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Quebec Sceners and Partys

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Crusader: Abnormal Americans are the best!!
Is there any site for The Pilgrimage????

Also, Quebec is 75% French, 25% English. : )
And I have no great love for the president either.

J'avais alle au Montreal avec ma classe de Francais il y a quelques ans. C'est un tres bon ville. (J'avais etait le seul personne sauf la prof qui a commande les choses en Francais pendant le voyage)

PS. Le voyage, comme mes classes de Francais, etaient plusieurs annes de passe. Et ma francais est plus terrible maintenant
added on the 2003-06-19 04:29:38 by crusader crusader
pilgrimage.scene.org is the web site for Pilgrimage
added on the 2003-06-19 05:18:19 by legalize legalize
EkraorGlihP: You can safely ignore 33. He and his "comments" aren't even vaguely interesting.

Crusader: The important question is do you know where Salt Lake is, and how to get there on August 9th.
Crusader: C'est drole d'entendre quelqun parler francais ici. Ton francais n'est pas si mal, tu te debrouille vraiment mieu que plusieurs personnes. : )

I think I'll try pilgrimage if I'm able to organise something. It looks good, maybe should it be advertised more???
In my opinion, yes, of course it should be advertised (to sceners) more. HOWEVER.

I think Legalize and the other organizers are being pretty smart. From reading the forum, it looks like there have been some setbacks from the early plans. Anyone organizing an event would be going thru major agony if they had advertised in a huge way.

But perhaps the biggest advertisement of all will be a successful party, with actual competitions with entries.

It's going to be a unique party, but all parties are unique (:
Umm... guys, the party has been on the list on OJ for ages, I've made periodic postings to OJ to keep Pilgrimage on people's minds, I've flooded the one-liners on p.net and OJ with hype, I've done a number of local outreach events, I got scene.org to list us on their site list, I've personally gotten the goodies from the corporate sponsors to make everything happen. I've been working my ass off for about the past year to make this a succesful event and get the word out as much as possible without looking like a spammer and you tell me that the party isn't advertised enough?

Well, please, tell me where else it should be advertised for people to hear about it who might actually come to the event. Our focus is generating enough local interest for us to survive and grow to next year and the year beyond. So maybe you haven't heard about it because you don't live in Salt Lake. As for other places where a US demo party could be usefully announced, I'm all ears!
added on the 2003-06-20 03:25:05 by legalize legalize
SirG: the biggest setback was the space. Things looked great early on for a perfect space, so we didn't pursue anything on that front until it was cancelled on us. In the end, it all worked out with the best space of all the ones that were considered, and I can't thank XMission enough for paying the rent.
added on the 2003-06-20 03:31:06 by legalize legalize
legalize: Have you tried advertising on the Super Bowl? I hear their 30 second spots are a real bargain.
Legalize: I do live pretty far from Salt Lake City, and I guess for a first party, you might not want the whole city to come. I think too many people wouldn't be good either, not for a first... but it really looks like a great party, and I'd really love to live close to Salt LAke. Oh, well : )
Sir GarbagetrucK : When you open your mouth, obviously garbage comes out, and some times even pointing to unrelated subjects like Sallt Laqke City. So, you and Legalize, just start a new thread and leave us QUEBECOIS alone for a while, or just start looking for a job for a change.
added on the 2003-06-21 05:17:15 by 33 33
Tabarnak d'estie de colisse d'enfant de chienne d'ostie crisse de con.
ça c'est du Québecois pure laine.
added on the 2003-06-21 23:12:54 by ATH500 ATH500
The only thing that is bad with Québec is the stupid laws #101
added on the 2003-06-21 23:14:57 by ATH500 ATH500
Ya tu des criss de caves sur pouët ou pas? Maudit ostie que ça pue le fromage de chèvre icitte calisse de grosse vache folle Européenne de mon cul qui pue.

Signé 33
added on the 2003-06-22 02:47:44 by 33 33

D'la marde la loi 101 caliss. On s'en sacre tu des PQuistes ou pas non? Entk, moi shtrouve sa trop con.
Oh, look, 33 posted a worthless and unimaginative retort. How predictably boring.

Legalize: Well, quite frankly, the one thing I have noticed is that no one knows about Pilgrimage. I think part of it might be that half the links I've found to it go to your personal page, and not to the actual website FOR the party. That's a bit of a problem (: The other half is that just OJ and Pouet won't cut it. You have to get the word out thru PEOPLE, thru other sceners and so on. Not everyone comes here to view things. Not to mention one liners scroll off (: A nice little 'invitro' would be good - traditionally that's the way you announce a party anyway.

But, really, the word is out now, and it's not like this is going to be huge anyway. You'll have some US sceners showing up, and some Canadians too. It will be a success even if just 1 scener from outside Salt Lake shows up, and that's pretty much a gurantee at this point.

It's a tad late for that invitro tho - hows about working on those contest requirements? (:
quebec is a province of canada... nuff said. (no politics guys.. its just juvenile)

suboptical.com -> canadian demoscene group

PS. at one point i was talking to the guys @ siggraph and SAT (www.sat.qc.ca) about the possibility of holding demo related events there.... we all more or less agered that it'd be a great idea, but honnestly there isn't even a scene to back the idea in montreal anymore...


added on the 2003-06-23 05:27:58 by sylphin sylphin
SirG: the one thing I have learned about organizing a party is that supposedly everyone knows how to do it, yet the only party happening is the one I'm organizing myself.

Your post is kind of a case-in-point. You're telling me what not to do, but other than vague suggestions that I talk to "PEOPLE", you have nothing positive to offer. See, there is an infinite list of things not to do and I don't need additional suggestions of what to add to that list. As I said, if you have specific suggestions of how I can get the word out more than I have, then I'm listening. But you'll have to be specific. Saying I have to get the word out through "PEOPLE" is so vague as to be useless.

At any rate, this isn't a one-shot deal. We'll keep doing this ever year. So now you have AN ENTIRE YEAR to prepare.
added on the 2003-06-23 17:27:35 by legalize legalize
salt lake city the home of the mormons or was it morons?

joe hill! joe hill! joe hill! he was from my hometown btw.

ohh yeah someone please make sure optimus doesn't reproduce. No offence.
added on the 2003-06-23 18:31:31 by violator violator
Legalize: Whoops, sorry, tread on a sore toe there or something.

I'll break this down a bit further for you:
#1. Talk to people who have been in the scene a while and enjoy, and have been to, parties. Folks like Phoenix, Sylphin, myself. Folks who know others and will get the word out. Get someone to talk to the occasional-random-US-scener who shows up on irc channels wonder where the other sceners are. You've got to go where the interested people are; you can't expect them to come to you.

#2. Do an invitro. (You missed this part.) It's A> Fun B> something that gets you attention. It also follows scene tradition... have a party, make an invitro.

Also, I'm not complaining. You've made the commitment to have a North American party; that is appreciated. We need this to jumpstart the dormant scene here. Please don't take the excitement that this is creating for those of us who have been active for some time as criticism. It's excitement, a sense that hey, something is happening.
SirG: #1 I've already been doing. Noone is standing up and saying "talk to ME! I am the center of the North American DemoScene!" -- if they did, I'd probably ignore them. I have been talking to Phoenix for some time. Sylphin I didn't know about until he showed up on scenespot.

#2 I've also already been doing. Threepixels is doing the invitro. I was going to do one, but realized I had too much on my plate already as an organizer and Mac stepped up to the plate. We're just putting the final details of the party together and trying to get that slipped into the invitro.


I'm glad you're not complaining. You fooled me by the tone of your posts! As an organizer I've already had people from A to Z tell me all the things I'm doing wrong and seemingly passing themselves off as experts on how to organize a party. The primary thing that gets parties to happen isn't the armchair organizing, its the nuts-and-bolts feet-to-the-pavement style work that makes parties happen.
added on the 2003-06-24 06:44:34 by legalize legalize
Cool - looking forward to the invitro.

Next - yeah, keep doing it (:

Oh yes one final thing. If this stops being FUN - stop doing it. This is supposed to be FUN.
It's never fun for the organizers.. but it should be fun for everyone else. :)
added on the 2003-06-24 18:39:02 by phoenix phoenix
one thing legalize doesnt seem to have realized yet, all attenders and non attendars will always complain about something or another, and those complaints are welcome, they are called feedback; you have to do your best to please them all which ever way they pull, and you can't complain about getting them no matter how off-reasoning they seem, all you can do is expose all the cards in the table pending that issue and explain your point on why you did your play like you did, if they manage to teach you a new smarter strategy you should addopt it but only after wheighting all pros and cons.
what i mean is, attendars will always have you by the balls and you gotta take it like a man, smile while they're crushing them and gently explain your point of view on the subject _once again_, say you'll try to do it better if such oportunity arise and thank them for bothering to give you commments and feedback.
happily smile through out the whole process too.

or you can just insult them blunt and tell them to organize it better themselfs or sod off. but i doubt that will help on attendance levels. ;)
added on the 2003-06-24 19:37:04 by psenough psenough


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