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reLase by Marcan [web]

    reLase :: A realtime laser demo

    Presented at Tokyo Demo Fest 2017.

    Hardware, Software, & Music
                            marcan (marcan@marcan.st)

    Visit http://openlase.org for the framework behind this demo!

    Semi-custom RGB laser projector (direct diode red/green/blue and 30kpps
    scanners), using the LaserDock DAC. This demo is designed for 30kpps galvos
    and requires a DAC running at 48kHz.

    OpenLase, an OpenGL-inspired toolkit for realtime laser display, written by
    yours truly. This demo is (mostly) written in Python using the pylase
    Python bindings.

    Developed on Linux. OpenLase uses JACK as an audio/laser data routing
    backend. Made using Inkscape for SVG editing, Blender for 3D modeling, and
    Rosegarden for MIDI sequencing.

    The audio synth used is a Korg Kronos, which, incidentally, also runs Linux.

    With apologies to pOpE for riffing off the tune he wrote for the original
    LASE demo 7 years ago :-)

    You need OpenLase built, at least commit 1511608d or newer. Visit
    https://github.com/marcan/openlase to get it.

    Once you've successfully built OpenLase and configured it for your
    projector, run "make" to build the small support C library for this demo,
    then run the main Python executable:

    PYTHONPATH=$OPENLASE_ROOT/build/python/ python relase.py
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