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ASSEMBLY Summer 2012

category: parties [glöplog]
ASSEMBLY Summer 2012 is less than a month away, and we are hard at work making our 21st event an outstanding one! And an outstanding party needs not just one, but two invitation intros! =) Our sincere thanks to Dekadence, Extend and AteBit for their hard work!

ASSEMBLY continues the tradition of having the demoscene's biggest prize pool for compos. Our total (incl. gaming tourneys) this year will exceed €50.000 and all 1st place prizes will be pure cash. Full prize list here:

Our good friends at Tinkercad, who are doing a cool "solid 3D modeling in web browser to do your own 3D prints" service and are demoscene alumni (e.g. Memon / Moppi) are sponsoring ASM and giving out 15 free oldskool entry tickets:

Talking about demoscene alumni, one of Finland's biggest pop bands is Poets of the Fall, founded in part by Captain / Image, of Space Debris and Beyond Music mod fame, will be performing live on Thursday 2nd of August on the main stage.

We are also putting together a kickass seminar program. Stay tuned for the announcement soon!

The party is btw nearly sold out in terms of computer places, but there's still some room on the oldskool area. Be sure to book your place at https://tickets.assembly.org

See you at ASM from 2nd to 5th of August in Helsinki!

added on the 2012-07-11 21:35:10 by abyss abyss
VittuPandaFrituur shall be there !
added on the 2012-07-11 21:54:22 by franky-- franky--
make sure they play:
BB Image

and yes, the vittupandas shall be there! \o/
added on the 2012-07-11 22:17:13 by maali maali
20+ kickass seminars lined up

And a surprise live gig for Friday. Stay tuned - you'll love who we got performing for you following the scene.org awards.
added on the 2012-07-23 21:44:25 by abyss abyss
And no oldskool graphics, no oldskool music, no flash/mobile (real wild is a joke!) and no 64k. Yeah, this will be a real party! First time I miss one since 2002, and I don't even care.
Good to see that Oldskool demo is actually OLDSKOOL again :)
added on the 2012-07-23 23:11:54 by tFt tFt

if folks don't make entries for said compos, why hold the compos? There has been like 2-4 entries for oldskool music/gfx every year, which doesn't justify a compo. Ditto with 64k.

Flash guys want to compete with the other folks, same with WebGL. They don't want to be siloed into being "something experimental", but want to compete in line with downloaded & installed demos.

Sorry, you ain't coming, but the party marches on.
added on the 2012-07-24 01:59:59 by abyss abyss
abyss: how is it a surprise if he posted it on his facebook wall?
added on the 2012-07-24 02:04:17 by jeenio jeenio
Jeenio, lol, true =).

Anyway, the "no surprise" act is Jeroen Tel, aka Maniacs of Noise. Performing right after scene.org awards on Friday eve.

His gig at Pixelhosök 2010
added on the 2012-07-24 03:23:21 by abyss abyss
Assembly is not a demoparty, it's a big LAN party. I regret that I even went there as long as I did (until 2009). 2008 was already an abomination with demoscene compos delayed for hours because they just had to show CS on the bigscreen. Why are you even holding any compos besides game compos? So that Abyss can pretend to be a "demoscener"? So that foreigners can pretend they are going to Finland for something else than just hanging out at the rocks in Pasila?
added on the 2012-07-24 10:02:57 by DiamonDie DiamonDie
Abyss: Assembly has always been one of the greatest demoparties around, in terms of production value. That goes for both the party itself and the demos in the compos. But you rarely see more than say five demos per compo, with the exception of whatever happens to be the popular one that year. Real demo always attracts people, of course, and lately 4k has been like that too. But that really doesn't justify removing so many of the ones that aren't as popular. I think the reason people don't compete in them anymore is because Assembly has failed to properly promote anything but the Realdemo/64k competitions, and always keep changing the rules and removing compos.

Just look at "extreme gfx" for example. 2008 you had 13 entries, 2009 you had 11. 2010 you changed the rules, combining 4k AND executable oldskool graphics with "lowres bitmap graphics" and you ended up with three entries. You don't want to compete in a compo where you know people will have a hard time judging the entries fairly.

Now I don't want to sound like a douchebag, I know that you are all working hard every year, trying to make the party as good as possible, and I still like Assembly as a party. It's not just the demoparty that it used to be, and that it still could be.

There are so few real demoparties left, and Assembly is such a longstanding tradition, that I think you should make room for the smaller compos again. Keep the scene spirit alive.

i disagree whole-heartedly.

there are different types of demoparty and there's room for all of them.

assembly is about the spectacle, the grand stage, the competition - a place to show to a hall full of gamers as well as sceners and semi-sceners what the best of the scene is about. the schedule is limited, and the aim is to provide the best and most exciting competition possible within reasonable boundaries - at the expense of letting everyone compete how they want.

some parties - especially small ones - more about taking part and being with your friends, and can take the attitude that every entry gets shown, bending the compos to the will of the participants. there's plenty of those where you can take your exemusic etc.

leave assembly to what it does best.

added on the 2012-07-24 10:41:47 by smash smash
(it's a shame about 64k tho, but thats really down to the scene making lots of good 64ks again to change that)
added on the 2012-07-24 11:02:42 by smash smash
shame I can't come... :-/

Enjoy the party, I'm sure it will be special like every year!
added on the 2012-07-24 11:19:46 by Navis Navis
i've expressed my opinion before in that other thread, but if you can't get enough (quality) entries for a compo or want to get rid of excess compos for some other reason, it's often better to just let go than to start artificially combining compos.

the extreme compos were a bizarre concept. the quality of the oldschool compos had been declining as well, and they knew they couldn't get enough entries for e.g. newschool exe music or exe graphics, so i suppose they thought it was worth a shot. the failure goes to show that niche compos are pretty much out of place at assembly these days, which is perfectly fine - assembly is about big things. the spectacle, as smash put it. it's a whole different ballgame, you just have to play along.

(apart from the small parties smash mentioned, there's something big for the niche compos as well - it's called revision.)
added on the 2012-07-24 11:43:02 by reed reed
well the only bad argument about assembly is in my eyes the "no alcohol" rule, you cant share a beer while watching compos ...
Well watching geeks doing "wake up aerobics" is kinda bizarre too ;)

On the other hand i believe you cant meet more skilled and talented persons on other parties at the same time ( cause the scene.org ceremony ) ... well except on revision offcause !

I like both big and small ones, the problem with big parties is that you often see bunches of persons only talking and party in a small circle, when on smaller parties all mix up together, talk and share a good time !
There you talk to people you might not have talked to on a big party ( which is kinda shame )

Also today each party has ( or atleast should have ) its own unique concept, with features you wont have on any other party.
added on the 2012-07-24 11:49:11 by _H2o_ _H2o_
@smash: I agree that Assembly is about the big impact stuff, the realdemos and whatnot. I just think it's sad that it's leaving so much behind to be the "spectacular" party. And how come the schedule is so tight, since 2002 they've been combining and removing compos without adding any (1k replaces 64k this year). I get what you are saying, and I agree (to an extent), but I just think it's sad that these days you go to Assembly to see 4k and realdemo, and have to go to revision to see the rest.
At least executable music is pretty niche already; I think Assembly was the only big party that had anything resembling it (and “extreme music” was pretty much dominated by NES entries anyway, for some reason). I think there are only five parties or so per year with 16/32k executable music, and none of them really draw a lot of entries.
added on the 2012-07-24 12:24:52 by Sesse Sesse
There are so few real demoparties left

Dude, in what dimension do you live? You can go to a demo party every goddamn weekend starting in May until like October or something!
added on the 2012-07-24 12:48:05 by okkie okkie
I think Assembly was the only big party that had anything resembling it

erm... ever been to breakpoint? :D
added on the 2012-07-24 12:53:39 by reed reed
BB Image
added on the 2012-07-24 13:04:17 by Gargaj Gargaj
@Okkie: I mean the big ones, not the "four guys in a basement coding Atari demos" ;)

Nevermind it then, I guess I'm just the guy being sentimental. Maybe I just don't like when things evolve? I guess that explains why I'm doing pixelart and c64 graphics.
@reed: Breakpoint does no longer exist, y'know? :-) (I must admit I haven't checked if Revision has an exemusic competition or not.)
added on the 2012-07-24 13:35:13 by Sesse Sesse
@havocplague: for a bigger party that can afford niche compos, try revision.

@Sesse: you said "was", i thought we were in past tense anyway ;) yeah, it does have one.

but we digress :)
added on the 2012-07-24 13:53:07 by reed reed
@Smash Yeah, I guess I have to get my butt over there next year, haven't been to Germany since the last Breakpoint.

Oh, and now that I think about it, not having a 64k compo isn't that big of a deal. I mean people can always do the Fairlight thing and compete in the real demo compo, right? ;)


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