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Optimus Celebrity?

category: general [glöplog]
I woke up today after having seen a very funny dream. It was at the future. I don't know the date but it must be over 2008. I had bought a demoscene magazine, a commercial demoscene magazine and a big part of that issue was devoted to me!!! It was supposed that I quited the scene or died that year and they made a big dedication to the greatest scene celebrity of our times. Lol! =)

I don't remember many things from the dream, because it's all fuzzy and blury and finishes as always before the best part! What I remember was that I had reached 12675 glops before I left. I immidiatelly had used the new world's internet cafe's which were tables with oldschool PCs upon the road, open to the public, free, anyone could steal it but nobody did because they were ancient, and I used on of them to browse pouet. The biggest guy had around 16278 glops but isn't anyone I know in reality. Pouet top gloppers engines had a bug, so the second guy had 56 glops, the third 167, the fourth 26 and the fifth 756 (Just an example). It was wrong (except if everyone stopped collecting glops and nobody cared about the engine too ;P

I also remembered something about a reality show having to do with cutting others lips or something I didn't understand (dreams are always fucking strange)

I was I would have the powers of a dreamstealer, so that I could get that magazine in the real reality and read it at my own pace :)
added on the 2003-06-20 11:32:43 by Optimus Optimus

I don't want to flame but slowly this gets seriously silly. I mean, it's ok if you share your whole life with us and all that crap, but do you really have to open another thread on a scene related site for everything you want to say, regardless if it's completely off-topic for this place?

Optimus, there are things like www.livejournal.com and others for people like you (i might even dig up an entry code for you). Or maybe open up a thread called "Optimus' diary" and only post there. Or something.

But... PLEASE. Really.
added on the 2003-06-20 11:37:43 by kb_ kb_
You didn't read it, it's not about my life, it's a funny dream I had! But why are you caring about my threads? Are they the only lame ones posted here in pouet? There are millions of more silly threads opened here. It's not serious and everyone here posts jokes and everyone likes to laugh about them.

added on the 2003-06-20 11:44:12 by Optimus Optimus
Well. Your dream was not so strange: apparently, the top-ten prods counter is bugged, too. (or why didn't it change one single time these past monthes?). And well, who knows, demomaking might become a way of being rich in the futre (around 2008). And since you're already famous in the scene (at least on pouet!) you will probably become a star in the future years and have thousands of girls screaming your name and downloading pictures of you. Uh, or maybe not ;-)

Oh, I have been famous once, too: while playing Morrowind, I became a God and had my own cult devoted to me. I liked that a lot. Now I wish Morrowind was the real life!
added on the 2003-06-20 11:45:13 by {OdS} {OdS}
livejournal is indeed a place that you would like.
added on the 2003-06-20 11:46:40 by dalezr dalezr
I am wondering, how are you going to type your usuall bullshit after I've broken all your fingers next time I come back to greece, you prince of fairies...

added on the 2003-06-20 11:47:04 by Navis Navis
As long as you continue complaining, I will continue writting. You know that..
added on the 2003-06-20 11:50:35 by Optimus Optimus
i just noticed that optimus would be a kick-ass scrollwriter. anyone who's out of ideas want to hire him?
added on the 2003-06-20 11:50:45 by dalezr dalezr
Sometimes i am just wondering how can somebody masturbate in such large amounts? Well Optimus is the answer i think. It is clear now that the man has to FUCK. I suggest a blowjob for a start, and then a Cunnilingus maybe. Check this http://www.sexuality.org/l/incoming/acunn.html
Do not masturbate any more, nothing comes out anyway!
added on the 2003-06-20 11:52:26 by foufoutos foufoutos
I am wondering, how are you going to type your usuall bullshit after I've broken all your fingers next time I come back to greece, you prince of fairies...

added on the 2003-06-20 11:53:31 by Navis Navis
I would like to see the level that my attitude will reach and if it will get me any better. I know I am sometimes getting not good, but somehow I started hating (no matter if it's a strong or not word) all these people who complains about me. I have to admit that my attitude sucks but I really don't know if I have the mood to get it better right now. Perhaps I should quit for a while from the demoscene, there are some preety bad connections my personality has with it. But will I ever? And when?
added on the 2003-06-20 12:00:34 by Optimus Optimus
How about now?
added on the 2003-06-20 12:05:38 by Ugh! Ugh!
How about doing us a favor Optimus and shoot yourself ?
added on the 2003-06-20 12:09:08 by foufoutos foufoutos
Yeah. Just fuck off and leave us alone...
added on the 2003-06-20 12:10:44 by Navis Navis
ok, chill people, optimus can be a bit annoying, but still he's more fun that annoying IMAO, but still there is really no need to ask him to kill himself
added on the 2003-06-20 12:26:44 by jar jar
i prefer "hardware acceleration killed the demoscene" to "the demoscene killed Optimus" :(
added on the 2003-06-20 12:28:08 by jar jar
big up optimus. we always have a laugh this way, and it's great to see someone who is REALLY dedicated to the scene.
added on the 2003-06-20 12:48:06 by dipswitch dipswitch
keep writing about your life optimus!
added on the 2003-06-20 13:12:23 by shadez shadez
I agree. More useless threads please...

And I don't remember optimus making hardware accellerated demos, so he should be taken off the hit list.
added on the 2003-06-20 14:20:09 by psonice psonice
Dalezy: who in the BLUE BLAZES would admit to making scrollers nowadays? (beside the C64 and Cracktro scene, that is) :(

added on the 2003-06-20 15:02:44 by Shifter Shifter
shifter, i was exactly thinking about the c64 scene. =p
added on the 2003-06-20 15:11:17 by dalezr dalezr
Don't look at me, the effects take RAM so he'd never have the space...!
added on the 2003-06-20 15:26:59 by TMR{C0S} TMR{C0S}
optimus :
don't you have a blog ? your stories are always funny, and i like to read them, but they seem to annoy very much people ...

added on the 2003-06-20 15:59:33 by flure flure
If Optimus had a blog he'd also be able to archive all his rantings, so we (and he)'d be able to reread them in 2008!
added on the 2003-06-20 16:40:47 by sagacity sagacity
Can blogs reach that kind of size? 2008 is 5 years away, and 5 years of optimus blog must amount to a serious chunk of disk space...
added on the 2003-06-20 16:46:55 by psonice psonice


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