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Deadline 2016 - 30th Sept to 2nd Oct - Berlin, Germany

category: parties [glöplog]
Finally back home. Once again thanks to the whole team for a great party! <3
added on the 2016-10-03 23:57:11 by gaspode gaspode
So, Partymeister is set up and running again.

Before exporting the results I double checked the voting data.
Unfortunately there were still votes from 2015 left in the system which somehow affected some results.
Fortunately every vote given has a timestamp so I could easily detect all votes from last year (1513) and delete them, so that only votes from this year (around 1700) were left.
Then I double checked again, and it all made way more sense all of a sudden.

So here is an overview on the results, wrong (left side) and corrected (right side):

I want to wholeheartedly apologize for this!
We will contact the sceners who did not got their trophy yet, or got the wrong one in the coming days and will arrange that you all get your correct trophies! :)

Lesson learned:
NEVER RE-USE an old instance of partymeister.


...and unfortunately, there are some more bad news: Over the course of the party and also today, several organizers started feeling sick and had stomach issues. We would like to know if any visitors had similar problems so that we can identify possible root causes.
added on the 2016-10-04 00:05:31 by mog mog
... and mog was still logged in on this machine (and saved his password, ts ts). Abover posting was from me.
added on the 2016-10-04 00:08:29 by v3nom v3nom
Ach deswegen hat meine Frau die ganze Fahrt zurück gekotzt. :(

Okay, ist aber beruhigend, dass ich doch den zweiten Platz gemacht habe. Die Trophy für den dritten Platz ist aber auch okay. :)
added on the 2016-10-04 00:35:00 by gaspode gaspode
This is the worst fuck-up scenewise I went through in 25 years.
added on the 2016-10-04 01:16:07 by Dascon Dascon
But okay, we are all humans, aren´t we.
I´m gonna listen to Faith No More´s "King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime" till next year and meanwhile correct all posts of mine saying I won. :)

At least there I still got a trophy with my 3rd place - positive thinking!

Tell me how to exchange it if you want to, LJ took it for me (as he did with Virgill´s trophy), but we will for sure find a way to fix that.

No hard feelings. Manhug!
added on the 2016-10-04 01:24:16 by Dascon Dascon
Thank you Dascon. And sorry again. The whole Orga team really did their best to deliver a good party.
It's of course shit that we noticed it too late, but I'm glad we noticed and could correct it.
And trust me, since we've put much effort in the trophies we will make sure that everybody gets the right trophies as soon as possible.
And we also plan to send out the trophies to all remote winners.
(Since it would be a shame to have them collecting dust here)
added on the 2016-10-04 01:47:02 by v3nom v3nom
...and unfortunately, there are some more bad news: Over the course of the party and also today, several organizers started feeling sick and had stomach issues. We would like to know if any visitors had similar problems so that we can identify possible root causes.

I experienced something like that on Sunday morning. Hard to tell the cause, the only thing I ate at the party place was the pasta on Saturday night. Could of course just be the Polish booze that was (literally) poured down my throat..
added on the 2016-10-04 07:31:39 by break break
I also had stomach issues, although not so bad, but something definitely wasn't right. I had a hot dog and wurst in the bar, some chocolates/sweets and large portions of McDonalds from Eastgate Berlin. I only drank Cola Zero, Fritz Cola and mineral water. No Polish booze.

My suspicion is on the bar... :(
added on the 2016-10-04 09:08:58 by Charlie Charlie
I felt rather sick on Sunday (I blamed it on too much booze, but I only had my own, some Polish stuff and beer from the bar), and OhLi spent the entire night on the toilet yesterday.

I rather blame the breakfast...
added on the 2016-10-04 09:31:54 by Widdy Widdy
The snickers perhaps?! It was the only food I don't ate and my wife did.
added on the 2016-10-04 10:01:59 by gaspode gaspode
Came here to check if anyone else got sick, so that explains that (stomach, vomiting, nauseau; started last night)… Since I only had beer, my own food and four slices of toast, my vote is on some infection :)
added on the 2016-10-04 10:02:04 by losso losso
Oh man, that means that my pico-8 demo made a place. How nice for me to hear. =)

I think it was a great party, I had an enjoyable time und luckily no issues with food or stomach or something.
added on the 2016-10-04 10:13:13 by nodepond nodepond
It's like Assembly 94 all over again. At least all the bathrooms weren't filled with puke this time.
added on the 2016-10-04 10:18:03 by break break
was a pleasure to play for you guys!
you rock!

...and no stomach issues here... : )
added on the 2016-10-04 11:14:24 by remute remute
Must have been a bad remote virus. I didn't attend but also got sick. 😆
added on the 2016-10-04 11:33:42 by Virgill Virgill
Got me yesterday evening. I had a really shitty night, literally. Some polish sceners are experiencing it as well as we speak. It's most likely a virus, guys. Polish liquors are clean and fine - we drink it everyday and nothing happens ;) Now excuse me, I have to do some more vomiting.
added on the 2016-10-04 11:37:34 by AceMan AceMan
Yep, all signs point to a virus. A real life Lamer Exterminator? :P
added on the 2016-10-04 11:39:49 by break break
probably norovirus. incubation time is from 6 to 50 hours. you'll either shit a lot or puke a lot or both. drink lots of water or herbal tea (even if it comes out again immediately, you don't want to dry out) and stay away from other people, especially children and the elderly, because for them it can be pretty dangerous. usually it's over after 2 days (1 day throwing up, 1 day feeling shitty, maybe plus 1 day before all that, feeling like you're getting a cold), but generally, if you keep throwing up after 24 hours you definitely need to go see a doctor to prevent further dehydration.
also if you already had it at some point in your life, it's unlikely you'll get it again.
added on the 2016-10-04 11:55:13 by mouldyCat mouldyCat
Don't panic though - metheara just was at the doc and got told that it's most likely just "regular" gastrointestinal troubles, which have been making the round for a week already. Of course the precations still make sense, though.

Nice graphic. :)
added on the 2016-10-04 12:07:27 by gaspode gaspode
Get well soon y'all !
added on the 2016-10-04 12:09:06 by numtek numtek
What numtek said. Get well soon!
added on the 2016-10-04 12:18:12 by SunSpire SunSpire


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