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Break Space by Thesuper

__________   _____________________   ___________________________
\_   __   |_|  ||  _____/\   ___  | /     __      _____  ___   /
  |  | |  \_   ||  |/_/ __\  \ |  |/  /|  |/__/|  |/_/|  |_/ _/
  |__| |__| |__||_____/|______\|_____/ |__|    |_____/|__|\  \
  C O N F U S I N G T H E C R E D I T S S I N C E 2 0 1 0  \  |
                                                            \ |
  ========================================================== \|

  music - nq
  code - psndcj, sq, introspec
  linking – sq, introspec
  2d graphics - diver, prof4d.
  2d animation – G.D.
  3d graphics - G.D., joozd
  3d engine - X-Trade

  All of the pictures are copies; original credits and links to
  reference images, where available, are listed below.

  the story

  The roots of this demo go back to the year 2010. One year
  after releasing "Aeon" at tUM'2008 tbk/4d were ready to start
  a new demo. They requested tracks from two musicians –
  Yerzmyey and Factor6. Yerzmyey created the track "35" (He was
  35 y.o. in February of 2010), and Alan sent us the track
  "Gremlia". These tracks were good, but they did not have
  enough good ideas and our brainstorming sessions felt a bit
  The working title for a demo was "Hundred". It remained so
  for nearly 7 years. During that time tbk4d started and stopped
  working many times; created several new effects. They have
  lost the goal and their dream to create a new TBK4D demo
  slowly faded away. diver apologized to Yerzmyey and Factor6
  for not using their tunes for such a long time and the tunes
  were eventually released. Our recent wave of activity was
  largely sprung by the success of the 3BM Openair parties.
  In 2015 we finally came up with a new idea and a new working
  title for the "Hundred" project. In addition, thesuper
  intended to make a demo for Chaos Constructions 2015 and diver
  did 3 pictures for that demo – "Atias", "Debian" and "Spoon".
  That demo was also cancelled, but it meant that we had a fair
  amount of pixelart at the very start.

  In essence, "Break Space" is a collaboration between tbk/4d
  and skrju, with Life on Mars joining in later to give a
  helping hand, – all done under the hospitable thesuper label.

  The proper work on the project was started in June 2016, with
  the intention to release the demo at Chaos Constructions 2016.
  All the work took two months of everyday work, and preparation
  of the final version required 2 additional weeks.

  Most of the scenes and graphics in the demo are influenced by
  The Black Lotus and Ephidrena. Some of us have had a strong
  compulsion to make the demo with the feeling and atmosphere
  similar to the demos on which we have grown up and which we
  love so much; we just could not throw the haunting imagery out
  of our minds. We really wanted to make a demo that captures
  the emotions that we felt watching TBL and EPH demos.

  the demo

  01 Loading – Moran Atias
  The loading picture is a copy of a photograph by Conrad Godly
  of the Israeli model and actress Moran Atias taken from the
  cover of the Italian magazine "Photo". The reference version
  of the image can be found at zxart.ee:

  The word "Loading..." is taken from the "Ocean Machine" by
  TBL. We wanted to make a loading screen that would seem just
  like it is from a TBL demo, so we dared to use exactly the
  same font as TBL :)

  02 Intro
  The intro was coded by sq in July 2016. The original 3D
  animation was created by joozd. thesuper logo was made by
  diver and sq. Background pictures were converted from the
  Zilog logo as well as different transformer insignias
  (hi Louie!).

  03 Break Space
  Break Space logo was made by diver. The effect with
  shattering letters was coded by sq. Yes, the shattered
  version of the logo in the party version of the demo was
  generated by a ZX Spectrum code routine. Unfortunately, we
  have ran out of memory and it turned out that the packed
  picture with shattered logo occupies less space than the
  routine that generated it. Therefore, the effect was thrown
  out. The shattered logo in the final version of the demo has
  been slightly edited by diver.

  04 Weaves
  This effect is inspired by a gif animation by David Whyte:
  introspec joined the project only 3 weeks before the party and
  thought that this was a nice and easy effect to do. It
  actually took him more than two weeks to implement and script
  this effect in code. It is slightly harder than it looks :)

  05 Fake isometric bump
  At the end of 2012 tbk4d were just obsessed by the idea to
  make a demo based on isometric visuals. This effect was
  created at that time. The specific idea was to have lights
  and shadows that cover only parts of full cube faces. The
  effect was coded by psndcj in May 2013. The interesting fact
  is that the effect seems to work only in motion and only with
  that isometric texture. It does not seem possible to make a
  good-looking screenshot for that effect. Some people feel
  that this effect is dirty and bad!

  06 Color bars
  The effect was done by psndcj in June 2013. Our idea was to
  make colorful vertical bars with perspective layers in plain
  standard 6912 mode, where each layer must be of a different
  color. The inspiration for the idea came from a similar part
  of "7th Reality" demo by Digital Reality.

  07 Mondrian
  Mondrian art has been animated before on many occasions, see
  e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSCmWnIoRpI but we were
  inspired by the .gif animation with the Mondrian-styled game
  of pong created by user "Custard" in March 2010 as part of the
  b3ta.com board's Make Art More Awesome challenge:
  The engine to animate Mondrian-looking frames was coded by
  psndcj in July 2016. The actual animation was hand-drawn by
  G.D. and then converted to the engine format by sq, using an
  ingenious combination of a specially-made converter and his
  own hands. The animation has 256 frames, where every square
  in every frame had to be cut separately. All 256 frames were
  packed into 3Kb.

  08 Fifteens
  This effect was coded by sq in a couple of days; the idea came
  suddenly and was implemented shortly afterwards. This part is
  somewhere in between a transition and a proper independent

  09 Debian (girl with the wind)
  This whole part started with the picture. We wanted to create
  an effect in which the picture would take the central spot,
  rather than being some random female facepic at the side of
  screen. First, we made a leaves flying on the wind behind the
  girl. Each of 4 leaves animations were converted from the
  "Leaves and Wind" animation by Freedom Fairies:
  Sprite motion was coded by sq in one night. Hair animation was
  drawn from scratch by G.D. "Debian" picture is a copy of one
  of the Linux Debian wallpapers, which itself is based on a CC
  photo by vaoni_stock (http://vaoni-stock.deviantart.com/).
  Our actual reference image and the steps are available at:

  10 Isometric worm
  This effect was completely done by psndcj in May 2013. In 2016
  we only needed to generate new trajectories for the worm.
  We've got no idea where the inspiration for it came from.

  11 Magen Fractal
  Yes, this is just a packed animation of the Magen David
  fractal, taken as yet another .gif file from the internet:

  The point was to take it and squeeze 122 screens full of
  pixels into a small size. Our result is 10 512 bytes, which is
  a 1.25% of the initial size of the sequence (122*6912 bytes).
  We also made the border switch the colour at the right moments
  in time to make the effect look better. This part was
  completely coded in August 2011 by psndcj and did not need to
  be changed at all.

  12 Cubes
  There are many .gif animations in this style; the draft effect
  was coded by psndcj in July 2016 but it nearly did not make it
  into the demo because it seemed a bit boring. The spiral
  profile and the animated chunk sprite were added by introspec
  at the last day before the deadline, the colour schemes were
  designed by diver. The transition added in the final version
  of the demo is also by introspec.

  13 Spoon (Do you bleed?)
  This picture is a copy of "Dessert" by Cristiano Siqueira:
  The steps are available at:

  This scene actually features two more visual references. The
  first of them is the font used to write "Do you bleed?". It
  is taken from famous ZX Spectrum demo picture "Extremely?" by
  Teeray/Extreme (also used in the "Refresh" demo by Extreme).
  This is our way to show respect to Teeray's talent, an attempt
  to make the writing look familiar and at the same time – the
  test – how many people can recognize it without reading this
  .nfo file?  The second reference is the phrase "Tell me, do
  you bleed? You will" itself. It is taken from the recent film
  "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice".

  14 ROTL
  "Rings of the Lord" was prototyped during the creation process
  of our demo "Aeon" in the fall of 2008. diver made a sketch of
  the color rings with the black holes in some of the sectors.
  tbk4d tried to implement this part a couple of times in the
  past but failed. In July 2016 diver and sq finally planned
  this part in the right way and sq have successfully coded the
  rings engine. Ideally, we hoped that rings will have
  individually controllable speeds etc, but that was the first
  effect coded by sq after a very long break from asm coding, so
  our code ended up being quite resistible to adding any new
  features. Maybe, some time soon we will see someone developing
  this effect further. The actual work took us about 2 weeks or

  15 Greets
  The greets were coded by sq in a just a few quick hours.
  Greets and logo font is original and was designed by diver and
  sq in July 2016.

  16 Glass Boy
  "Glass" is a copy of the photo "What Happened" by Juan Antonio
  Torrent Almela:

  The drawing steps are available at:

  This picture was made by prof4d in 2013. It was a slightly
  changed for the demo in August 2016 (you can see the original
  in the Chaos Constructions graphics compo). The idea of this
  effect came about in 2013, but it was fleshed out only in
  2016. The code for this effect was written by psndcj in August

  17 Metro
  The idea with abstract objects flying in the real environments
  came about from Ephidrena's demo "J'_" and also the video "My
  Kingdom" of the Future Sound of London. The train sprites were
  sketched using imagery from "Fake Elektronic Lightshow" by
  Ephidrena as the reference. The part was sketched by diver,
  coded and scripted by sq and then slightly tweaked for the
  final version by introspec. 

  18 Venus de Milo
  We wanted for quite some time to make a slowly moving scene
  with a classic statue as 3D model with proper lighting. This
  scene is implemented using the X-Trade 3D engine. Lowpoly
  model of the Venus was made by G.D., 2D background was made by
  diver and whole part was put together by sq. The idea of this
  effect came from the "Perfect Circle" by TBL (the scene with
  the black tree) and also from the Rift by TBL (the part with
  the statue).

  19 Angel
  "Angel Wings" is a copy of "Spiral Angel Wrap" by Henning
  Ludvigsen, aka Bridgeclaw. We did not actually know that the
  picture belonged to a demoscene artist. The original idea of
  the picture was to draw in the border, and due to the ZX
  Spectrum restrictions, only special kinds of images can look
  good while being drawn in the border. So, diver googled for
  something like "angel, spreading wings" and selected about 20
  reference images, of which Bridgeclaw's picture was chosen as
  the best reference for our demo. It was the most mysteriously
  looking (the girl has closed eyes, which is the very common to
  the demoscene graphics), so maybe that is why diver felt that
  the picture was most suitable. Of course, the angle of the
  wings made it quite suitable for drawing it on the ZX Spectrum
  border. The source image and the drawing steps are available
  at: http://zxart.ee/eng/authors/d/diver/angel-wings/

  introspec had to refactor his old(ish) border-drawing codebase
  for the demo, this is why he run out of time before the party
  and had to insert the image into the demo just as is, without
  any transition and with support only for Pentagon-compatibles
  (all other models are just di:halt-ed). The transition added
  to the final version is somewhat cheeky, but seems to work
  pretty well in the end.

  a bit more info

  All 2D pixel art was made by diver, except "Glass"made by
  prof4d and some converted parts mentioned above.

  The music was written by nq under a strong guidance by sq. The
  principal references were the soundtracks for "Rift" and
  "Starstruck" TBL demos by Blaizer (Olof Gustafsson). The fake
  speech samples idea was borrowed from the recent Factor6
  tracks: "Tailwind OST" and "Don't Punish My Sync Claire" from
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