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RIP Sir Clive Sinclair

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Yep, though the news broke some hours ago, it is sadly true - Sir Clive Sinclair, who brought us various models of calculators, followed by the ZX80 and ZX81 classic computer systems, which were ultimately followed by the ZX Spectrum, he laid the groundwork for pretty much everyone at least of a senior age these days to kickstart our careers.

There's a rather good article from the UK Guardian newspaper's website, which is a wonderful tribute to him. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/sep/16/home-computing-pioneer-sir-clive-sinclair-dies-aged-81

Your thoughts would be more than welcome, of course.
added on the 2021-09-16 23:46:13 by Felice Felice
:-( my 1st home comp was zx81 with 1k ram
R.I.P. uncle Clive. Also, the articles tend to forget about his Z88 computer which was again a bit of marvel in it's time.
added on the 2021-09-17 00:14:12 by evills evills

Don't let the Spectrum die like a bunch of sq, introspec and moroz99
added on the 2021-09-17 07:04:41 by g0blinish g0blinish
Sir Clive is dead but the Spectrum will live on.
added on the 2021-09-17 08:39:36 by CiH CiH
BB Image

felice back with another bangin' eulogy
added on the 2021-09-17 14:29:15 by rc55 rc55
A hero of our childhood gone, but his machines will keep us company for a while yet :-(

Lord Sugar
So sad to hear about my good friend and competitor Sir Clive Sinclair. What a guy he kicked started consumer electronics in the UK with his amplifier kits then calculators, watches mini TV and of course the Sinclair ZX. Not to forget his quirky electric car. R.I.P Friend
added on the 2021-09-17 16:40:57 by Navis Navis
added on the 2021-09-18 06:44:45 by g0blinish g0blinish
Sir Clive Sinclair was also the Chairman of British Mensa. RIP
added on the 2021-09-18 10:37:35 by Adok Adok
RIP Clive Sinclair. Origin of the Spectrum demo scene!
added on the 2021-09-18 11:10:23 by rloaderro rloaderro
Rest in peace, Sir Clive Sinclair.

I just recently came across the history of this extraordinary inventor and the british pioneers in the IT-sector in general.

If you understand German, there is a really, really good and extensive podcast in German language about the ZX81 that I would like to reccomend: Stay Forever Technik.

I also enjoyed the BBC movie "Micromen" a lot, which is however narrated rather from the point of view of Chris Curry, and depicting Sinclair as a pretty impulsive and excentric - yet genius - personality.
added on the 2021-09-18 23:47:13 by novel novel
Was Clive Sinclair really obsessed with the electric car, or was Micro Men overstating the situation? It's just that the obituary articles on him recently always show him with that C5 in the infamous photo, and I'm sure most will agree, the C5 was not his shining moment - quite the opposite, actually.
added on the 2021-09-20 15:13:37 by Foebane72 Foebane72
One of the best micromen ... My first computer was a ZX Spectrum 16k - oh those were the days! Endless times of loading games from tape, watching the blue-yellow border patterns and some classic games like Jetpac, Pssst!, Tranz-Am and much much more. Rest In Peace, Sir Clive and thanks for all the Speccy!
added on the 2021-09-22 20:52:26 by BSC BSC
I had a ZX81 with the 16K RAM Pack - oh, the joys of making sure that thing stayed working with such a flimsy edge connector. I have to admit, I never tried the Blu-Tack idea as the shop worker suggested in Micro Men.
added on the 2021-09-22 21:04:15 by Foebane72 Foebane72
Just to annoy Ruiri, I'd say that Sir Clive Sinclair, as a central part of a large chunk of the demoscene and UK home computer culture existing, does deserve a eulogy.

In an entirely related note, my first computer was a ZX81.
added on the 2021-09-23 10:58:23 by CiH CiH
Just to annoy Ruiri...

lol what? (it's spelled Ruairi but idc)

...I'd say that Sir Clive Sinclair, as a central part of a large chunk of the demoscene...

Um, okay. I doubt he even knew of the demoscene, saying he is a central part of it is utter fantasy, but it's not beyond people to romanticise significance where it doesn't exist in their subjects of interest.

...and UK home computer culture existing, does deserve a eulogy.

Perhaps he does.

But you can almost guarantee Felice will be the one to post a thread on it, hence the image. One miserable point to him for at least being on topic until David Jason pops his clogs and another morbid thread gets posted.
added on the 2021-09-23 16:32:55 by rc55 rc55
Sir Clive Sinclair, as a central part of a large chunk of the demoscene and UK home computer culture existing,

Different meaning when a whole sentence is split into two parts. Never said he knew of such a thing as the demoscene. His responsibility being indirect and unintentional as any fule know.

I do sort of agree the glut of eulogies thing can get a bit much , but there's a lot of it about. Avoid social media.
added on the 2021-09-23 17:27:57 by CiH CiH
added on the 2021-09-23 19:09:43 by rc55 rc55
I like that!
added on the 2021-09-26 22:17:09 by rc55 rc55


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