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New abitrary restriction: energy limited demos

category: general [glöplog]
While I was working on Hololens, Microsoft imposed pretty harsh conditions on power consumption. So, just make hololens demos that can run for more than 2 hours and you got your power consumption demo competition and it will be AR/MR/XR-CoolTech!!!!1111
Oh, and their web interface to the device actually shows graphs of power use and you can (could?) also hook up an intel tool to get more accurate results. And is it turns out, fastest code isn't necessarily the less power hungry.
added on the 2017-11-07 10:06:15 by MsK` MsK`
No it doesn't, a 4096 byte exe is 4096 bytes regardless of computer.

yeah like a c64 4k can use various graphics libraries to do the drawing, and system samples.
added on the 2017-11-07 11:38:33 by Oswald Oswald
Launch a demo for/on Pentium IV & GeForce FX and measure power draw. Then launch it on modern CPU & GPU and measure power draw. Compare...
added on the 2017-11-07 12:29:13 by rutra80 rutra80
added on the 2017-11-07 13:03:05 by neoneye neoneye
How about just minimum resource usage as the goal. It will probably save energy too but its more measurable to say you have a 10% cpu usage raytracer.
added on the 2017-11-09 13:48:21 by spitfire spitfire


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