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Function 2018 :: Sep 7/8/9 :: Budapest, Hungary

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Function 2018 page is alive!


Okay, okay... This year we were not "hasty little hobbits", but it's still the lovely Hungarian party you love! Same venue, same team, same atmosphere, we just need you!

Just for the details:
Entrance fee is around 12-13 EUR, a beer is about 1 EUR, a shot is about 2 EUR, so you should take these things into consideration...


Don't forget to register ;-)
added on the 2018-07-24 16:28:14 by Maugli Maugli
hooooooey! come one, come all!
added on the 2018-07-24 16:29:20 by nagz nagz
added on the 2018-07-24 16:29:51 by nagz nagz
I heard that there's one dekadent .fi invasion coming. So, any plans for Thursday? :)
added on the 2018-07-24 16:30:23 by waffle waffle
waffle: i'll host a certain Bacter at that time, so let's sync
added on the 2018-07-24 16:35:12 by nagz nagz
256b compo: "booted with the latest version of Rufus, just plain FreeDOS." IMHO this DOES NOT mean no pc speaker. The rule is contradictory.
"Can it be a dance?"
added on the 2018-07-26 13:15:22 by pohar pohar
how to submit entry?
added on the 2018-07-26 17:12:25 by g0blinish g0blinish
@Tomcat: no it's not. In FreeDOS there is speaker, but this time we will not hack it to PA.

@g0blinish: send email to contact@function.hu
added on the 2018-07-26 17:54:23 by pasy pasy
@Pasy: So no sound this year ? My entry won't have anyway this year, but it's kind of a limitation in general not to allow sound as we discussed last year on pouet...

I'll be there in person this year :-)
added on the 2018-07-26 18:02:50 by Kuemmel Kuemmel
we'll allow DOSBox entries this year, (rule will be appear on website today)
if you want sound choose DOSBox, if you want raw cpu power user FreeDOS
added on the 2018-07-26 18:38:15 by pasy pasy
added on the 2018-07-26 18:39:10 by pasy pasy
what settings need for dosbox?
added on the 2018-07-26 18:45:46 by g0blinish g0blinish
@gOblinish: It's not me to decide, but most easiest way to submit and run a DOSBox entry is to provide a PortableDOSBox with it, where you set the cycles or whatever thing in the config yourself...
added on the 2018-07-26 19:40:05 by Kuemmel Kuemmel
I am asking because intro works slow, so I want to change some loops and to tune for FreeDOS.
added on the 2018-07-26 20:09:32 by g0blinish g0blinish
we'll allow DOSBox entries this year, (rule will be appear on website today)
if you want sound choose DOSBox, if you want raw cpu power user FreeDOS

pretty weird desicion though, becaus connecting PC speaker is a matter of wiring a cable from MB pin header to sound mixer (ahh yes, modern MBs often doesn't deature squaker or use only tiny crappy piezoquacker :)
Also, by the way, which version of DOSBox will be uesd? 0.74/SVN/DOSBox-X? (the latter one works faster and has MMX/P6 instructions support)
i prefere 0.74, but if you sizecoders can agree in a common version, thats also ok for me.

i also like the idea of portabledosbox , and everyone can submit own .conf file.
added on the 2018-07-26 21:28:33 by pasy pasy
@pasy: Regarding "raw cpu power"...while testing my entry on an i5 laptop and i7 desktop I see that while some speed stepping option or whatever it's called is switched on in the BIOS FreeDos runs quite slow...so I guess it throttles down the 3.4 GHz to may be 800 MHz at lowest multiplier...no prove for that, it's just slow if switched on...any chance that you switch those things off also on the compo machine if it's not already usual business for compos anyway ? Did other FreeDOS users found out similar things ?
added on the 2018-07-26 21:59:18 by Kuemmel Kuemmel
@pasy: if Function want to be the party who hold the best 256byte compo,
then the full CPU power and sound should be available at the same time.
if Function don't candidate to this title, then ok.

as i know there are 2 software solutions for using
DOS PC speaker + full CPU power together:

1. some new PC's HDA chip has a mixer option for the pc speaker sound.
(my UNMUTE util trying to set this)

2. and the other hand, vmware workstation knows nearly everything we need
- max CPU power with hardware virtualization
- fullscreen (with the 30 days trail version!)
- PC speaker emulation (at least mode 3)

relating to DOSBox: personally I would be happy if DOSBox-X
become the standard DOSBox fork at the tiny intro compos in the future.
(the wider instruction set provides more space for sizecoding).
and for me the right setting is always the max CPU cycles :-)

The new rule still didn't appear on the website :-(
I'm sure this year we would choose the sound option,
although our intro won't sound as good under DOSBox than it could do under FreeDOS.
The compo rules (for 256 byte intros) were updated on the website.
to dosbox or not - what is the question
added on the 2018-08-13 16:24:43 by g0blinish g0blinish
Fellow patients,

Your cure is getting closer and closer!

Don't forget to register (http://2018.function.hu/#register), until then, enjoy our invitation which ranked 3rd place @Evoke 2018.

added on the 2018-08-20 19:45:20 by Maugli Maugli
Btw. I loved the invitation :)
added on the 2018-08-23 20:46:41 by argasek argasek
f'k ye. count me in. just did some calculations, and it should work! \o/
added on the 2018-08-24 00:58:19 by gentleman gentleman
did we tell you a beer (0.5L) is roughly about 1EUR? maybe even less. winkitty wink.
added on the 2018-08-24 10:45:03 by nagz nagz


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