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Video Effects Repository survey: what information do U want in the DB?

category: residue [glöplog]

any fields ideas for the database?

Thanks you all in advance for your support.
added on the 2005-07-15 01:40:07 by ep ep

Hornet Archive
Productions from the PC Demoscene - 1987-1998
Search: 16,248 files, 7.15 gigs


Hornet rulez. point.
added on the 2005-07-15 02:07:46 by bdk bdk
broderick: I was there 3 days ago.
Great but it's a mess and it's PC based only.
VER DB is for all platforms and contains only the interresting snipet of code coders are interesteed in.
Hornet is 7.5 GB, my DB will be 2GB when full (10 000 effects) and will be by far more usable than hornet.

Thanks for the link however.
added on the 2005-07-15 02:26:59 by ep ep
3 more hints for the slow learner:

BB ImageBB Image

2. Then please visit Okkie's Olde Clue Shoppe

3. and finally: c\~/
added on the 2005-07-15 14:48:37 by keops keops
BB Image
added on the 2005-07-15 19:17:17 by defbase defbase
To all trollers and sceners who are not happy: FUCK YOU LAZY BONES.

And improve your dusty knowledge about computers because obviously your references are a totally outdated.

added on the 2005-07-15 21:33:23 by ep ep
Do us a favor and refer to the points 2) and 3)
added on the 2005-07-15 22:55:33 by p01 p01
p01: 2) where is the url? This don't exist and it's once again a joke (old clue = old hint?), maybe this is a way to say "think".

3) I don't speak language of alien, sorry: learn english or better french (refer to an old farbraush intro for this... Ha Ha Ha).

If I'm always on the top when you go to the bbs page, simply ask to the admins to set a cookie option for another kind of column sorting or better ignore me: it's best for everybody to get constructive comments, if you think I don't have then read others comments, skip what I write or install the .xpi to filter pouet content: it works perfectly and I hope we will be able to improve it in the aim of hiding pictures to (like the hitler ones posted on the geek test topic).

defbase: thank you for support and showing how keops works, still in the pyramids surely...

added on the 2005-07-15 23:29:36 by ep ep
I'm surprised somebody with a superior IQ never heard of the adBlock extension, or don't know it's possible to block any/all off-site images.

Oh and thank you to explain me how to use the extension I made ;)

You should definitely refer to 2) so long c\~/ ( I have to code so I'll have one for a while )
added on the 2005-07-16 00:02:02 by p01 p01
p01: the issue of bad images is recent. But you are here to explain me it's possible to get rid of them, the adblock extension is installed and wil be configured to get rid of all pics at pouet, don't worry.

The 2) have an url surely but google didn't give it to me.
I suspect more and more a joke or a pun.

Perhaps you can give me a hint again.
added on the 2005-07-16 00:57:32 by ep ep
: 2) where is the url? This don't exist and it's once again a joke (old clue = old hint?), maybe this is a way to say "think".

Sorry, the store was closed for a while, back now.

BB Image

Sorry for the inconvenience.
added on the 2005-07-19 20:57:11 by okkie okkie
I have had some questions:
Does film count as video too?
If not: does betamax count?
Are video tricks allowed, which only work with PAL or SECAM or NTSC?
Will the db have special fields for demomakers like Walter Ruttmann or Oskar Fischinger? They saved their effects on film but it would work with video as well.

And something which I'd like to know (maybe it's in the database already): Was there ever a cheap VHS-compativle recorder which could do impressive video effects? If yes, I'd like to have some names, because I'd like tó contribute something to the video effects scene.
hmm :-) an ordinary day at pouet
added on the 2005-07-19 23:28:51 by mempheria mempheria
everything else would be boring.
MadenMann: your emails found at ojuice and on mea culpa web sites don't work.

The answer to your higher listed questions:

Basically everything which was / is done as a visual effect in every media and which was or can be reproduced in a demo / video-game has its place in this database.

What this database does is storing code snipnets with its context to use it back.
It stores only the necessary bits to get the right information to reproduce the effect according that you own the machine the snipet is written for.
Nobody will be able to recompile straight away the effect: it's not the aim to make a store of easily compilable effects, original authors would loose too much doing so.
Hornet do this already for the PC platform, but interesting routines are burried over tons of includes and files.
Instead of that this database is aimed at enough skilled coder on a typical computer who don't know how to make an effect, he goes there, find the snipnet of code, the technical explanations, a pic showing him the effect (with gif they will be able to show effect moving), and an exe he will be able to download and rip if he's able to (I'm not responsible for rip).
This way he gets only the necessary info to implement his own version of the effect, and it's far more convenient using a database than browsing tons of source files on a huge ftp archive.
The database is more dynamic, than the ftp archive : instead of having tons of file to browse and tons of lines to read, you simply have only the needed part to get into what you are looking for.
Of course one drawback is that coders who submit have to do some effort, cutting pasting necessary bits but on the other end, people who will read and use the snipets will get a lot of time saved.
As those who will contribute will be also those who will use it, in the end everybody will save times.
added on the 2005-07-21 01:49:25 by ep ep
at least, this guy is being creative
added on the 2005-07-21 02:35:03 by mempheria mempheria
its a too long not too creative way of describing www.google.de/search?q=pseudocode ?
added on the 2005-07-21 08:07:32 by the_Ye-Ti the_Ye-Ti
p01 and others: the adblock extension worth nothing for pouet as pictures posted by sceners aren't stored at pouet but everywhere else on the web.

I've find image-show-hide extension for firefox which work far better for the pouet images issue: it can block displaying pictures which don't originate from the site you are browsing. Pouet is now clean, no nasty picture nowhere anymore.

added on the 2005-07-21 23:04:16 by ep ep
image-show-hide extension
You should return to Ye Olde Clue Shoppe. There is no need for an extension to do that. Hello!!! I said that to you 6 days ago.
added on the 2005-07-22 06:17:10 by p01 p01
p01: you're right! Going to the options of firefox, I saw the "load picture from originating website only" option, I selected it and yes it works. The show hide image xpi is useful thougt as it enable via a single hotkey to switch this option on or off.


Now a real issue to solve:
How to make a simple 8 horizontal empty boxes in css and xhtml?

¦ 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7 ¦ 8 ¦

Or more generally how to emulate table, td, tr tags in xhtml with css?

Thanks a lot (and yes I've tryied for too much time google these!).

added on the 2005-07-25 12:16:03 by ep ep
added on the 2005-07-25 15:17:59 by madMixx madMixx
madMixx: thanks for the link, I had known this website but didn't remembered the url. It's really a top notch site about how to do web thingies, thank you again and spread the url everywhere.

added on the 2005-07-26 14:16:26 by ep ep
added on the 2005-07-26 14:34:26 by noname noname


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