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The Adok Special T-Shirt Compo

category: general [glöplog]
ok, shameless new post:
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i want one of those tomcat, including the blinking!!!
added on the 2006-07-21 02:00:11 by Optimus Optimus
now that is sad, when optimus laughs at you! :D
added on the 2006-07-21 02:04:44 by kelsey kelsey
i vote for jeenio's idea
added on the 2006-07-21 09:08:22 by quisten quisten
"EP is my friend"
added on the 2006-07-21 09:17:18 by Zest Zest
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added on the 2006-07-21 09:51:52 by kurli kurli
Heh,. I just LOLed at the "including the blinking" idea. Now, how would this t-shirt be possible? I'd like one of these too! ;)
added on the 2006-07-21 10:23:48 by Optimus Optimus

i got laughed at on tha intarweb and all i got was this lousy t-shirt
added on the 2006-07-21 10:36:37 by v3nom v3nom
i still think 'huge faggot' is the best one..
added on the 2006-07-21 12:17:47 by okkie okkie
hugi faggot? :D
added on the 2006-07-21 12:22:38 by StingRay StingRay
hey! i got 3 votes \o/
added on the 2006-07-21 17:32:03 by jeenio jeenio
unsurprisingly, the portuguese entrant cheated (-->selfvoting).
added on the 2006-07-21 18:10:02 by havoc havoc
Only Adok cares about Adok.
added on the 2006-07-22 13:11:51 by Zest Zest
'i thumbed V2 down!' :)
"I date with the scientific method"
added on the 2006-07-22 14:38:47 by blala blala
optimus, via the magic of global hypercolour t-shirts...

added on the 2006-07-22 14:41:31 by defbase defbase
defbase: It won't change color that fast unless you learn to do magic with your body temperature.
added on the 2006-07-22 14:55:14 by El Topo El Topo
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added on the 2006-07-22 19:17:58 by kelsey kelsey
"durchfall 145"
added on the 2006-07-22 19:59:52 by violator violator
"I have an IQ which can beat your IQ"
added on the 2006-07-22 21:13:06 by las las
"She didn't lick my balls, will you?"
added on the 2006-07-22 22:06:25 by LiraNuna LiraNuna
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added on the 2006-07-22 22:49:30 by decipher decipher
hehe i vote for las' proposal :D
added on the 2006-07-22 23:32:50 by Zest Zest
"i gave you aids" tshirt
added on the 2006-07-23 21:46:01 by LiraNuna LiraNuna


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