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irokos - the french connection to suckiness

category: general [glöplog]
coax, ones again, dont shit where u eat. , but this time, look it up somewhere on wikipedia what it means.

but dont you think the threads here are suckie anyways? "lets gargaj or lets keops"

then what are u doing here? contributing to a better scene?

what okkie said.
added on the 2007-03-05 09:53:58 by alien^PDX alien^PDX
... :))) *SMILING* like hell about this thread. it become pouetized instantly
added on the 2007-03-05 09:56:38 by uns3en_ uns3en_
not much
added on the 2007-03-05 09:58:17 by cxczevik cxczevik
coax: compare this to optimus threads.. okay maybe this thread intestest you and irokos, okay two people interested, compare to optimus thread, one people (optimus) interested, so next time you post pouet.net things make post taht will interest at least 70% people.. this is internet forum, sucky without moderation (should be imo) ... w rite ar ticle to diskmag you can make all the points there and tell how it is in your side and maybe get some others to backup your opinions etc.
added on the 2007-03-05 10:02:25 by uns3en_ uns3en_
unseeeeeeeen internet forums suck. the pouet.net is designed abit better.. it is full with nice colors. :D a disk magazine? nah, man..i told you..no time magazines and i dont hate the guy totally, he is a bugger nagger, lier, that's all!
added on the 2007-03-05 10:05:21 by cxczevik cxczevik
Alien, sure..a better scene. Never had problems with anyone. not even with you, it is you sticking the nose for irokos and doc joens alike. so PLEASE...
added on the 2007-03-05 10:14:16 by cxczevik cxczevik
and hey, why not posting a thread once in a while and as i told u over IRC. and again, this thread place is a easy-fast place to write..usually u dont write or care about what's going on here..it is you posting alot and others..i usually do it from time to time
added on the 2007-03-05 10:16:59 by cxczevik cxczevik
(poo)et.net forum is not serious everybody thinks you are trolling thats why diskmag article is better if you wanna say something... yee. yoo.. yohoo... anyway SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA ok..
added on the 2007-03-05 10:44:30 by uns3en_ uns3en_
this is hard; a jew or a muslim?
added on the 2007-03-05 11:20:52 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
BB Image
added on the 2007-03-05 11:29:12 by am-fm am-fm

As the official organizer and spokes-person of Andromeda, I'd like to clear up the issue about CoaXCable's avatar. He is not in Andromeda, and he will never be. We are fed up with all the impostors. GETS A LIFE!
added on the 2007-03-05 11:41:48 by kusma kusma
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Andromeda, except the fact that they'll at some point try to fit their boots up my ass.
so no coolphat-andromeda co-ops? 8(
added on the 2007-03-05 11:44:50 by alien^PDX alien^PDX
what's andromeda?

added on the 2007-03-05 11:52:16 by cxczevik cxczevik
BB Image
added on the 2007-03-05 11:52:22 by Sverker Sverker
btw, unseen: i check how a stupid thread become a nice issue for an article and why "scene" forums are stupid. check my next article :D :D

muhaha..seems mostly me, u <unseen> and alien are here..so nice
added on the 2007-03-05 11:54:38 by cxczevik cxczevik
i don't know what andromeda is
As an inofficial impostor of official Andromeda i will hereby declare freedom.
added on the 2007-03-05 11:58:32 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
stefannnnus :D great. lets write a new song about freedom fichterZzz
added on the 2007-03-05 11:59:11 by cxczevik cxczevik
Ah, you can have the damn triangle. I don't give a fuck about anything anymore anyway. I just joined Shitfaced Clowns as a prOnswapper.
added on the 2007-03-05 12:03:43 by Archmage Archmage
archmage :D hey man, leave the shit around. icons/avatars suck..i will change to a really nice one, when i find him..a FROG <- :D
added on the 2007-03-05 12:06:43 by cxczevik cxczevik
aah how long we can continue this until it dies lol lets see
added on the 2007-03-05 12:19:49 by uns3en_ uns3en_
im pixeling palestinian pouet avatars as we speak
added on the 2007-03-05 12:28:32 by alien^PDX alien^PDX
"che palle..."
added on the 2007-03-05 12:28:37 by rmeht rmeht


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