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Installers and whatnot

category: general [glöplog]
Morning, people. I was just wondering what the general consensus on "scene"-installers are. In the earlier days, they were mostly just for purposes of extracting and often didn't provide enough euphoric effects to even be considered to be considered a demo. But in the more recent years they have developed. It's obviously a fairly esoteric topic, but there has always been a small community surrounding them. With sites like http://bacon.bounceme.net and http://kickme.to/wopcas

So, what's your take on the topic?
added on the 2002-12-17 13:05:57 by MrSticky MrSticky
we're gonna fuck them up
added on the 2002-12-17 13:12:58 by stil stil
hey that bacon page is a really cewl comunity =) cool, thanks! I didnt know about it
Some of them installers are really awsome.. But installers for demos I'm not that keen on, .zip files still does the trick.
In cracks they fill a purpose as a cracktro combined with a nice installing interface and who doesn't think a good chip song lightens up the installing time?
added on the 2002-12-17 14:36:03 by ekoli ekoli
Installers are cool, but please dont add them here since the people are already bitching about cracktros :(
added on the 2002-12-17 22:48:45 by Kami68k Kami68k
i used to like installers, but now, with windows and what not, i prefer just to get a zip or a rar. my harddrive is messy enough as it is, and it's much snappier just to "unpack to %zipname%".. (set .zip=pkunzip -d anyone? :)
added on the 2002-12-18 02:58:10 by gloom gloom
Uh... I looked at the bacon URL and nowhere can I find any explanation of what these 'installers' are supposed to install. I'm not seeing the point.
added on the 2002-12-18 04:21:45 by legalize legalize
its all about TEH WAREZ!
You can install your game rips/apps/whatever with them...
added on the 2002-12-18 11:22:04 by Kami68k Kami68k
i think it is quite funny, that sometimes the original stuff comes with a lame installer, which bugs left'n'right, and the pir8d warza has a proper one...
(not to talk about the good music and effects :) )
added on the 2002-12-18 12:06:35 by FooLman FooLman
Don't forget that the warez installes just unpacks some zips, while the original installer sets up the registry and many other stuff. But its still true what you say about the bugs and so on...
added on the 2002-12-18 14:16:30 by Kami68k Kami68k
warez installers often (have to) update the registry too.

Still, I've seen warez installers bug just as often as regular installers. so there are crappy coders on both sides :)
added on the 2002-12-18 15:53:27 by sang-soo sang-soo
OK, so its warez, but I still see no indication of what warez are installed by any of this stuff... it seems so superfluous.
added on the 2002-12-18 22:32:35 by legalize legalize
warp: there are crappy coders on both sides, but only one side gets paid for their crap code :)
added on the 2002-12-19 12:43:40 by Gargaj Gargaj
installers for demos is irritating as hell.
and that's that.
added on the 2002-12-19 17:24:45 by superplek superplek
Gargaj: There are plenty of people being paid on the piracy side.
added on the 2002-12-21 01:03:25 by iTeC iTeC
Installers/cracktro's/demo's/intro's..etc.. they're all in the same boat.. I believe so anyways, I enjoy them all anyways
added on the 2002-12-21 20:01:39 by XteNt XteNt
Even the Windows 95 setup was more useable and less annoying that most of the my-first-photoshop installers from piracy people.

As for demo installers: wow, that's probably the most ludicrous idea *ever*. I can't wait to be forced to uninstall demos after watching them once too ;)
added on the 2002-12-22 04:28:42 by Shifter Shifter


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