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does ZX Spectrum platform needs to be subdivided?

category: general [glöplog]
>Alone Snowden, I can find a bunch of quotations by you and lvd, including but not limited to (I like this expression, really!): boasting, toilet talks, theatenings, trolling etc.
I can give 10 your quotes for one lvd's 'toilet talk'.
300 releases for 15 years? Yeah, an enormous plenty. =)
added on the 2015-07-09 13:47:12 by TS-Labs TS-Labs
Were we speaking about years? Count the Intellivision releases.
Gasman, thank You for all of your work here and patience!

Still one question unsolved: can we have "Enhanced demo" in the compo list?

Since pouet.net's compo list is built from party rules/results and there is already 4 parties with "Enhanced demo compo" (Multimatograf, 3BM, DiHalt, Chaos Constructions), maybe we can add it?

It will remove some problems about "faking results", and it will more correspond to reality.
added on the 2015-07-09 13:50:08 by diver diver
releases kinda of "stoen sources' and hacked programs, e.g. BGE xD
added on the 2015-07-09 13:50:13 by g0blinish g0blinish
Apparently 2 prods is enough to get a new platform.
>Still one question unsolved: can we have "Enhanced demo" in the compo list?
Can we have "Enhanced demo" in the platform list?
"Enhanced 8-bit".
I agree - move TS-Config, V6Z80P, qr etc to "Ehnahced 8-bit" platform
added on the 2015-07-09 14:04:53 by screw screw
what is "or etc"?
added on the 2015-07-09 14:07:44 by g0blinish g0blinish
modern "8-bit" FPGA thingies, as I see.
>When arguments end, blaming starts.
Alone_Coder, this is exactly what you do. All this nonsense with "faking", "stealing", "interested persons" is just blaming which started when you ran out of arguments. All these personal assaults have nothing to do with the topic, and yet you continue blaming me for all the sins just because you made up some "sect" in your mind.
@moroz1999: Yes, I know, all these "we are sect" in TS-Labs's IRC are just joking, and that changing SpeccyWiki articles with curses, with the motto "рупора надо изводить правками" (I quote TS-Labs, 21 Dec 2013, in english: "we must harass Alone Coder (рупора) with edits"), was just joking, and all this thread is also joking. Very funny.
Alone_Coder. I had faked nothing. Vandalized no wikis (in fact, even vise versa, I added some info I got from press and personal contacts).
Why do you keep blaming me in what I didn't? Just because I mostly use TS-Labs forum and occasionally visit #z80?
Why do you think I should respect you after all bullshit you blamed me in? If you have problems with g0blinish or TS-Labs - these are your problems, not mine, don't mess me into this crap.
I'm not speaking about myself only. There are about 20-30 people in you just blame in some vandalizing or trolling made by other persons. Why?
Remember that that was you who blamed me first. But you were joking, I suppose.
"Enhanced 8-bit".

I think exists some demos for ATARI XL with VBXE. but mix two platforms into one catefory? it is stupid.
added on the 2015-07-09 14:49:32 by g0blinish g0blinish
I knew he was reading ALL the logs and he will add my little joke into his paranoia logs. And he did it, congratulations Dmitry :)

Heh, that's too obvious. You started this a long, long time ago, so my disrespect to your practices lasts years already and yet you cite only recent posts.
What did I do at the beginning to deserve all this blaming in vandalizing and faking? It's not surprise now that I answer with aggression to aggression.
and that changing SpeccyWiki articles with curses, with the motto "рупора надо изводить правками"

It is you, who started war of edits in my article TS-Conf. You added 'not compatible with ATM turbo' with no obvious reason besides showing off the importance of ATM which you choosed as a fetish. And repeated that few times as I rolled back those changes. You also could add that TS-Conf is incompatible with Amiga, C64, PC, thus it is not worth mention in a decent talk. Until I contacted wiki's admin so that he affect you to stop this bulshit. I emphatically insisted not to lock the article, because the technical administrative measures are less effective of all. Let me remind you, it happened after you locked _my_ article with _your_ edits, using your admin privileges. That's it.
added on the 2015-07-09 14:58:51 by TS-Labs TS-Labs
>It is you, who started war of edits in my article TS-Conf.
"Your" article? You know, that's an encyclopedia, not your blog. I just added munises, while you whote mostly pluses. NB: these ones about ATM Turbo 2+ compatibility and Pentagon 1024 SL2.x compatibility was related to the initial prespecs and specification for the board you used.

But you couldn't stop and removed the minuses as you wanted that article to be your ads.

Then you called your friends and stared that famous vandalizing, because of which SpeccyWiki was switched off for some time.

Then you came to a local forum with g0blinish and tried to persuade the admins remove me. And you failed because all the diffs were seen to the admins.
regards Wiki, you made changes in my article, violating the basic rules. Then you remove your "Discussion" and banned my account with the cause "Blame and insult." To get even? you're not bothering to write a simple coherent story aloud to zh.pk.ru reported to the number of articles

Кого ты лечишь, дурачок?
added on the 2015-07-09 15:14:21 by g0blinish g0blinish
the whole affair is fucking ridiculous. ok, someone builds some hardware, another person builds another hardware, what's exactly the problem with that? why can't these two systems simply coexist, with people producing demos for either the one hardware or another?
added on the 2015-07-09 15:17:28 by dipswitch dipswitch
Alone. Do you know what is relevant info?
1. Open 'Pinguins' article.
2. Add: "Pinguins are unable to live in Africa because they have incompatible temperature mode." Say that you added a relevant minus to this specie description.
3. Save changes, lock up the article.
4. ????
added on the 2015-07-09 15:18:05 by TS-Labs TS-Labs


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