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Wilder by Catalyst

Wilder - Catalyst (@party 2020)

Ella572 here as we scramble with last minute things. We made this in about a month! After almost a year working on another project,
we shelved that and went in an entirely new direction. Fingers crossed it came out well, though we did have to cut an ascii train...
Not even kidding. Anyway, this has been a blur of ideas, code, art, camera cuts, splicing in animations, effects...
From a project management standpoint, I'm amazed at how much came together in such a quick time, and couldn't be more grateful for the other team members :)

Torvus Bug: Cubase, EWQLSO, Zebra2, freesound.org

qwyn: Blender, Adobe font Good Times

impakt: C++, Vulkan (100% Compute Shaders), SDL, Bass, Assimp, FreeType, LZ4

Ella572: Google Sheets (let me know if you want to see my proj mgt spreadsheet! LOL), Notepad++

Also, huge thanks to DrClaw and the organizers for putting together @party 2020 from all of us in Catalyst!

Torvus Bug - editor code, music
qwyn - art, direction
impakt - code, sync, direction
Ella572 - production, direction

Here's that ascii train anyways, in case you're curious (sans syntax for text rendering):

Incoming Data Payload
________   ________  ____
{}[][][]| |[][][][]| |[]|_
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