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The bandwidth of your penis

category: general [glöplog]
Even Barti wouldn't get such a brilliant idea.
added on the 2008-12-22 15:25:12 by wrthlss wrthlss
Thats only for a single burst transmission. I think the average bandwidth over time is lower ;-)
added on the 2008-12-22 16:14:38 by xeron xeron
The time required to start the transmission makes this unusable. I was hoping to find a more pleasant way of swapping. :)

added on the 2008-12-22 18:16:22 by FooLman FooLman
also, the data is not in any maintainable order
added on the 2008-12-22 19:04:40 by Claw Claw
They didn't count the packet loss ratio.
added on the 2008-12-22 19:07:23 by Fei Fei
and the firewall
added on the 2008-12-22 19:08:54 by Gargaj Gargaj
But idea of server built on such a technology makes me laugh
added on the 2008-12-22 19:15:13 by wrthlss wrthlss
It's just the same data retransmitted 225 million times (for fault tolerance)
added on the 2008-12-22 21:35:42 by andr00 andr00
added on the 2008-12-22 21:39:02 by v3nom v3nom
It wasnt crunched with powerpacker! :)
added on the 2008-12-22 21:46:04 by magic magic
For regular Counter Strike player bandwidth is not important but the PING! I don't want to start a discussion how long is the ping in this case :D.
added on the 2008-12-22 21:53:12 by bonzaj bonzaj
gajin: think of the server hosting locations! :D
added on the 2008-12-22 22:04:11 by Gargaj Gargaj
... and when your girlfriend asks for a new pendrive ...
added on the 2008-12-22 22:11:53 by Gargaj Gargaj
"why isn't mom running apache?"
added on the 2008-12-22 22:16:18 by red red
bonzaj: I would no care about the ping, but about the pong...
added on the 2008-12-22 22:28:47 by texel texel
eMule = bukkake?
added on the 2008-12-22 22:38:06 by wrthlss wrthlss
andr00: lrn2biology

each spermcell is as akin to an other as two snowflakes are...
damn. meiosis ruins my compression ratio.
added on the 2008-12-23 03:03:11 by andr00 andr00
there may also be a lot of virus data in the transmission!
added on the 2008-12-23 04:24:39 by dnes dnes
Not realy the same data transmitted all the time. But two sets transmitted over and over and over and over...... right?
added on the 2008-12-23 08:03:14 by wix wix
added on the 2008-12-23 11:07:31 by Gargaj Gargaj
wix: nop, not two of them are the same
but they are quite similar, i think there will be some repeating patterns in the data that should compress not too bad. depending on the mutation rate, a good compression algorithm should be able to squeeze this to, lets say, 100 mb, twice the size of a spermcell (regarding how the data is actually built) + x.
added on the 2008-12-23 18:19:57 by red red


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