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Scene politics (what side you're on ?)

category: general [glöplog]
best is ofcourse ISO who combines abtract guruness with joke folkiness.
added on the 2005-03-31 11:49:53 by nosfe nosfe
i'd like the diagram to be rectangular.
added on the 2005-03-31 12:27:10 by uncle-x uncle-x
This classification seems somewhat odd from the point of view of an 8-bit coder.

I mean, if you make some abstract artsy-fartsy stuff, it still looks somewhat "oldschool" because of the platform limitations. However, if you write some hardcore code to overcome these limitations, the result will look even more "oldschool" because of the amusement factor :)
yeh i agree, the oldschool in that chart is abit skewed from reality :)
added on the 2005-03-31 12:56:24 by psenough psenough
do we can assume annoying users are joke folks ?
added on the 2005-03-31 13:32:02 by rmeht rmeht
nice idea, willbe :) but that model seems more like a first draft :)
The "desing ravers" slice is too big compared to "hardcore coders".
"Design ravers" should be a tenth of "hardcore coders" imo.
added on the 2005-03-31 15:11:57 by doh doh
optimus should own his own category! :p
added on the 2005-03-31 15:18:30 by Zest Zest
Like plasma-powered demos or something? ;)
added on the 2005-03-31 15:31:41 by Optimus Optimus
Sure it's a draft.
If i was thinking that my categorization theory was 100% true, i would have written an article in Hugi *cough, cough*.

About the proportion of each part, what you can see is from my own (windows musician based) point of view, that is obviously not correct. Sorting all Pouet demos would help alot, i bet.
added on the 2005-03-31 15:58:18 by willbe willbe
i suggest this updated chart:
BB Image
added on the 2005-03-31 16:55:31 by havoc havoc
added on the 2005-03-31 16:59:29 by skrebbel skrebbel
added on the 2005-03-31 17:02:01 by Optimus Optimus
Well,. I am also a hugi reader, euro weeny and scene killer too ;)
added on the 2005-03-31 17:02:41 by Optimus Optimus
Oh,. and hugi writer of course :)
added on the 2005-03-31 17:03:11 by Optimus Optimus


/me changes handle to design-raver YOW!


added on the 2005-03-31 17:14:57 by raver raver
added on the 2005-03-31 17:19:00 by cerror cerror
Havoc, you forgot the BASS corporation !
added on the 2005-03-31 20:14:03 by willbe willbe
Haha great scheme!
Francis P.: I think coders are made pink because that's the color they always use for debugging stuff. Yay for the horrid 255,0,255 rgb value! :D
added on the 2005-03-31 20:27:20 by JoaCHIP JoaCHIP
Well i'm not totally a coder (hardcore ?), i'm not totally a poet, i like CPU burning and oldskool prods, i'm not an oldskooler because i'm to young, and my interest to the scene is dated just before 2000.
I enjoy joke prods which mak me laugh a lot and i'm sensibly atrackted by guru abstract and wired prods...

so, i'm nothing or i'm all

note: i'm not a scener yet, but I enjoy everything you made (:
added on the 2005-03-31 20:51:18 by SilkCut SilkCut
and the cracktro fanatics ?! those deserve their camembert!
added on the 2005-03-31 21:30:56 by Zest Zest
you forgot my side!!!
"guys coming to parties with not any releases and that always say every things you hear isnt that great but you're not releasing anything coz no one will appreciate your huge talent"

Ok, i'd say i belong to the David Hasselhof fans =D
added on the 2005-04-01 01:39:31 by Exin Exin
zest: but they aren't even human, like gamers and communists!
added on the 2005-04-01 02:16:47 by Shifter Shifter


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