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The most dangerous question: Demoscene Symbol

category: residue [glöplog]
Biasz: yeah, cool. maybe the flamewarability turned down a bit? and the question is : are "we" happy with our roots, therefore phreakers added:

BB Image
added on the 2019-08-14 01:44:15 by wertstahl wertstahl
all elements are just placeholders ofcourse, currently.
added on the 2019-08-14 01:45:38 by wertstahl wertstahl
ah. they call this a "seal". that escaped me previously. not sure if that is the best way to go, but hey, learn or die, right? :-D
added on the 2019-08-14 02:11:32 by wertstahl wertstahl
BB Image
added on the 2019-08-14 05:17:14 by havoc havoc
added on the 2019-08-14 16:03:57 by w00t! w00t!
thats the spirit.
added on the 2019-08-14 20:54:44 by wertstahl wertstahl
BB Image
^minder flauw.
but why don't the dicks cross in your drafts?

maali: love your grain of salt / salted hash idea. noted.
added on the 2019-08-15 03:49:09 by wertstahl wertstahl
pee is stored in the balls {true or false} nnnnnn
added on the 2019-08-15 03:50:36 by wertstahl wertstahl
BB Image
added on the 2019-08-15 04:07:49 by wertstahl wertstahl
or wait:

BB Image
added on the 2019-08-15 04:12:06 by wertstahl wertstahl
Biasz: yeah, cool. maybe the flamewarability turned down a bit? and the question is : are "we" happy with our roots, therefore phreakers added:

BB Image

pretty cool, ... needs a sine wave ..
added on the 2019-08-15 09:25:44 by Asato Asato


added on the 2019-08-15 12:35:31 by rutra80 rutra80
TheMechanist: to better understand how to implement it: what would the sine wave stand for? I was also thinking to visualizing the competetive spirit by adding 3 bars with the numbers 2 1 3 as a winners podium and below it some hint at the most feared common enemy: the deadline maybe in form of a Stylized T -0 (t minus zero)
added on the 2019-08-15 18:07:32 by wertstahl wertstahl
I guess the sine function is the most used function ever in the demoscene ...
added on the 2019-08-15 19:33:47 by Asato Asato
I would use to much Elements like bars etc. .. I think the glenz cube is a well recognizable marking point for the scene (there are lot of them like cooper bars, but hard to visualize in a logo), some kind of math like sine wave too (even for music artists) .. and a typical scene font (quite harder, but dot matrix is quite clear for bitmap/graphic artist) .. nice idea with the deadline, which stands for scene parties .. that should be enough ..
added on the 2019-08-15 19:40:47 by Asato Asato
What about if there was some sort of generator where one can tick some options and it would assemble the desired parts into a shape that is then a personalized demoscene seal with like some fields of optional info like circular qr code, some options of allegiance and even a bay/spot for platform fetish/group logo? renders a jpg png or pdf ...
added on the 2019-08-19 02:09:49 by wertstahl wertstahl
[ofcourse the yet unrevealed idea of making a first batch of serialized stickers with some holographic luxury as a giveaway at a certain demoparty also still exists]
added on the 2019-08-19 02:12:10 by wertstahl wertstahl
A sofa maybe?
BB Image
BB Image
added on the 2019-08-21 13:01:14 by baah baah
O <> O
If I see someone's laptop with a sticker of raster twister then I can confirm that he is a demoscener.
added on the 2019-08-21 13:54:32 by FMS_Cat FMS_Cat
laptops are banned from demoscene
added on the 2019-08-21 16:20:30 by nagz nagz
FMS_Cat: please post an example!
added on the 2019-08-22 04:28:25 by wertstahl wertstahl
Sofas also great aspect.
added on the 2019-08-22 04:29:02 by wertstahl wertstahl
we still need a flag!
added on the 2020-08-31 17:13:04 by v3nom v3nom


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