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Deadline 2022 | 30.09. - 02.10. | Berlin, Germany

category: parties [glöplog]
Same! Maybe we will bring Spook!
added on the 2022-04-19 10:26:11 by D.Fox D.Fox
That's going to be a lot of orgaaah power at deadline :-D
Who are you calling an anti-vaxxer, punk?
added on the 2022-04-19 11:12:20 by bifat bifat
Haven't been to a deadline party yet. Maybe I should try to attend this year :)
added on the 2022-04-19 11:29:32 by emoon emoon
SO going to go there
added on the 2022-04-19 11:38:33 by kb_ kb_
Deadline \o/
added on the 2022-04-19 20:23:07 by scamp scamp
Cant wait to finally fulfill that 2019-promise-to-myself! <3
added on the 2022-04-19 20:52:47 by Shana Shana
Deadline. Berlin. Sounds good to me.
added on the 2022-04-19 20:56:03 by noname noname
added on the 2022-04-19 20:57:20 by darya darya
Will be there and will bring products
added on the 2022-04-19 21:26:48 by NR4 NR4
hotel is booked
added on the 2022-04-19 22:20:33 by Sir Sir
I so hope I'll finally make it. <3
added on the 2022-04-19 23:32:05 by psykon psykon
so looking forward to see y'all!
added on the 2022-04-19 23:43:51 by bifat bifat
BB Image

Only six weeks left to your favourite Deadline!
Time to start working on your releases, while we go into crunch mode for organizing ;)
Expect more news and opening of the ticket sales very soon.
added on the 2022-08-19 21:42:42 by v3nom v3nom
Oh, work has begun. Can't wait!
added on the 2022-08-19 22:22:52 by Mibri Mibri
So hyped <3
added on the 2022-08-20 01:34:13 by darya darya
Ticket Sale open | First Seminar announcement | Website+Compo-Rules updated

Ticket Sale open:
Great news everyone! We opened up the ticket sale and you can now get your ticket for Deadline 2022 and reserve your spot on our guestlist!

First Seminar:
We're proud to announce the first Seminar of Deadline 2022:
Reverse engineering Amiga demos for fun and profit (by Bartman / Abyss)

BB Image

Amiga hardware is so versatile. Have you ever wondered how all the fantastic effects in your favorite demos came about?
Take a trip down memory lane and join Bartman/Abyss on a technical deep dive as he introduces a fun new tool that will help you uncover the secrets behind the most iconic demo effects.

Btw. we still have free seminar spots, so contact(@demoparty.berlin) us if you want to present sth. :)

Website + Compo-Rules updated:
Check out the updated general information and compo rules on our website.
New and noteworthy:
* Clarified available Retro Hardware
* Updated compo PC specs
* No pure AI pics allowed in our gfx compos

Stay tuned for more news and announcements to come! We're looking forward to partying with you!
added on the 2022-08-25 14:15:30 by v3nom v3nom
Ticket purchased, see you in the far east!
added on the 2022-08-25 14:45:40 by break break
All set. Ryanair don't fail me now!
added on the 2022-08-25 17:02:44 by Mibri Mibri
Come to Deadline!
What Ramses said!
added on the 2022-08-26 18:48:22 by break break
Hi everyone, i am new here and just found out about this. Can i join this as a visitor, if yes, what ticket should i buy?
added on the 2022-08-28 09:59:41 by sturza sturza
Hi sturza! You're more than welcome to join as a visitor! Especially for new joiners we opened up the discounted ticket to have less of an entry barrier to check out a demoparty, so feel free to go for that option. You can buy your ticket here, on our website.
If we're not sold out beforehands there will also be ticket sales at the door, but please consider buying it beforehands to be on the safe side. It also gives us a better overview on how many people we can expect.

For the sake of completeness here is an overview of all ticket types:

* Regular Ticket (40€)
Valid for the entire duration of the party (3 days) and includes a table space to put your stuff on inside the party hall

* Discounted Ticket (20€)
The discounted Ticket holds the same features as the regular Ticket. It’s given out on mutual trust basis to the following people:

** First time demoparty visitors: We want to encourage newcomers to come to Deadline! So if you’re unsure on whether it’s worth it or not take this opportunity, come around and be part of it!

** People who could not afford to come otherwise: Eg. a low income, a far and expensive trip, etc. We don’t expect you to send us detailed explanations or copies of your account statement. Just be fair and don’t take this ticket if you could easily afford the other one, since we have a limited party budget.

* Various Supporter Tickets (>=80€)
The supporter ticket greatly helps us to finance the party, please consider buying one, if you can afford it. As a supporter-ticket holder you will:
** Be mentioned on our website as a supporter (unless you prefer to remain anonymous – simply tell us during the payment)
** Be mentioned at the prizegiving as a supporter (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
** You can send us a slide which will be regularly shown on the big screen during the party
** We will reserve you a Deadline 2022 T-Shirt in your size
** We will love you eternally. <3

Cheers and see you there!
v3nom / Deadline Organizing Team
added on the 2022-08-28 12:44:37 by v3nom v3nom
You didn't mention the "Ticket + Shirt 60EUR" option which is probably what I would recommend - who doesn't want a T-Shirt?! If you fortunately happen to have too much money, you should consider one of the supporter ticket options.
added on the 2022-08-28 14:28:10 by las las
I can't wait to see you all again! <3
added on the 2022-08-28 14:59:25 by rimina rimina


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