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Break Space by Thesuper
screenshot added by diver on 2016-08-29 00:21:41
platform :
type :
release date : august 2016
release party : Chaos Constructions 2016
compo : zx demo
ranked : 2nd
  • rulez 78
  • is ok 5
  • sucks 0
popularity : 64%
  • rulez 0.94
  • cdcs 2
alltime top: #1270
added on the 2016-08-29 00:21:41 by diver diver

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Youtube recording.
added on the 2016-08-29 00:22:54 by introspec introspec
LIKE. Very nice try to implement some memorable EPIC scenes from amiga/pc on Speccy. Girl is excellent. Need more prods like this!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 01:00:16 by unbeliever^x7m unbeliever^x7m
sick effects!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 02:26:14 by psenough psenough
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 02:29:32 by ham ham
I'm not familiar with ZX demos, but I like this!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 02:47:40 by TomCatAbaddon TomCatAbaddon
my fav from the compo. great (g)fx, nice flow, good tune.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 05:26:23 by sensenstahl sensenstahl
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 06:18:14 by BiTL BiTL
You started going a bit too much for animations of a few frames, but this looks like a real demo again.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 06:50:44 by Marq Marq
Lots of content, good pacing and sync, very entertaining.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 09:04:21 by break break
What TomCat said ;)
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 11:08:33 by HellMood HellMood
Awsome demo! Great effects gfx design and shit!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 11:17:15 by xernobyl xernobyl
Cool-looking scenes and design.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 11:29:32 by Preacher Preacher
Cool design
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 11:30:04 by aGGreSSor^tPA aGGreSSor^tPA
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 11:33:37 by at0m at0m
Such a huge collection of original ideas and unique and engaging scenes. Doesn't have much of a coherent whole, but the parts are just superb by themselves so it doesn't really matter.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 11:38:55 by visy visy
This is heavy.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 11:54:18 by Aki Aki
woha! Tight stuff!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 12:08:27 by tFt tFt
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 12:11:00 by Ramon B5 Ramon B5
Wow, some of the design/effect ideas were brilliant. And the music sync at some points, like the train, awesome. The moment it changes to the girl with wind awesome. Even if the first demo has more effects and nice tune, this looked so unique to me. Well done, Speccy rulez!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 12:30:14 by Optimus Optimus
thesuper on new level.
This is the Beatiful thing.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 12:49:35 by VBI VBI
Refreshing effect ideas and overall quite brilliant.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 12:51:22 by tomaes tomaes
Rockin' intro & Mondrian thumb up!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 13:06:03 by Hicks Hicks
da supa !
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 13:39:55 by fyrex fyrex
Flow, sync, awesome design, code and gfx, brilliant music.

rulez added on the 2016-08-29 13:48:06 by nodeus nodeus
One of the best looking Speccy demos I've ever seen.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 14:04:06 by Radiant Radiant
This is without doubt one of the best zx spectrum demos I've ever seen.
Tight as(s) holy shit-fuck.
added on the 2016-08-29 14:51:54 by Frost Frost
Forgot the thumb. I blame it on the erection I got after watching it the second time.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 14:54:22 by Frost Frost
some really well designed scenes and borrowed ideas. the latter is kind of standard approach on zx, good you mocked on this in info.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 15:00:03 by elfh elfh
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 15:26:45 by error error
Good trip. Thank you, guys. Must be 1st, imho
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 15:45:50 by lastshilling lastshilling
kewl effects, thigh flow, awesome gfx, great soundtrack (olezha tashit! :) - must watch! :)
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 15:49:59 by wbc\\bz7 wbc\\bz7
Захожу митро - уветер, уветер и... поист! Надо падъезд такой стелать.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 15:52:08 by TS-Labs TS-Labs
Super !
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 15:57:05 by Cyg_BLaBla Cyg_BLaBla
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 16:05:38 by ferris ferris
Malleable Mondrians!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 16:24:29 by CiH CiH
Great animated Mondrians! I like the starting screen GFX too, and that fullscreen last GFX was a nice finishing touch.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 21:16:13 by Hoild Hoild
Very enjoyable stuffs on the speccy. Kick ass!
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 21:19:25 by Buckethead Buckethead
The Black Lotus nods-a-plenty.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 21:29:14 by Morden Morden
Hm, no credit given to Bridgeclaw for ripping/tracing/reusing his pic?

BB Image
added on the 2016-08-29 21:52:22 by gloom gloom
"Spiral Angel Wrap" by Henning Ludvigsen

It is a note from my working folder. Didn't know that he is Bridgeclaw.

This is a party version of the demo and a party version of file_id.diz
Full nfo file with proper credits will follow a bit later.

Other graphics are copy too.
The first one is a copy of photo with Moran Atias. Next two I need to find, don't have the exact information right now.

Also I will upload all the references and steps to zxart.ee later after returning from party.

Thx for mentioning it.
added on the 2016-08-29 23:11:02 by diver diver
I wish the loading screen was displayed longer :) Yes, since the late 90s there has been not enough beauty on the scene. The reflections in the glasses made me jawdrop. Great basses.
rulez added on the 2016-08-29 23:41:47 by Abrimaal Abrimaal
Wow, I really like it!!
rulez added on the 2016-08-30 00:59:40 by YERZMYEY/H-PRG YERZMYEY/H-PRG
Just jawdropping.
rulez added on the 2016-08-30 08:01:00 by moroz1999 moroz1999
Looks and sound good
rulez added on the 2016-08-30 08:07:14 by Baudsurfer Baudsurfer
rulez added on the 2016-08-30 13:16:11 by rloaderro rloaderro
Very nice prod
rulez added on the 2016-08-30 14:52:14 by nollkolltroll nollkolltroll
rulez added on the 2016-08-30 15:04:55 by 1in10 1in10
rulez added on the 2016-08-30 15:13:09 by nyuk nyuk
Awesome demo, plenty of effects and nice pictures to look at. Definitely worth watching again )
rulezcdc added on the 2016-08-30 18:23:57 by randomi randomi
dsg+ ) nice explorations
rulez added on the 2016-08-31 00:04:24 by SerzhSoft SerzhSoft
some very good ideas in it!
rulez added on the 2016-08-31 17:32:12 by norecess norecess
rulez added on the 2016-08-31 21:29:48 by kempy kempy
Amazing design and music. So many great ideas of effects and creative uses of the colour constraints! Love the animation of the girl in the wind.
rulez added on the 2016-08-31 23:51:34 by exocet exocet
Nice effects
rulez added on the 2016-09-02 04:52:18 by keops keops
Decent. :)
added on the 2016-09-03 04:43:25 by AntDude AntDude
Great flow and original ideas. And this is yet another example how superior the Spectrum scene is compared to the C64 scene when it comes to sync and pacing.
rulez added on the 2016-09-04 09:24:52 by Kylearan Kylearan
Excellent design and micro-sync, especially in the begin and the subway effect. My favorite effects is girl in the wind, child with glasses and of course last image on border.
More demos like this, please :)
rulez added on the 2016-09-04 15:24:42 by TmK^deMarche TmK^deMarche
the best thesuper demo
rulez added on the 2016-09-05 10:57:19 by alffcpu alffcpu
rulez added on the 2016-09-06 12:57:36 by kyv kyv
this is the BEST soundtrack i've heard on the spectrum!) and the best synczxdemo for a while. you guys are awesome!
rulez added on the 2016-09-09 20:11:26 by zeebr zeebr
Loading Screen, Diagoals, Autum Animation, ISO 3d part...
.. and even the rest cool. This is great!
added on the 2016-09-11 01:52:51 by JAC! JAC!
(Sigh, no typo this time but I forgot the thumb, looks like I'm really getting too old for this Pouet interface)
rulez added on the 2016-09-11 01:53:51 by JAC! JAC!
Thanks guys! Very cool demo. Love Mondriaan-part
rulez added on the 2016-09-12 20:08:50 by trefi trefi
The amount of design and polishing is insane. It's such a pleasure to see somebody doing something utterly beautiful with the ZX color palette. The timing is brilliant, and I never during the 5min had the urge to skip forward like in 99% of old-school-demos.
rulezcdc added on the 2016-09-12 23:57:00 by pixtur pixtur
Super as always despite not really placing among my favorite Spectrum demos. Pacing is still far better than most contemporary C64 demos.
rulez added on the 2016-09-13 00:23:24 by noby noby
I kept a few weeks more time to think about it: This is the best thesuper demo until the E & Recycler golden era, sadly not so stunning but still well designed with beautiful gfx and great sync. There are some mindblowing parts like the wicker shape, parallax stripes, girl in the wind, rotating arcs, reflections in the sunglasses and metro part - right next to the boring parts with color rectangles and that weird 3D statue... :) Also, nq's soundtrack in noizcore/minimal style isn't my cup of coffee but it was pretty good synced up to the video.
So, overall it's an another great speccy prod. Like!
(it's pity that available only in trd distribution - please give us a tape :)
rulez added on the 2016-09-13 18:49:06 by mborik mborik
@mborik, the tape with full ZX Spectrum 128K/+2/+2a/+3 support is coming really soon; it is nearly done.
added on the 2016-09-13 18:56:53 by introspec introspec
rulez added on the 2016-09-15 14:21:32 by Sir_Lucas Sir_Lucas
rulez added on the 2016-09-15 21:27:27 by teo teo
Great creativity and design!
rulez added on the 2016-09-16 09:05:37 by Dma-Sc Dma-Sc
Perfect flow = pace + sync with (great) music is flawless. Nice gfx and great final gfx. Some stylish scenes also. (Note: don't know much about ZX, can't say about stunning fx, I just don't see them.)
rulez added on the 2016-09-16 09:09:27 by Overflow Overflow
Final version of the .nfo file is here and inside the zip. Submitted it yesterday to fixme beautiful, waiting for gloperators.
added on the 2016-09-16 09:23:01 by diver diver
my space broke
added on the 2016-09-16 13:31:53 by randomi randomi
rulez added on the 2016-09-16 22:04:51 by gentleman gentleman
Quite a cool demo
rulez added on the 2016-09-17 03:26:22 by FreeFull FreeFull
Awesome. Great graphics, fx, music... definitely my type of Speccy demo. And it fits together really well for a demo that took so long to make.
rulez added on the 2016-10-07 14:10:35 by evilpaul evilpaul
Great demo. Nuschool on ZX :)
rulez added on the 2016-10-13 14:35:58 by Twardy Twardy
Superb rhythm and flow and interesting effects that are not only visually pleasing but also aesthetically inherent to 8bits/spectrum. Such a treat <3
rulez added on the 2016-10-15 18:20:54 by raver raver
Can't stand that one more time.
Just some words from diщer4d, said by him some time ago (sorry for russian, google translates that rather good):
Я не рад и мне не нравится.
1) Меня никто не спросил, хочу ли я, чтобы мои картинки были в этих демах
2) Я сам решил, где мне выставлять картинки — на компо, на сайте или еще где-то
3) Я не уверен, что в демах присутствует четкая информация о том, какая картинка чьего авторства
4) «Свободны к распространению» — это абсолютно не то же самое что «повторное использование в новых продуктах». Распространять на сайтах, в блогах и прочем с указанием авторства — ок. Использовать без разрешения в демах — неуважение к автору.
((from here http://hype.retroscene.org/blog/graphics/18.html#comment234))

What a duplicity!
added on the 2016-12-11 21:05:02 by lvd lvd
Great show!
rulez added on the 2017-01-03 23:12:53 by BackSpace BackSpace
Didn't know this gem.. That was completely awesome!
rulez added on the 2017-01-03 23:27:45 by mad mad
rulez added on the 2017-01-20 12:56:51 by EviL EviL
rulez added on the 2017-01-21 12:17:33 by Cyprian Cyprian
nice effects
rulez added on the 2017-03-13 18:26:23 by krusty krusty
Really impressive! When I showed this demo to one of my friends he thought it was a Speccy-styled Amiga demo :) He couldn't believe it was an actual ZX Spectrum :)
rulez added on the 2017-09-26 21:50:39 by venex venex
FAO gloom: "IMHO: "ripping" is a pretty harsh term being thrown around here. Clearly some parts were heavily inspired by existing works, and those inspirations turned into recreations, but recreating and reinterpreting something isn't the same as ripping, especially not in the demoscene sense." Just saying.
added on the 2018-01-16 00:31:31 by introspec introspec
Ossom, gr8 looking, modern demo. Probably may fav on ZX!
rulez added on the 2018-05-08 22:49:44 by sachy sachy
rulez added on the 2018-10-23 23:23:16 by mccnex mccnex
really great

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