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The Wind Under My Wings by Andromeda Software Development [web]

                +-   The wind under my wings   -+
                        a n d r o m e d a
                         s o f t w a r e
                      d e v e l o p m e n t

                 Navis - aMUSiC - Valeria Blonde 

                          presented at
                   Euskal Encounter 18 - 2010


                 This demo requires OpenGL with 
                  3.0 pixel and vertex shaders          

           Sound  Playback  by FMOD.   Copyright (C) 
           2001-2006  FireLight Technologies Pty, Ltd. 
           Image processing  library by OpenCV ver 0.97 
           Copyright (C) Intel Corp. 
           GPU    shader   programming  tools  by   Cg. 
           Copyright  (C)  NVidia Corp.


         We send  our  greetings  to our  fellow  groups:
         stravaganza, orion,  conspiracy, threestate, inf
         madwizards,  the black lotus, farbrausch, exceed
         moppi productions, kewlers, neuro ,nah-kolor,odd
         marshals, cocoon,three pixels, fairlight,dope pc
         numedia cyclops,  melon design,  rgba,  outracks
         xplsv,  andromeda,  plastic,  brainstorm,  still
         portal process,alien prophets, TaaT, satori,deus
         traction, vall@day,  reversed engineers, the lab
         pneuma,psyxes, nasty bugs, residents,sense amok, 
         mindlapse,synesthetics, equinox, mfx and all our 
         friends in Greece,  Norway, Finland, Turkey, UK, 
         Spain, Switzerland and Germany. 


            I feel,
            a minute of confusion
            I fear,
            the venom of seclusion in my mind
            I seal,
            a fate no less than perfect
            I steal,
            the life that someone left in my back yard

            Hear the call
            Break the wall
            Run for it or take the fall

            Standing tall
            Make the call
            Not afraid to lose it all

            Always slow
            Taste the flow
            Never been before so low

            But here I lay
            Roles I play
            Much to everyone's dismay
            No more rings
            Binding strings
            I want the wind under my wings


                         Jul  2010
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