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Demos with an insanely slapping soundtrack

category: music [glöplog]
Yie ar family by TPOLM, clearly.
added on the 2021-08-26 14:12:51 by sagacity sagacity
Slappin 1 - Close by CNCDr
Slappin 2 - The Control by Kooma
added on the 2021-08-26 18:26:21 by rloaderro rloaderro
I'm surprised that nobody mentioned dose 2 yet
added on the 2021-08-26 19:29:33 by v3nom v3nom
Okkie wat versta je onder "slapping" muziek?
added on the 2021-08-26 23:21:00 by magic magic
magic: Keops wil dat je deze video even kijkt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faNDU9mpDYk
added on the 2021-08-26 23:42:15 by maali maali
Maali: wat doet Bruce Willes in die video dan?
added on the 2021-08-26 23:45:44 by magic magic
Okkie wat versta je onder "slapping" muziek?

gewoon, muziek die slapt weet je wel!

This thread makes me really happy :D
added on the 2021-08-27 10:46:23 by okkie okkie
added on the 2021-08-27 13:57:59 by esau esau
Anything goes, as long as it slaps!

Cashew Peanut
It seems that none of these soundtracks actually have any slap bass? wth?
Anything goes, as long as it slaps!

Cashew Peanut

lmao, you dick ;D
added on the 2021-08-27 21:25:33 by okkie okkie
added on the 2021-08-27 22:49:52 by Gargaj Gargaj
added on the 2021-08-27 23:33:02 by havoc havoc
This thread makes me really happy :D

you still have been ignoring 90s amiga soundtracks, like:

Crionics & The Silents - Hardwired

how dare you not remembering Jesper Kyd???
the most successful demoscene musician in the gaming buis / out there! ;)

damn, i still love this soundtrack! ♥
added on the 2021-08-28 01:42:43 by tEiS tEiS
Virtual Dreams & Fairlight - Fullmoon

Heatbeat + Liljedahl

Virtual Dreams & Fairlight - Love


also one of my favs of all time :)

as for pc gedöns... kb's candytron is one of the very few which i've really liked.
added on the 2021-08-28 01:53:57 by tEiS tEiS
for fox sake, totally forgot this one:

Orange - The Nonstop Ibiza Experience

dune's amazing ibiza experience :D
added on the 2021-08-28 01:57:16 by tEiS tEiS
Vanillarocker by mfx has hihats with a subtle tempo

End of discussion. Move on please.
Not a demo, but most slapping soundtrack ever
added on the 2021-08-28 15:04:00 by Virgill Virgill
Whammer Slammer - Rebels. Oooh, oooh, this one!
I'd argue that Stars: Wonders of the World contains the most amount of slapping.

I concur.
added on the 2021-08-28 21:01:23 by rp rp
You mean "slapping" like with a bass? In that case, Arte by Sanity.


added on the 2021-08-29 02:35:49 by Salinga Salinga


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