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category: general [glöplog]
something needs to be done about account.php. the avatar-tables take so much loading time, it's hard to reach the submit button under a minute (talking about a nice dsl-connection here)
added on the 2004-08-05 13:29:02 by dalezr dalezr
dlz: yeh i been thinking about updating that too. maybe in september..

too lazy to logout matti's account,
added on the 2004-08-06 06:32:31 by melw melw
Please rename the group Moods into Moods Plateau

thanks PS!
added on the 2004-08-06 11:25:05 by ghandy ghandy
Remove the website from http://www.pouet.net/groups.php?which=839

It hasn't been up for ages.
added on the 2004-08-08 20:35:23 by teel teel
added on the 2004-08-09 09:54:08 by psenough psenough
added on the 2004-08-10 14:14:00 by pan pan
yes it is ;)
added on the 2004-08-10 14:30:46 by psenough psenough
http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=6034 is not a vantage prod
added on the 2004-08-10 16:13:59 by unlock unlock
http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=7316: screenshot doesn't really match the production (read: it's not from wild/extern] ;-) maybe you could delete it, ps? thanks!
added on the 2004-08-10 16:29:36 by unlock unlock
tell me who did 6034 and an url for a new screenshot for 7316 please.
added on the 2004-08-10 16:48:14 by psenough psenough
6034: It was genoz/vantage, but when he wasn't a vantage member yet. actually, i think it's not a group release of any kind.

7315: i'll have to try to make one, but don't know if it's possible. in the meantime, why don't you set it to 'no screenshot yet'? :)

It seems that a few more stuff will need an updated link too (everything that linked to my bbs intro archive actually, since i had to change servers and stuff)
added on the 2004-08-10 16:58:52 by unlock unlock
couz i would need to delete the records on mysql of it beeing uploaded and its alot easier to just del 7315.gif and wget yoururl when it exists then to do that that i mentioned previously.
so give me a new screenshot when youre complaining about wrong one or i might not bother replacing :)
added on the 2004-08-10 17:20:22 by psenough psenough
BB Image for this production: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=13022

(the quality of the screenshot is very low). Thanks!
added on the 2004-08-10 18:27:19 by z5 z5
added on the 2004-08-10 18:31:20 by psenough psenough
just a general notice to evryone... please, link the productions directly to the proper files, not any sites. if you want to choose your favourite mirror, jyou should press 'mirors' near the 'download'. thank you.
added on the 2004-08-13 01:00:42 by meCh\bps meCh\bps
added on the 2004-08-13 13:15:21 by psenough psenough
added on the 2004-08-14 12:34:53 by psenough psenough
added on the 2004-08-15 00:37:59 by psenough psenough
We've released final version for 47'111.0.

You could change link of http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=13048 to http://www.rawhed.com/471110/471110_by_faktory_final.zip.

And also fix the name :)
added on the 2004-08-17 14:07:20 by teel teel
added on the 2004-08-17 14:58:48 by Gargaj Gargaj


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