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Phases of being a scener

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TLDR; version

1. being fascinated about all this demoscene stuff since homecomputer-days. feels all so natural and logical.
2. figuring out that there is no other scene that is more worth contributing to. if there would be no demoscene, one should invent it!
added on the 2018-02-25 19:17:27 by nodepond nodepond
1. Getting an early 8 bit computer, playing games, wanting to make stuff
2. Learning to code, failing
3. Seeing some cool demos on amiga years later, wanting to make something like that
4. Learning to code, failing
5. Learning to code, failing
6. Discovering the scene again many years later on PC, connecting on IRC, wanting to join in
7. Learning to code, failing
8. More years pass
9. Learning to code, finally not failing
10. Getting better
added on the 2018-02-25 23:22:31 by psonice psonice
#1 impressed by early 3d games (1993+) including comanche overkill and pretty much everything from id software
#2 working on home-grown 3d tech
#3 impressed by software rasterized 3d demos, notably Camorra and Nooon stuff from the same period (1995-1996)
#4 not impressed by early accelerated demos that overused transparency and cheap/generic mesh generation (pretty much everything around year 2000)
#5 impressed by improvements in 64k's, notably The Prophecy - Project Nemesis by Conspiracy, Paradise by RGBA and many 64k's from Fairlight
#6 doing some intros myself (2005-2006)
#7 realizing demoscene is slowing down and many interesting things happens outside of it
#8 occassionally impressed by some good looking (design-wise) + well coded stuff, notably 64k's by Mercury and Logicoma
#9 always waiting for new cool tricks to be discovered, on demoscene and beyond ;)
added on the 2018-02-26 22:17:56 by tomkh tomkh
the scene is dad
Nagz I know and i send some love to you too! <3 <3
added on the 2018-02-27 01:39:34 by nula nula
What magic said
added on the 2018-02-27 03:29:48 by cxw cxw
The reason why I was so into the scene was that the scene was the only thing that gave me a glimpse of freedom in the prison known as the "Republic" of Austria.
added on the 2018-02-27 05:35:14 by Adok Adok
- buy book about graphics coding, learn about the demoscene that way, be impressed
- forget about the scene for a few years
- being shown fr-08. mind = blown.
- visit first party in awe of the demoscene gods
- four years of occasional demo-watching
- be invited to a gamer LAN party with a "digital creativity competition", code first 64k intro for that
- win the compo by a landslide, be urged by the organizers to compete at a real demoparty
- visit Breakpoint, get unexpected first place in a compo there, become addicted
- four more years of productive demomaking
- almost ten more years of rather unproductive demoparty visiting, with the incessant nagging feeling that one ought to do demos again, but kids&family, lots of other projects, ...
added on the 2018-02-27 11:42:59 by KeyJ KeyJ
I recently read the Interview with Smash at 6octaves and the following sentence struck me:

Being in the demoscene (I mean as an active part of it not just watching demos on pouet :) ) is like being part of a global secret society, there's a line of respect there.

This really made me think and I would be able to write a long diskmag article inspired by this quote. To make it short, I am fond of the idea of viewing the "demoscene" as a "global secret society" and I feel proud to be involved in such a "global secret society" since I was 12 years old. Indeed, this is something special, especially for a modern-day Austrian, a country in which the government tries to control everything (including the size of your dick)...
added on the 2018-02-27 16:23:31 by Adok Adok
luckily, as a hungarian, my dick size is unregulated but we are allowed to use it only once per hour.
added on the 2018-02-27 16:46:40 by nagz nagz
Do a demo that allows you to open up the border between realities and do a body swap. That’s what happened during my demoscene experience. Explains a few things ayeeeeeee
added on the 2018-02-27 16:59:41 by mzerod mzerod
0. Learned to code
1. Saw an ad for a demoparty/swapparty on BBS
2. Visited said party (CC95) and found out about what the scene was all about
3. Started demogroup and hacking hacking hacking
4. Released first demo at Icing 96 I think (second place). Saga.
5. Visited more and more parties, met tons of friends
6. Another great milestone was meeting sceners that not only said they watched your demos, but that it brought them into the demoscene- that was awesome!
7. Lurking about, not really doing much. Doing other platform stuff for fun.
8. Coding stuff then have people say you should do this, you shouldn't do that which really fucks up your motivation even tho it shouldn't. Please stop doing that.
9. Forgetting your pouet account password
10. Here I am.
added on the 2018-02-27 18:31:37 by thec thec
> add bacon
> tomato ketchup
> buns
> love

Over the years, under various names and guises, I came to adore everyone who could do stuff that I simply could not. The scene is a screaming pool of genius with masters in specialities across a broad spectrum of skills often bordering the line between technological self preservation and trans-humanism. Talent & yes- a little bit of ego. Bless everyone in it for doing their part. I hope it is still going a hundred years from now.
added on the 2018-02-28 09:46:49 by mzerod mzerod
Code: - 7 years old - using and departing Tesla-band machines, turntables, televisions aso. - playing around with 12V car battaries + radios - 9 y old - visiting people having a C64 or Atari, also having some contact to robotron-comuters - 12 y old - fixing 500V motors, plugs aso. when older ppl. was afraid of. - getting 999999975 points in wolf3d with an 386sx when visiting Illinois/USA (only played the russian "wolk+sajaz"-telegame before) - buing an Atari 2600, selling it after one day (I hate this thing! not the demos!) - buying an Mastersystem 1 with build in populous/AKIMW (NES = lame!^^ not the demos!) - finally got an AMD-486-DX-40 for my own (first thing: getting Epic Pinball from classmates before it was released in europe, getting Doom1 for it one day later from "other ppl.") - "other ppl." gave me d-lusion's Creator, (an amiga mod-clone for DOS) - after visiting only 2 days a year the Informatik-course getting 15 points for a little turbo-pascal math-program called "regra" whyle getting only 4 points in mathematics o.O - kicking tons of porn-servers out of the net just for fun and a better world - stumbeling with some long saved money into a Pro-Markt, not knowing what to buy, seing the only GUS PnP pro they had - it was mine! the best thing that happened to me (: - finally found Digitrakker (imho the best tracker for the GUS) the other like scream-, fast-, pro- was odd and compared unstable (in my mind!, I was going my way, not following shaddows like the big ones) -loving TBL-demos, FC-ofc... founding different modules in programs and games like jazzjack... then cracks, keygens aso... wow! - spending weeks, months with coding grafics - then the head crash of my life! I stopped coding - never realy came back, only did musik - and I was so fucking bad in it - all lamer cow-bell klishes -> me ^^ - for some random reason living in the same building/room like an n-Factor member some years before (TU-Ilmenau) - knowing that I'm to lame for beeing a scener going on anyway whyle stumbeling into the GOA-Scene (never was visiting big-festivals - only true hardcore hippie-shaddow-festivals like "oxigen orgasm") - learning this and that, reparing not using Amigas, following more or less the things happening in the scene (I was fucking buisy doing music all the day lol) - starting with Jeskola Buzz and tons of machines (this was breaking my neck when XP came up) because of that I'm using Propellerheads Reason until today - all tunes are alive! no compromises, 1 file for each tune) - keeping the real secrets save - loving and respecting you all - making too much bla bla ppl wont understand anyway without knowing my in person - thinking about visiting a big party for a long time - hmm... the people trying to hack my PC throu a downgraded router-firmware whyle in the video footage? lol in other words - don't do that whyle being filmed! That was the funniest sofa-party I ever had... I was able to listen to 'you' whyle making cool commentaries, so... hmm

998. - too lazy for editing or deleting my temporary important nonsense
1000. - rebirth and going on
added on the 2018-02-28 10:08:23 by aqu aqu
- 3 yrs old and being confronted with my house-mates c64 and games
- totally hooked up on games, parents are troubled whats wrong with the boy
- parents try to rescue things with a tight computer time limit
- parents give up, promising me my own computer soonish
- im in school but the people are weird and i want my own computer
- finally getting my (used) c64, what a day! lots of disks included (im 7 yrs old).
- searching through all the disks noticing a lot of the games have these funny crack intros up front
- discovering that sometimes they tell you to press a certain key for trainer mode
- checking all the scrollers for hints how to activate the trainer (i dont care about your fckn greetings, get to the point!)
- starting games just for listening to the music of the intro
- replacing my c64 with an atari st
- same thing with the scrollers but other groupnames (Pompey Pirates ftw!)
- eventually progressing to pc (about 1993, im 11 years old)
- daddy gets a modem (funny noises!)
- getting to know BBS
- trying to chat with every online user i see because yay! chat!
- finding some strange download called "2nd reality" which isnt even a game but blew my mind regardless
- sharing it at school trying to be cool (did not work as expected)
- eventually getting to know "1337" people online, who are into artscene and ansi and stuff
- being told i am too lame to join their ranks and to fuck off (the first time of many ;)
- dont care about that shit anymore because the internet is there, hooray!
- learning what IRC was because i wanted to leech music
- getting to know places on IRC which are actually populated by living people and not xdcc/ftp spambots
- receiving a link to download fr-08 --> mind blown once again
- looking for more of that stuff and eventually learn about pouet.net and scene.org
- discovering the link between ye ol'e cracktros and modern demoscene
- discovering the fact demoparties exist and sceners are actually active on IRC
- discovering parties having a livestream
- going to bp2010 because scamp said it would be the last demoparty ever
- meeting a lot of strange but lovely people (probably sceners)
- trying my luck with code/music/gfx once again but discovering the approach is quite naive and useless
- getting a lot of oldschool hardware
- being shanghaied into nordlicht organizing
- feeling the fuzz and glam and enjoying all the parties
- not feeling the fuzz and glam anymore, party-visits getting rarer
- am i a scener? what is a scener? maybe scene is an overrated buzzword.
- deciding that people being creative is a good thing, no matter what it is called and how they organize
- hanging around at the office and wasting time writing pouet posts...
added on the 2018-02-28 13:44:17 by wysiwtf wysiwtf


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