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Origins of prod names & things

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With emoji, one can name a prod <thumb down>, but would Pouët deal with it?

added on the 2017-09-07 17:50:55 by Sesse Sesse
More useless trivia. ;)

nil, Delphi language keyword, equivalent to NULL elsewhere; goes well with its style and the quoted Strapping Young Lad lyrics

tc1, demotool, "tweak control"

Tame the One-Eyed Monster, popular(?) English expression for masturbation; must've found this to be weird and/or funny enough for a demo title

Formulars of Narf, Pinky & the Brain reference, a 1990s cartoon series, noted for its many catchphrases

Jupiter, can't remember, was almost followed by 'Saturn' though

Music for Underwater People, all those flange/reverb effects and the dubby mood made me think of underwater adventures and such...
added on the 2017-09-07 18:11:33 by tomaes tomaes
Why some prods are named "compofiller" I understand.
added on the 2017-09-07 21:52:26 by Emod Emod
Love Reaction is named after this fantastic song (vocals start at 2:32)
added on the 2017-09-07 22:17:33 by fizzer fizzer
As sensenstahl points out in comments for My Mistress the Leviathan, this is a reference to the movie Hellraiser 2, where Leviathan is the great octahedral being overlooking the maze. There are some other horror fiction references, because we just love that crap. Otherwise Faemiyah prods have pretty self-evident names.

"Junamatkailuintro" is .fi for "Train travelling intro". It starts from "Zugdorf Hbf" which is .de for "Train village main railway station".
added on the 2017-09-08 09:16:02 by Trilkk Trilkk
Paardicle paard is the Dutch word for horse and there are particles made of horses in there. The name came first tho.
added on the 2017-09-08 10:47:20 by okkie okkie
Gargaj now explain the adjective demotitles :D
added on the 2017-09-08 12:21:04 by nagz nagz
When your spheretracer is just too fucking slow because you haven't yet figured out how to make it fast and you decide to secretly drop the resolution from 1280x720 to half the pixels for just one scene, you end up scaling the resolution by sqrt(2) in each dimension and render at 905x509 pixels ...

Every single name of every prod I was ever involved in was decided at the partyplace just before the deadline while drunk. It seems to be the only way of naming things that works for us.
added on the 2017-09-08 13:04:18 by cupe cupe
Gargaj now explain the adjective demotitles :D

added on the 2017-09-08 13:33:39 by xTr1m xTr1m
(great thread)

I love how the title can convey some meaning to the demo, especially in the case of size-restricted prods. At least that's what we tried to do with moire monster or fabrik (means "factory" in german / sounds like "make" in french).

I also love when groups use cool words from their native language to name a demo.

BTW, adinpsz is the acronym of other names ideas sorted alphabetically, "a to z" (IIRC alien industry, digital soul, nightingale, zeropositive).
added on the 2017-09-09 20:41:13 by wullon wullon
Let's start with some basics: Why is "hund" the FB meme? Who came up with it and why?

I don't know the history behind the meme, but +1 to the question, and for those who don't know:
added on the 2017-09-09 20:43:42 by wullon wullon
I read about it years ago somewhere and afair it was fiver2 playing around in werkkzeug and he simply chose the german word for "dog", which is "hund" as a placeholder for some repeated text in the scene...then they liked it somehow and kept it in the release afterwards...from there it got their running gag, reappearing here and there in their prods! :)
That's a great thread. Naming prods is something I love to do (easiest creative thing really, but then I am lazy coding the actual prod :), especially silly weird titles.

I have many prods, I will only write about few of them that are characteristic of something.

- The Poor Freak and Into The Fight (that sounds like a video game? It was, being into a fight to become a true computer geek :P). Really, my mental condition obsessing about becoming a real computer geek and that late 90s, early 2000s obsession. So cringe worthy now :)

- keftedes (meatballs in greek, but refering to the keftales effect)
- atsou (sound of sneezing, I had my allergy again at the demoparty)
- led blur (anagram of red bull, as in the demo 3d beginning and I used to drink that thing) now btw I drink tonic water (quinine)
- tyropite (I don't remember why! It means cheesepie in greek)
- linaffy (saying finally "I made a text demo" in some reverse way)
- clouds with virgins in the skies (my weirdest/nicest demo title ever? really, I remember that from something random that Barti said in oneliner. Then, because I had cloudy texture, I subtly referred to heaven by nooon, in a little element in the credits font)

Mmm most of the others are either obvious or random weird stuff that doesn't make any sense or just sounded cool to me.
added on the 2017-09-10 00:09:34 by Optimonk Optimonk
Gargaj now explain the adjective demotitles :D


That's not actually one of them.

Most of them only make sense in Hungarian where they usually have multiple meanings, but I also don't feel like explaining them in public - it would probably fuck up the experience for people who wanna discover their own interpretations.
added on the 2017-09-10 13:45:36 by Gargaj Gargaj
And on that note, the last one is called "Mégse" because I got sick of Charlie translating our prod titles as soon as the slide appeared so I picked one that has no simple translation ;)
added on the 2017-09-10 15:16:13 by Gargaj Gargaj
Does anyone know the meaning of this prod's name ?
added on the 2017-09-14 15:59:48 by golem golem
A few from Matt Current that I can remember:

We Fascists Are The Only True Anarchists - a quote from one of the characters in Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom".
Portmeirion State - Portmeirion is the primary location where The Prisoner was filmed.
Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut's fourth novel.
added on the 2017-09-18 13:02:01 by jobe jobe
My three coins. In the past, when using hex-based trackers, all my files was named with a letter followed by 0 to F because 0 is One and F is Sixteen, you know it. It's just about fun - also using 'tr0' very often for making fun about leetspeak... tr0speek, in german mirrored just saying Ort (location). Maybe thats why my bwwain in still mixing arround with 0 = 1, not 0 = 0 and F is 15... self shot!
After switching to Windowz, I started with a1 to a9 for files aso...and damn, when reaching z9 I was confused a second, so the next tune was named za1.
aquacord was or is a handle to fit the 8.3-DOS specifics and to have round (edged) letters only. Sure, without water you cannot pee...No, ^^ there was also a point in the early 90's a lot of meanwhyle 'dead' producers started using stupid latin names, so I put one on top for doing self ironics. There also was the spell: 'demos comes in like water' and I was starting mostly every day a new file, so clear for my case. You can translate it into: Klostrippe. Another reason: The sun is burning H to He, but in german we do not say hydrogen. Also, moving water stands for getting tons and tons of gold. :P The tr0 reason is: you know it, when you see me. So, answer not given. ;)
I never was glued to names, so the most is self ironic like: 'it's full of cheese'. A lot of my prods are: pffft, warm air only, no serious work! And sure, I know, using this name for an entry some "drunken stars" are takin it personal. Also the '' is just a funny sign like (r) or (c)... like spotlights surrounding a name, I think it's self describing. Easier to type. 'Coder style'. \o/
aqacord was and is the name of a project. I (me) did not have one until a known very clever admin called me putative anonymously "a clever user", imho meaning: stupid lamer wrecked the bulletproof elite-server, so hm: a qlever user = aqu. And done!
Sry, I'm we!rd most of the time. I call it: 'verbal incontinent'. I'm sorry for off topic. This is a google-spotted forum. I cannot take annything pretty serious in the end without the 'ftp-space'. So thanks for some statements about the prodnames. Often I do mistakes (typos) and ten minutes after I flashing it back, (editing) mentally, knowing excactly what I have to accept. :))
Problem with names is: after some time other people and the mainstream are using same handles, same prodnames... Just look at gamer tags: The whole demo scene is playing ten times wow and dota at the same time and I know this without playing one minute ever in this two example gemes. lol Thats confusing and maybe, for good.
going offline again... <4
added on the 2017-09-18 16:16:19 by aqu aqu
Skjutpung is named as such because of the demoscene's obsession with dicks and balls. Also slengpung
added on the 2017-09-19 15:36:13 by Tjoppen Tjoppen
  • Pi er 3 is based on rigorous mathematics.
  • Spaceflowers (that mess with our genes like DNA)... we had just seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers...
  • Leia fucked the girl in Hanson <- we truly believe this happened. Leia denies this to this date, so it must be true.
  • Keiserens nye effekt translates to "The Emperors new Effect", referring to the H.C. Anderson short tale. The effect really is there.
  • Pleasure you can't measure was the slogan on the Mars ads on the head-rests in the train to TUM.
  • Blockbuster was originally supposed to be called "Poop Sience", but Duckers chickened out.
  • Espen loves BZH was a "gift" for Loaderror (whose first name is Espen, and did a last-minute title-replacement from "Sheena loves Ragnar" to Jenna loves EPH, which is an awful name). He claimed he didn't like naked asians. I believe history has proven otherwise.
  • Cashew Peanut supposedly only have one "valid" anagram, "Wet, Cheap Anus".
  • Matt Current was given its name so people could finally say "Matt Current kicks ass" while being truthful.
  • Regus Ademordna simply because Andromeda sucks ("suger" means "sucks" in Norwegian).
  • [*] Berthelsen & Boch is two "famous" people named "Carl B." from Aarhus.
    added on the 2017-09-19 16:34:39 by kusma kusma
  • Espen loves BZH was a "gift" for Loaderror (whose first name is Espen, and did a last-minute title-replacement from "Sheena loves Ragnar" to Jenna loves EPH, which is an awful name). He claimed he didn't like naked asians. I believe history has proven otherwise.

  • However, the naked asians were not in Espen loves BZH, they were in Fuckoff 9007. This was the first ever BZH release on Amiga and it was originally supposed to be called Fuckoff 9000 until Synteesi / MFX made the very valid point that "9007 is a hell of a lot cooler".
    8088 MPH When This Baby Hits 88 MPH mixed with the Intel 8088 (obvious one)
    We are still fighting for transitions Every release we did on Atari got us comments on lack of transitions
    Don't mess with Texas in no way related to politics or hurricanes but all about the platform this was released on
    Analoque Monster also known as sid chop#01 which is a reference to the chip chop packs we did on amiga
    Happe Naar Ut Baasie a Dutch expression about a dog and it’s owner
    Master Control Program The Master Control Program (or MCP) is the main antagonist in TRON and since this demo has a bit of that Tron vibe
    added on the 2017-09-19 17:27:50 by Ramon B5 Ramon B5
    fuhai iirc Japanese word i think for "decay"
    http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=66607 "Demo or die". Pretty much a fast party prod. Had I knew the terrorist attacks in France were occuring at the exact moment the demo was finalized (and plus the party place having zero internet), I'd use a completely different name....
    added on the 2017-09-20 02:17:00 by mudlord mudlord
    mudlord: let me fix that for you
    demo ou mourir
    added on the 2017-09-20 07:19:37 by Flashira Flashira
    added on the 2017-09-20 08:40:07 by mudlord mudlord


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