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Demo Disk

category: general [glöplog]
I'm trying to make a disk (3 1/2 inch) of good demos and such... I feel like I'm missing some obvious good intros
I've got
fr-08 .the .product final
Heaven 7 final (Windows)
Project Genesis final
fr-014 garbage collection
Disclone (Windows)
A Place Called Universe
Fläsh final
fr-019 poemtoahorse.final
fr-028 brullwurfel
Last One
We Were at Dreamhack 2002
Please the Cookie Thing
fr-029 Dopplerdefekt
Your Scientists invented Electricity
17 points (4k)
A full! (4k)
Omniscient (4k)
Looking for the East (4k)
Mojodreams (4k)
ÜberNuss (4k)
Comatose (256b)
Lattice (256b)
Tube (256b)
I couldn't fit the .ixa-included version of Stash because it was 279 kb...

I still have 239 kilobytes left... any good recommendations? What have I missed?
added on the 2003-11-17 03:09:12 by crusader crusader
imo, it misses (or are good choices):

zoom3 / and (64k)
fr-034 time index (64k) or fr-030 candytron (64k)
Subversive / Bypass & Blackmaiden (64k)
westside twiddly / aardbei (64k)
Svenskarna Är Här! / Cryonics (64k)
Goathack / Noice (64k)
Paradise is Coming / Rgba (64k) :D
eight months / moonhazard (4k)
lommelerke / mainloop (4k)

and you could get some free space deleting this one, imo:

fr-014 garbage collection :P
hplus - is still running there ? and with sound ?
fläsh final - good as a first prod, but not for a compilation
added on the 2003-11-17 05:16:33 by shash shash
I like the music in fr014 :-)
No, Hplus doesn't run, but there's DOSBOX... And I have high hopes
As for Flash... I like it, sorry.
added on the 2003-11-17 05:21:33 by crusader crusader
Bakkslide 7 / omnicolour (winport)
Yeah, i wouldn't be happy about a compilation without bakkslide 7 either.

Btw, has anybody got hplus running in dos box?
added on the 2003-11-17 10:39:12 by psonice psonice
All the clone-intros from Fudge are a must
added on the 2003-11-17 11:34:45 by dairos dairos
antimoney / 3state
mother mother, my eyes hurt / hjb
fresnel-intros / kolor
tekniks 2.0 / unique
some bookprints and a broken heart / replay
misfit 2 / dxm
bjoer / tpolm
nean der taler / bypass
pk is dead / spinning kids
return of the braineating metaballs / alien prophets
deutsche telekom / kewlers

added on the 2003-11-17 13:27:50 by kusma kusma
Catch 22
added on the 2003-11-17 14:14:59 by Optimus Optimus
antimoney / 3state
added on the 2003-11-17 16:32:41 by freed_ohm freed_ohm
"fläsh final - good as a first prod, but not for a compilation"


listen to Crusader, he knows better

(hehe :)
added on the 2003-11-17 16:42:23 by Gargaj Gargaj
Gargaj: sorry, just my opinion :P
added on the 2003-11-17 17:02:57 by shash shash
ok ok no hard feelings, i know it's not a good intro, but hey i have to protect my fans :)))
added on the 2003-11-17 18:21:41 by Gargaj Gargaj
Thanks for the suggestions guys! I didn't realize some of those were intros. Now I don't have enough room :-)
Anyway, I discovered that h+, Fläsh (final), Heaven 7 and .the .product don't work right on my computer, so they're going...
added on the 2003-11-17 18:56:39 by crusader crusader
i hope you added all clone-intros, as visa suggested.

i would also add pager-11 from fudge&orange,
and photon/purple.

but i suppose they don't work on your computer :-(
added on the 2003-11-18 19:16:55 by RufUsul RufUsul
Those all have win32 ports so I wouldn't see why not..
added on the 2003-11-18 19:21:55 by phoenix phoenix
fr-016 / farb-rausch
fr-0.1 / farb-rausch
added on the 2003-11-18 20:44:10 by js js
Add these prods:

Fläsh / Ümlaüt design
Kräsh / Ümlaüt design
Skrätzh / Ümlaüt design
Texticle / Ümlaüt design
Bümp mäpping / Ümlaüt design
added on the 2003-11-19 14:05:08 by shadez shadez
An intro compilation without Heaven 7 and The Product is not an intro compilation. Get the (final) windows versions, they are must-haves.
added on the 2003-11-19 15:03:28 by Vip Vip
Vip RTFM erm POST of crusader
added on the 2003-11-19 17:34:06 by elkmoose elkmoose
i'm surprised the product or heaven7 aren't working. I've found they run on almost anything. Sure you have the finals (and win version of heaven7)?
added on the 2003-11-19 17:37:08 by psonice psonice
To Vip and psonice: Yeah, I was rather surprised... but with both of them, all the windows in the background try painting to the foreground. Even the clock and system tray icons show up, making especially .the .product a flickering mess even when it's the only thing running.
I can't seem to format disks to DFM (1.7 megabytes) on my computer either thanks to the irritating 16-bit windows subsystem problem, or "another program is using the disk". And DOS demos that use Midas won't run either. So, I think there's something wrong with my computer. (perhaps Windows XP Pro?)
I did get Fläsh running by setting Win98/ME compatibility mode. So far it's the only program that is affected at all by those compatibility switches...
added on the 2003-11-19 23:30:22 by crusader crusader
There are so many things wrong with that compilation *IN MY VISION* that I'd suggest you'd burn a CD instead.

intros aren't demos ;)
added on the 2003-11-20 03:12:47 by Shifter Shifter
Helix by Inque is a quite cool 64k imho
added on the 2003-11-20 12:18:11 by elkmoose elkmoose
Crusader: the fixed version of Fläsh runs on XP without needing to set the compatibility mode...
added on the 2003-11-20 14:51:00 by Gargaj Gargaj


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