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new machine - odd benchmarks

category: general [glöplog]
I just bought myself a new laptop. Its an Asus G73JH. Here is a newegg link for specs. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220695

My problem is... Benchmark results. I'm using my trusty old 3dmark2001se and the popstones count from fr025 popular demo. Compared to an old PC I have laying around, somehow in both tests the old pc spanks the new laptop!!

THe specs of the old pc are...
Intel q6600 quad core 2.4ghz
4gigs ram
dual Nvidia 9600gt SLI

I would think this laptop would beat that. In popstones the old PC beats me by 7000 points or so, in 3dmark the PC wins by 10,000 points or better.

I got rid of Windows 7 and went to XP Pro 64b and got a little bit more performance, but not enough.

Where things start to get really strange though is, the new laptop can play Unreal III, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R at MAX settings, full rez and run without a slow down at all, where the old PC is a slideshow. WTF.

One idea I had is that the new machine has modern features that were being emulated on the old machine. Shaders for instance. Any other ideas?
added on the 2010-02-17 06:49:18 by xteraco xteraco
i bet it can run unreal by second reality - try that!
by = or :)
xeraco: Well, the new GFX-card is much worse than the old one, so you shouldn't be that shocked.
added on the 2010-02-17 08:25:20 by gloom gloom
mobility spec bits are usually poorer performance than their desktop counterparts - you didn't mention if your old PC was a laptop as well, I am guessing it isn't.

my 6 year old Alienware laptop (its one of their 'desktop replacement' monsters) which has desktop-spec parts in it still outperforms the a Asus PC which supposedly has higher CPU clock and newer graphics card that i bought for my wife.
added on the 2010-02-17 11:34:46 by m0d m0d
Asus PC in my last post is a laptop.
added on the 2010-02-17 11:36:03 by m0d m0d
the mobility 5870 is somewhere between desktop 5750 and 5770, so I would expect it so be a bit than 2*9600gt in old stuff (given that sli scales well) and sometimes faster in newer, more shader intensive stuff.
The cpus arent that far away either - in single threaded applications the heavy turbo mode on the i7 will probably make it faster, while the q6000 could be faster on real quad-loads.

But does the speed on old more-than-fast-enough tests matter?
added on the 2010-02-17 12:56:07 by Psycho Psycho
8 gig's ram? whatever could anyone need 8 gigs of ram for??
uhm well.... I could install my OS entirely to ramdisk. Or I could run firefox with 1,000,000 tabs.
added on the 2010-02-17 14:07:04 by xteraco xteraco
and play 50 games at once
Also, the girls are very impressed when I tell them I have 8 gigs of ram!
added on the 2010-02-17 14:14:20 by xteraco xteraco
I have 6 GB of RAM and really need them for coding.
added on the 2010-02-17 14:24:34 by xTr1m xTr1m
I have 4, and it's not enough :( I need too much stuff open: vmware running windows for a bunch of network stuff, xcode, dreamweaver, browser running pouet, email, calendar, IM, and a nifty timelapse thing producing 60 second exposures from a live video feed that's been running in the background for several weeks.
added on the 2010-02-17 14:32:49 by psonice psonice
8 gig's ram? whatever could anyone need 8 gigs of ram for??

If you have to ask, you do not know.
added on the 2010-02-17 15:09:47 by ryg ryg


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