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do christians who commit suicide automatically go to hell?

category: general [glöplog]
everyone knows that what happens to you when you die depends on where you were born.
if your answer is yes to your simple question, you get the one specific to your region. if you answer no, you get the non-specific one.
added on the 2003-02-08 11:07:24 by bigcheese bigcheese
kb: be my guest, im used to it
added on the 2003-02-08 11:33:45 by Dubmood Dubmood
Probably the most useless pouet thread ever
added on the 2003-02-08 13:48:50 by shash shash
shash, i'm flattered!
added on the 2003-02-08 16:20:59 by skrebbel skrebbel
added on the 2003-02-08 17:19:42 by violator violator
Maali is a priest in life...
i don't remember the name of his sect...some
extrem-catholics that want to kill doctors etc he told me...strange guy he is...
added on the 2003-02-08 19:48:48 by TECK CMP TECK CMP
kb, seems like you missed it last year, let's try again this year =)
added on the 2004-03-05 11:27:18 by dalezr dalezr
dalezy, no actually I did, dubmood reminded me :)

OTOH why not repeat it this year, the situation hasn't changed too much ;)
added on the 2004-03-05 12:13:17 by kb_ kb_
like diamondie said:
This thread is teh weirdness.
Christians who commit suicide are sent to Pouet.
added on the 2004-03-05 13:49:02 by v3nom v3nom
Demosceners, the lemmings of christianity...
added on the 2004-03-05 14:18:56 by FooLman FooLman
To get somewhat back on track with the topic a bit...:
(I'm somewhat religious, and attended catholic schools for 8 years, so I hope I remember stuff correctly...)
- First off, there is no hell. (Check the Bible if you wish.) God wouldn't want the souls to suffer eternally, therefore "bad" souls simply get "cached" (coder logic :) for a while, and when the second coming of Christ arrives, they get "freed up", sort of.
- Suicide works somewhat like what Maali said. It's simply a disregard against God and therefore it's considered a sin. What's unknown is that how much does it count in your final listing :)
- Stil's fictious situation is interesting, IMHO it's a way of martyrdom which is considered a good act if it's for a good cause. Same thing happened when the Catholics started inquiring the Protestants (lead by Martin Luther (not King)), and basically forced them in the same situation: kiss the cross (i.e. yield to the Pope) or serve the rest of your life as a rowing slave on a galleon (not many of them returned).
added on the 2004-03-05 14:31:14 by Gargaj Gargaj
Seems like an erroneous garbage collector.
I wonder what happens if the universe runs out of space for temporary bad souls. "An exception has been thrown, please restart the universe" In case that happens: "thank you, sinners!"
added on the 2004-03-05 16:19:30 by Paralax Paralax
Do stupid people go automatically to hell? I hope so...
Anyway, since Stephen(tm)/Silicon Brain told us, we all know that Einstein was wrong, and
god is a cubic player.
added on the 2004-03-05 16:24:13 by blala blala
DO {
added on the 2004-03-05 16:43:19 by moT moT
I've found that if you rub bacon all over your body in the morning lesbians take notice.
of course not, hell does not exist.
added on the 2004-03-05 21:16:43 by rac rac
hell is AOL.
added on the 2004-03-05 21:22:17 by red red
gargaj, OMG you seriously believe in all this crap???? :)
added on the 2004-03-05 21:35:52 by raymon raymon
raimo: why not? I mean, you can go about not believing everything but where's the fun in being predictable?
classic thread alert :P
If Gargaj's theory is correct. It could be worth trying to flood hell and restart the universe without those religious crap
added on the 2004-03-07 11:14:35 by p01 p01
The way of heaven for all small manipulated minds wich believe in invisible forces (example: god or superman or weapons-of-mass-destrcution) is to send me all your money before suicide [Zone's church need your money! I accept cash, visa, paypal ...] ;]
yeah apply buffer overflow on the hell, get supervisor rights (probably easier there than in the heaven) and delete the accounts of stupid people :)
added on the 2004-03-07 11:38:50 by blala blala
the funny thing in trying to hack hell, is that at worst you could be sent to hell for this felony ^__^
added on the 2004-03-07 12:26:00 by p01 p01


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