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Breakpoint 2005 after party survey

category: general [glöplog]
Please go fill it:

Also available now: Seminar videos.
added on the 2005-04-14 22:24:59 by scamp scamp
added on the 2005-04-14 22:53:47 by Gargaj Gargaj
^^ word
added on the 2005-04-14 23:10:32 by Preacher Preacher
i 2nd and 3rd gargaj+preacher.
added on the 2005-04-14 23:44:06 by dalezr dalezr
there is not much to improve really...
added on the 2005-04-14 23:49:49 by Lupin Lupin
except yummy vegan food.
added on the 2005-04-14 23:59:31 by freeze freeze
freeze, indeed. But the reason for lacking that were covered in the other Breakpoint thread.. hopefully there'll be improvement next year.
added on the 2005-04-15 00:00:32 by Preacher Preacher
Preacher: I always wanted to tell you: Traction is awesome, I love it and I was very disapointed that it did not get more than the 5th place @ tUM*o4. Very clean and nice style!
added on the 2005-04-15 00:33:57 by freeze freeze
the minus point would be that bp is always organized in the same teutonic country! :p

i vote for a Breakpoint yearly turnaround all over Eurasia!
(Panamerica later :P)
added on the 2005-04-15 00:56:25 by Zest Zest
I think it's funny that you cannot enter "rulez" (a 5) for some of the hotels listed. You are probably quite sure that those hotels aren't that good :-)

I better gonna skip that question.
added on the 2005-04-15 11:01:44 by chock chock
Only things I missed was some variation in food and a separate sleeping hall. Still the best party ever :)
added on the 2005-04-15 11:48:46 by teel teel
great party of course.. nothing to improve..

and for the seminar-videos:
man.. my look is pretty f*#ked up in the vid..
*yuk* ;)
added on the 2005-04-15 13:26:45 by toxie toxie
My only complaint was the toilets and the constant 4-5 person queue in front of them, but hey, later I figured it's at least part of the socialization process :D
added on the 2005-04-15 14:20:30 by Gargaj Gargaj
hellowas brainwashed me
added on the 2005-04-15 16:29:54 by ph0x ph0x
hallowas i mean. oh no. there, i said it again O_x
added on the 2005-04-15 16:32:30 by ph0x ph0x
yes, and it isn't even slightly funny :|

But breakpoint was great!
Oh it actually hadn't to be funny. It was merely a psychological test, that was started to find out, how to annoy you even more at next years Breakpoint.

Thank you very much for participating.
added on the 2005-04-15 16:53:53 by elend elend
The "almost-automatic" hotel booking facility is really rulez when you are coming from 3000km far :)))))) can't i thumb up a BBS discussion???? XD
added on the 2005-04-15 20:16:46 by winden winden
More like 8000 Km, and confirmation did arrive a whopping four days before leaving. So all was well in the end, just like Scamp promised.
Is there a video (.mpg ot .avi) somethere downloadable from the PC and/or AMIGA demo compo at breakpoint 2005 ? I hope some one
got it on camera. thanx! Let me know some url.
added on the 2005-04-15 22:24:43 by magic magic
thom: did they find your bag tho?
added on the 2005-04-15 22:28:18 by Gargaj Gargaj
is there are video ???
added on the 2005-04-15 22:58:16 by 7eleven 7eleven
of the bag?
added on the 2005-04-15 23:42:14 by Joghurt Joghurt
up the file please at scene.org
added on the 2005-04-15 23:49:48 by 7eleven 7eleven
gargaj: Yes, aliens didn't eat it after all. It was delivered to my hotel room 24 hours later.


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