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aem? wtf is this ???

category: residue [glöplog]
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added on the 2013-02-15 04:31:48 by D4XX D4XX
i got this message when i tried to open Spaceballs - 9 Fingers Demo here on Pouet
added on the 2013-02-15 04:33:45 by D4XX D4XX
It's because of some image links someone posted back in 2004, apparently the domain is now listed as suspicious.

Carry on.
added on the 2013-02-15 07:24:12 by Tomoya Tomoya
We're out to get you daXX! muahahaahahah!
added on the 2013-02-15 08:58:17 by D4XX D4XX
Yet another proof how allowing image linking in the comment threads is poisonous.
added on the 2013-02-15 14:15:23 by Preacher Preacher
Someone posted a picture almost 10 years ago from a domain that has since been abandoned and taken over by something hostile - how is that proof to anything? The same could've happened if they would've posted making-of pictures or concept art, etc.
added on the 2013-02-15 15:55:01 by Gargaj Gargaj
I don't ever recall seeing any single constructive picture in the comment threads. Ever. I'm sure some might be out there, but I remember only the ones that are better suited for the BBS, such as the brony shit and all that.
added on the 2013-02-15 15:59:25 by Preacher Preacher
[...]such as the brony shit and all that.

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See, that's an argument. "Sometimes servers get marked as malware-ridden and that's why we shouldn't allow it" is not.
added on the 2013-02-15 16:05:08 by Gargaj Gargaj
way to make a point, knoeki.
added on the 2013-02-15 16:20:50 by Gargaj Gargaj
might as well ditch prod comments then too cos 99% they're not constructive either :P
Also, 90% of the prods added are shit.
added on the 2013-02-15 17:39:15 by kb_ kb_
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at least, Tammo has a point :)
added on the 2013-02-15 18:23:52 by Danzig Danzig
@Maali: maybe positive feedback can be regarded as constructive by motivating demomakers to make another dem... err... shit ( (c) kb ).
added on the 2013-02-15 19:26:40 by baah baah
added on the 2013-02-15 20:09:11 by Sir Sir
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way to make a point, knoeki.

Doesn't mean anything anymore since Tjoppen said he's retired Spiderman.
added on the 2013-02-15 23:31:15 by ringofyre ringofyre
Lessons you should now have learned:
-use a browser which doesn´t suck
-use a web hoister which doesn´t suck
added on the 2013-02-16 01:23:09 by T$ T$
Which browser do you mean? Firefox? ... After the last update it always freeze on each website on Windows 7. And there's no update in sight.

Maybe it should forbid to post pictures in prod-comments... The headline said: "add a comment" not add a picture or add shit-links. if there is a new link or picture for a prod, we have that fix me beautiful thread.
added on the 2013-02-16 03:48:59 by D4XX D4XX
Doesn't mean anything anymore since Tjoppen said he's retired Spiderman.

for real :(?
added on the 2013-02-16 06:05:38 by panic panic
for real :(?

When I cba I'll find the thread.

Yes. :'(
added on the 2013-02-16 13:01:31 by ringofyre ringofyre
just... don't bother. i dont think that's the bit of scene history we really ought to focus on.
added on the 2013-02-16 13:15:53 by Gargaj Gargaj
added on the 2013-02-19 02:27:25 by ringofyre ringofyre
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added on the 2013-02-19 13:41:44 by Tjoppen Tjoppen


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