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Feature request: show platform in party results overview

category: general [glöplog]
If you open a party page, which shows the results, it only shows the different types of productions.
For example: http://www.pouet.net/party.php?which=450&when=04
Now as you can see, there are multiple intros/demos etc which are ranked the same. This is ofcourse because they are on different platforms, and competed in different compos.
But in the results page it is impossible to tell which is which. You see a number of #1 prods, and you don't know which is the PC demo, which is the Amiga demo etc.
It would be nice if the platform was shown alongside the ranking and title of the demo. Come to think of it, it would also be nice if the group name was shown aswell.
added on the 2004-05-01 12:16:42 by Scali Scali
yeah, please!
added on the 2004-05-01 12:50:25 by dipswitch dipswitch
i agree
and it should also be possible to get longer "top" lists than the top 10. Please make it possible to sort the prods after popularity etc
added on the 2004-05-01 13:18:36 by Duckers Duckers
Duckers: you're kidding about the top10, don't you know that you can already do that ?

Otherwise, showing the platform in the party result overview would be greatly apreciated.
added on the 2004-05-01 14:06:36 by p01 p01
YES \o/ you're a mindreader, scali.
added on the 2004-05-01 14:31:31 by Shifter Shifter

this option would rule.

also the 'group' page (list of prods for a single group) would benefit immensely from 'release date', 'party' and 'platform' columns...
added on the 2004-05-01 14:34:29 by uncle-x uncle-x
A reason why NOT sort them on platform (you guys havent requested that, but someone will) is the combined compos. Writing platform in title is a great idea! You could also click on it, and then get a list of prods with ONLY that platform for that party..
added on the 2004-05-01 16:46:55 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
i'll do some of those requests on test.pouet.net when i got some free time, possibly during this next week.
added on the 2004-05-01 20:29:48 by psenough psenough
while we're on it: as uncle-x said, group page should at least order the releases by date. and not having the type bbs-add is really annoying.
added on the 2004-05-01 21:58:39 by PigPen PigPen
pigpen: type bbs-add? can you explain more clearly what you mean?
added on the 2004-05-01 23:56:57 by psenough psenough
scali: something like this?

niko: it would mean a remodel of the table structure and i would need to be carefull to only do it when the which argument is beeing used otherwise it would generate abit too much traffic whenever someone is just browsing through groups page.
im too lazy to do it now
added on the 2004-05-02 01:16:32 by psenough psenough
ps: much better... add it now :)
added on the 2004-05-02 03:16:32 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
ps: Yes, this would work very nicely :)

By the way, I normally use MyIE2, and for some reason I cannot submit bbs posts or comments with it, while it works fine with vanilla IE.
Did anyone else notice problems with alternative browsers? This is the first site where I notice it (in fact, I believe it actually used to work in MyIE2... Perhaps an update to either pouet.net or MyIE2 broke it).
added on the 2004-05-02 10:42:39 by Scali Scali
ps: That was almost too good! Why didn't you add it directly, I can't see why anyone should not want that function.
added on the 2004-05-02 11:45:11 by ekoli ekoli
ps: i meant the production type "bbs add", since there were tons of bbs adds added to pouet as intro/1k/4k etc.
added on the 2004-05-02 14:30:27 by PigPen PigPen
pigpen: wouldnt that be called bbstro ?
added on the 2004-05-02 14:50:57 by psenough psenough
oh yeh, new party.php been moved to www.pouet.net
and also the submitprod without doublename check

added on the 2004-05-02 14:58:05 by psenough psenough
first time ps ever did something useful ;-P
added on the 2004-05-02 15:02:32 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
and this one time at bandcamp i shoved an accordean up stefan's ass
added on the 2004-05-02 15:03:22 by psenough psenough
ik post nu met MyIE2, dus het hoort wel te werken :P
Oh I found it... The thing is called add.php, and it is considered an ad-page, by the content filter of MyIE2.
Added this page to the exception-list now, et voila :)
added on the 2004-05-02 17:34:21 by Scali Scali
"Oh I found it... The thing is called add.php, and it is considered an ad-page, by the content filter of MyIE2.
Added this page to the exception-list now, et voila :)"

Who the hell filters like *that* ?? Thats like.. Insane.
added on the 2004-05-02 18:55:58 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
It filters on *ad* and *banner* etc. Works great, except for a few flukes such as this one.
added on the 2004-05-02 19:00:56 by Scali Scali
hmm... i think prod link color should differ from groups links color... or maybe underlining it will be fine.. or italics...
added on the 2004-05-02 19:02:08 by apricot apricot


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