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Silly Venture 2024SE - 35th Atari STE Anniversary

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We would like to remind you that at the summer edition of Silly Venture we will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Atari STe! On this occasion, there will be many attractions waiting for you, about which we will gradually inform you. At this moment, we can reveal that there will be an artistic cake to celebrate this event, competition entries using STe capabilities. We encourage everyone to participate in competitions!

Thanks to Hospes for preparing the poster.

p.s. There will also be strong accents for Atari XL/XE fans - after all, it's a party for all ATARI fans. Due to the anniversary, we are considering a prize in the form of an Atari 1040 STe. We are also thinking about The 400 Mini.

Do not forget to visit our website for more info!

SV2024SE website

p.s. I left the hospital last week. I promise to catch up on previous editions of SV in 2023 - I haven't forgotten anyone and I will catch up.
added on the 2024-06-04 21:29:36 by grey grey
please stay out of hospital a bit longer this time!
added on the 2024-06-05 16:07:59 by havoc havoc
Hospital you say. Please, take care and pay attention to you health.
Do not overload your party-work. The party does not have to perfect. That's already great to meet the ppl, to be at the party.
Be well, Grey. Be strong as well.
added on the 2024-06-05 16:28:41 by sim sim
@havoc: really hope so! :/

@sim: well, I pay much more attention to health than ever before, matey.
added on the 2024-06-19 12:02:17 by grey grey
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The summer edition of Silly Venture will feature the premiere of Grzegorz Struminski's (Gregfeel / Lepsi De) new album, "LONDONCLUB 2024"!

Gregfeel combines different musical genres. During the concert there will certainly be a solid dose of music in the atmosphere of electro acid (with elements of trance and house) and certainly r&b.... in fact, it is difficult to define Gregfeel's style unambiguously, but one thing is certain - the new album will undoubtedly appeal to fans of electronic music in the broadest sense.

Gregfeel comments: "I was eager to reach for sounds that inherently seem to be incompatible and yet I think it's a successful combination. It's just that I've been experimenting for 25 years over and over again. So the album is not clear-cut and certainly at times surprising with sudden changes.... this was due to a simple reason - each of my songs was, is and will be a reflection of the mood I was in, and since I have been sitting in the music of "synth" sounds since my teenage years, I am imbued with it like Al Pacino's hat with the smell of a Cuban cigar.... 🙂 What came out of it listeners will find out during the premiere on SV2024SE. I hope there will be something for everyone..."

The concert is scheduled for August 16th (Friday).

Thanks to Hospes for preparing the poster.
added on the 2024-06-23 14:31:22 by grey grey
Due to the 35th anniversary of Atari STe, which we will celebrate during the summer edition of SV, the prize for first place in the ATARI XL/XE DEMO COMPO will be an Atari 1040 STe funded by DaruG.

Remote entries are welcome of course!

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added on the 2024-06-24 20:52:10 by grey grey
Ok, Sommarhack is behind us - a cool party in Sweden with tons of cool Atari competition entries 🙂 And ahead of us - the summer edition of Atari-only party: Silly Venture 2024! As you know, we will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of Atari STe, so we are making every effort to ensure there is something to watch for compo 🙂

Below you will find two photos from yesterday of one of the groups working on a demo for our party 🙂 We had to blur both people and monitor screens, so as not to reveal too much... 🙂 One thing is certain - it will be an interesting anniversary of Atari STe!


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added on the 2024-07-07 00:40:45 by grey grey


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