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Can we add a fuctro category in memory of old days ?

category: general [glöplog]
I've got a problem we want to realese a new damn fucktro but i don't know in which category we can Add it. If it's not possible we simply call the prod "Fucktro" :)<br>
Euroscene For Ever !
added on the 2004-06-08 12:08:31 by WoDK WoDK
yeah good idea
and we'll create a crap section so you can add your prods too!
added on the 2004-06-08 14:04:50 by stil stil
added on the 2004-06-08 14:09:51 by elkmoose elkmoose
we should add a bb code tutorial too ... <br>
added on the 2004-06-08 14:11:28 by Stv Stv
is the voting for the 'your mother'-section still going? i'm pretty sure you could add all your stuff right in there.
added on the 2004-06-08 14:20:28 by dalezr dalezr
WoDK : stupid idea... it's a demo or an intro with a 'special' thema or subject.

Stv : BBcode tutorial is allready available on Pouët.net here ;))
In my opinion, you have'nt only *ONE* problem...
Stop wasting diskspace and bandwith, stop junking the pouet SQL database, and try to do something *else* than "demo" making. Everything but demo, please.
added on the 2004-06-08 15:55:32 by asphyx asphyx
fuctro? i'd say it's a sort of an invtro. :)
added on the 2004-06-08 20:48:28 by eye eye
I always thought contemporary fucktros should be called flametros. It just seems so much more modern.


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