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Any scene existing in Vietnam?

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I managed to eat with chopsticks but I didn't manage to find any scene or scener here in Vietnam. Even prominent search engines are like "WTF, how should I know that".

Also, as far as I am aware, no scene website makes it possible to look up users by country...

Anyone here from VN or surrounding countries?

Ah yeah, I can see the rice field jokes coming, don't be a ricesist :-P
added on the 2014-02-05 13:16:03 by PigPen PigPen
i love the smell of copperbars in the morning!
http://demozoo.org/search/?q=vietnam would reveal them, if there were any. So no :-(
added on the 2014-02-05 14:46:15 by gasman gasman
pigpen, you moved to vietnam? how come? :P
great to see a lifesign from you!
added on the 2014-02-05 15:40:40 by dipswitch dipswitch
ah, got your email in the meantime, never mind =)
added on the 2014-02-05 15:42:03 by dipswitch dipswitch
BB Image
added on the 2014-02-05 16:13:34 by trc_wm trc_wm
gasman: it didn't reveal pigpen, yet he's there. And I guess that reveals the main likelihood of finding more sceners in vietnam - people who've moved there for whatever reason :)
added on the 2014-02-05 16:31:42 by psonice psonice
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added on the 2014-02-05 19:35:00 by branch branch
They are still many people missing from demozoo.
added on the 2014-02-05 20:36:19 by Forcer Forcer
CSDb site for C64 demoscene has search for countries, but Vietnam is not even in the list.
added on the 2014-02-05 21:11:22 by Optimonk Optimonk
Some interesting stuff about Computer Science in Vietnam.

added on the 2014-02-05 22:27:30 by Forcer Forcer
Forcer: great report. thanks for the link!
added on the 2014-02-06 11:23:47 by lsl lsl
"A business card from Google doesn't hurt either."
added on the 2014-02-06 11:29:39 by gentleman gentleman
Judging by the great report posted by Forcer, it seems that Vietnam would be a demoscene superpower in the next decade.
added on the 2014-02-06 11:58:30 by ham ham
Great report, indeed. Currently it is even very hard to find devs for our company, let's wait ten more years... %)

Demozoo is strange, it looks like tons of different information sources are thrown together... Wrongly... But nice I see some in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, ...
added on the 2014-02-06 12:55:06 by PigPen PigPen
PigPen: so do you do outreach? ;)
added on the 2014-02-06 13:10:35 by Gargaj Gargaj
Penis joke incoming...
added on the 2014-02-06 14:08:11 by tomaes tomaes
Due to a lack of funds, the school could not afford two CS teachers, so half the school was unable to take CS. I asked what a teacher's salary was. $100 per month. So I went to an ATM and bought them a second teacher for the next year.

added on the 2014-02-06 21:58:16 by fra fra
The article about computer education in Vietnam was interesting. But I doubt there will be many Vietnamese demosceners due to this. I reckon they will be more interested in using their computer skills to make money.

Just now I have read on Facebook that in Sweden children are also taught to program computer games at school since the game industry is considered a huge business in Sweden. We will see if this will bring more Swedish demosceners in a couple of years - most likely not.
added on the 2014-02-08 16:49:56 by Adok Adok
pigpen, feel free to correct information at demozoo!
added on the 2014-02-09 03:43:03 by dipswitch dipswitch
Sweden had a very strong Atari ST demoscene back in the days (The Carebears, Sync, Omega, Ghost, Flexible Front, No Crew,...)
added on the 2014-02-09 13:38:53 by lsl lsl
and so did France.
added on the 2014-02-09 23:52:17 by Forcer Forcer

You may try to contact (if he is still living there...)
added on the 2014-02-10 00:43:07 by sim sim
lsl: Not to mention the 64 scene, which is like 30% swedish these days. Most of the bigger c64 centric parties (except for X, I guess) are being held in Sweden as well.
added on the 2014-02-10 11:32:22 by tomaes tomaes
I had a short tweet-conversation with someone who appeared to be Vietnamese a month back.
added on the 2014-02-10 11:35:46 by Gargaj Gargaj


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