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Assembly 2016?

category: parties [glöplog]
Thanks to all who organized assembly again! The event was amazing!
added on the 2016-08-07 18:45:45 by shaiggon shaiggon
This was my first assembly since ages where I both visited Boozembly and spent some time in the party hall, although only on Sunday. I have to say that the event looked pretty nice even if I'm not getting any younger and felt quite disconnected to the kids at the arena.

Greetings to friends I met, both old and new.
added on the 2016-08-07 18:51:55 by Preacher Preacher
I enjoyed the event over all. The demo crew people were very helpful when I wanted to check our demo on the compo machine. A few notes however:

- the pc configuration on the website was updated very late. It stayed gtx 970 and at some point it was changed to 1080 (?). I guess it's not a problem since the latter one is better anyway, but it's a good thing to know beforehand and have some expectations on the performance -> i.e. it runs at 30 fps on my machine, but it will be 60 on the compo machine.
- the demo studio had a big problem. It was short and not well planned. You talked about a small percentage of all demos and the time wasn't very will distributed. It's ok to spend more time on some "killer demo", but you spent a lot of time on the first few you talked about. Just as you noticed that you didn't have any time you started rushing through the other ones. You didn't cover all of the demos which can be a bit discouraging for new to the scene. I am sure that for groups who have not ranked super high, it would mean a lot to have their demo mentioned by some old sceners on assembly tv for example and get some feedback on their production. Of course, one would argue that's pouet's purpose, but it's not quite the same.

Don't take my words harsh, but please do try to sort out those problems.
added on the 2016-08-07 19:13:41 by varko varko
First Assembly for me.

Generally a very pleasant experience. All organizers were very nice, friendly and helpful. Everything was organized very well and the problems I've noticed were taken care of or already known when I brought them up.

I enjoyed being in the compo studio as well as having a huge tour around everything regarding the organization of the party (thanks to abyss, the core team, compo crew, live crew and all the other organizers I've met for this).

Awesome competitions with the exception of a sub-asm-standard demo compo - but that's just how it is in some years. I'm sure it'll change again next year.

Boozembly is a good addition to the event even though it's quite crowded and can be intimidating a lot - I still enjoyed meeting lots of people there and having some food and drinks.

On top of that meeting Mazor, Destop, ElBee, fellow organizers from various parties and dozens of other people was really great and I hope I can repeat that at some point in the future.

Would visit again!
added on the 2016-08-07 22:14:44 by D.Fox D.Fox
Had fun co-organising the realtime compos this year again, and hope to be part of the compocrew next year as well :) even though it cuts out on quality BZM / Hashembly time, I always enjoy helping people get their stuff on the screen, a few technical and other gaffes this year notwhitstanding.

Happy to see people enter quality entries and will be sure to put more effort into mine next year (...maybe!)
added on the 2016-08-07 22:25:19 by visy visy
varko, from my experience as a guest from previous years it would be really difficult to get a very well planned and timed show. i'd say compo studio organizers and guests would have to plan what we were going to say before hand and make sure we are able to bring all the core points. last year there was some planning(and there were still quite a lot of fuck ups) with the YLE live commentary but i don't think it would been possible with compo studio last year or this year to make sure that the show is rehearsed or polished enough, nor do i think that would there be enough people interested in such a planned and time consuming thing. and even then there's just too many random factors to perfect it much more. before the compo studio we quickly raised some demos we would like to discuss about and if we had time we discuss the rest of the compo. there was a lot more i would like to talk about.

i know we didn't discuss your demo and yeah i'm sorry about that myself, for the life of me i could not remember your group name(now i do, believe me) at the end when the host asked us is there something else we forgot to mention i just could not come up with the name and the show moved on, unfortunate and you can kick me in the butt for that if you want. guests and commentator leaving out stuff is of course unfortunate and i can understand the frustration but i think the show is close to the level it could be even at its best with all the staff and guests.
added on the 2016-08-07 23:24:18 by MuffinHop MuffinHop
FWIW, I don't think the compo studios were particularly disorganized. I didn't find them super-illuminating, perhaps, but I think it was pretty much business as usual.
added on the 2016-08-07 23:29:10 by Sesse Sesse
Good post-party monday!

Sorry for being late with results. Here they are
added on the 2016-08-08 14:13:05 by spiikki spiikki


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