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  • Felice Havoc, have blocked him personally as a result of your question here. Besides, he was just posting spam ...
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  • HellMood That feeling when you submit 3 minutes before the deadline ^^
  • 1in10 “And from somewhere i hear. Do something to help. Do something to help yourself.” -The K L F Chill Out, Wichita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard (1990) link me beautiful

Scene World Podcast Episode #49 - Neohabitat with Steve Salevan

Habitat was one of the precursors of the modern MMORPG: in the 1980s and 1990s, it was an immersive graphical world populated by C64 users in real-time, through the Quantumlink network. AJ and Joerg talk to developer Steve Salevan about the challenges in resurrecting Habitat and why this unique chapter of computing history is important today.

Listen to it: https://scene.world/neohabitat
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First live act announced: Zabutom!

[ Evoke ] First live act announced: Zabutom!

Here's some good news for those who have been curious about who will play at Evoke this time. We are proud to present our first live act for Friday night: Zabutom from Sweden, a well-known self-described "post-chiptune musician", who collaborated with groups like Fairlight and Up Rough, and had his music released by labels such as Data Airlines and 8bitpeoples, will perform a live set of spaced out, melodic electronica with early IDM, chiptune and demoscene vibes.

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PS on the road to Evoke

[ Evoke ] PS on the road to Evoke

After his party report on Evoke 2017 your favourite Portuguese demoscener PS is planning his trip to Evoke 2018. Good thing is: he let´s us participate by posting his thoughts and actions on YouTube.

If you want to get updates: don´t forget to follow PS on YouTube or Twitter.

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Sommarhack, july, 5th - 7th, SE

[ Demoparty.net ] Sommarhack, july, 5th - 7th, SE

date: july, 5th - 7th
country: SE

»Atari party alongside river Dalälven

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First rule about Shader Showdown...

[ Evoke ] First rule about Shader Showdown...


We're proud to announce that the 4th tournament of the Shader Showdown European Tour will take place later this summer at Evoke demoparty in Cologne, Germany.

Four competitors will be invited to compete for a live 1-on-1 shadercoding tournament. Four coders enter, one coder leaves!

The Showdown will take a bit of a different turn, as it will be held not on stage but in a dedicated area next to Evokes "cozy bar" which will sure as hell become a boiler room – both for the participants and the spectators. So the first rule about Shader Showdown at Evoke is...you actually do talk about Shader Showdown.

At Evoke and unlike previous Showdowns, all the battles in the tournament will be fought in a single session on Friday evening, August 17th, 2018.

If you'd like to volunteer for this competition, please send a mail to "havoc at outlinedemoparty.nl" and we'll add you to the list from which the Evoke orgas will select 4 coders who shall be invited to compete in Cologne.

Let the games begin!

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