soundcloud link to Firefox. Awesome.
  • wertstahl funny how zarch/virus demo game behaves when the energy trainer is on. WTF!

Scene World Podcast Episode #75 - Christian Spanik's Digisaurier

Christian Spanik is one of the best known IT journalists on the planet. From his start in journalism, to writing books, TV shows, and eventually joining Data Becker, he has had a hand in almost every facet of the computer world since the 80s. In this podcast, Christian sits down with AJ and Joerg to talk about his new project, Digisaurier, and about how changes in technology and our digital lifestyles impact the way that we consume information. (Interview begins at 14:53)


(video version is available also)
[Submitted by Nafcom]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-10-02

BitJam Episode #221 - Versus - The Challengers

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #221 - Versus - The Challengers
Episode #221 - Versus - The Challengers
Autumn is drummin'. Grab your favourite chair and listen to the Amiga musicians challengers of Versus in cooperation with BitFellas.
This is part 2, part 1 with the best musicians in the world can be found here. You can vote for any other of these (15+15) musicians in Versus 2019 or any other Amiga musicians you think deserve a place.
Good luck and happy listening!
Mixed and compiled by Vincenzo, logo by Unreal, help & organizing by Browallia, thanks to Teo for his help. We are on twitter and YouTube.

[Submitted by BitBot]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-09-28

Versus: Wake up call for voting!

This is our final wake-up call. If you hold on, you're gonna miss it all.

The Summer is already over and the Amiga chartsmag Versus is still not released. If you wonder why, the answer is simple. We want more votes for more representative charts. If you ever had anything to do with the Amiga scene, don't hesitate. Please visit our website and take a few minutes in order to vote. We'll help you by showing you a lot of previous entries, so you don't have to invent the wheel once again.

In Autumn loads of articles, interviews, reports and last, but not least charts are waiting for you. But for the start we need your support and around five minutes of your valuable spare time. The alarm clock is still ringing, now go and vote!
[Submitted by Ghandy]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-09-25

Slengpung: More Evoke pictures

[ Slengpung ] More Evoke pictures
SiR provided some more fine pictures from Evoke 2019 (starting from page 7), enjoy!
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lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-08-28

Slengpung: More Evoke & Nordlicht pics

[ Slengpung ] More Evoke & Nordlicht pics
Here are more awesome photos from Evoke 2019, shot and donated by Darya and TMA (news pics begin on page 3). Also, TMA donated us some more photos from Nordlicht 2019. Enjoy!
[Submitted by BitBot]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-08-26
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