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Novoque 2020 | 15th August 2020 | the internet

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As we can't have a physical evoke this year we want to meet all of you virtually on Saturday August 15th. We are currently finalizing all the details. What we already finished are the competitions we are going to host.
Have a look at novoque.eu.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and weeks!

Miss you all!
<3 dino
added on the 2020-07-03 20:30:51 by Dino Dino
start spreading the news!!...
added on the 2020-07-04 00:12:38 by psenough psenough
Dino Never Die! <3
added on the 2020-07-04 00:23:22 by Haohmaru Haohmaru
added on the 2020-07-04 15:43:17 by Sir Sir
You can also follow us on Twitter @novoque_eu or join our Facebook event to get regular updates!
added on the 2020-07-04 17:01:15 by Dino Dino
For the Novoque 2020 we plan to make talk-panels with up to 4 participants in the live-stream. It we be a panel like talk, or 15 minutes session, that will get shown on the live stream of Novoque 2020.

This is a call for content!

We want you to deliver interesting topics to the mix. You can talk generally about anything - it can be tech-topics, creativity, demoscene, how-to do stuff, my nerdiest hobby. Just everything you like. We would switch directly into your living-room for this.

Please contact to the Novoque Orga-Team info@novoque.eu if you have something nice for us. Also if you just want to ask a question. We a looking forward to you!
added on the 2020-07-08 21:17:17 by nodepond nodepond
How much is the fish?
added on the 2020-07-08 21:33:34 by Sir Sir
You are invited! Find the invitation here: >> https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=86254

The first Novoque will be awesome.
added on the 2020-07-13 14:20:53 by NR4 NR4
For this year's music compo, we're bringing electronic music back where it belongs - united into a continuous mix that will make us want to shake our hardware, spun by none other than our resident DJ and demoscene musician Ronny Pries!

Make us dance! It's up to you to fill his digital record bag with music, so fire up your gear (we know you've bought some while you were bored at home) and start procrastinating NOW! 😉

For more details, check our still minimalistic website

BB Image
added on the 2020-07-17 13:27:01 by darya darya
Hello folks!

We have some recent news:

First of all we have a final website design. With some content still missing (will be updatet ASAP™).
Second we have our own channels in the Demoscene discord feel free to join and ask us anything.

And best of all we will keep novoque free of charge. All you need to upload an entry or vote is a sceneID. Dgitale Kultur e.V. managed to give us 1000€ prizemoney to be distributed among the winners.

Expect more exiting updates in the next days.
Stay safe and healthy (and work on your releases)

added on the 2020-07-26 15:01:57 by Dino Dino
Due to public demand we will bring the interactive compo to novoque.
If you like to participate please add a video of you entry.


Please be aware that the deadlines for novoque are before the actual event.

Tuesday 11.08.2020 10am CEST

Wednesday 12.08.2020 10am CEST

PC 4k, PC 64k, PC Demo
Thursday 13.08.2020 10am CEST

So work on your releases and make sure to upload them before the deadlines.
More information on how and when to upload the entries will be shared in the next days.

added on the 2020-07-30 20:23:11 by Dino Dino
dino, we can see it's you posting these things!!!

added on the 2020-07-30 22:45:50 by Maali Maali
just to clarify, that wasnt posted by dino!

added on the 2020-07-30 22:46:46 by Maali Maali

added on the 2020-08-02 17:58:19 by T$ T$
added on the 2020-08-02 21:02:33 by SunSpire SunSpire
added on the 2020-08-02 21:31:01 by NR4 NR4
dino dini
added on the 2020-08-02 23:04:18 by novel novel
Dino compo when?

BB Image
added on the 2020-08-03 09:58:57 by Sir Sir
I like the 25 line limit ANSI idea, I'll see if I can knock something upo while stcuk in zoom meetings :)

added on the 2020-08-03 18:04:21 by spiny spiny
Have you updated partymeister to fix the livevoting and if yes what are the specs of the compo machine, GTX or RTX card?
added on the 2020-08-03 20:03:54 by LJ LJ
the compo machine will be:

CPU: intel i9 9900KF 3.6-5ghz
GPU: nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
RAM: 16gb DDR4

added on the 2020-08-03 22:27:25 by pandur pandur
Typo on page General->General Rules:

Deadlines will be around 11-113h of august
Entry upload is now enabled, please sign in using your SceneID here:

added on the 2020-08-06 15:21:46 by pandur pandur
Is a sceneID required for voting, too?
added on the 2020-08-06 15:25:39 by gaspode gaspode


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