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gerbera by Moppi Productions

            gerbera (final) by moppi productions
            2nd @ ASM'2001

requires    OpenGL capable graphics card,
            fast PC (500MHz or higher), mucho RAM.
            (expect random crashes + 1fps rendering on Radeon)

intro       This is the final version of demo Gerbera. There were a couple of
            effects and graphics we wanted to add to this final version. Most of the demo
            is the same as the version shown in the demo competition at Assembly 2001.

            Some parts may be slow, but let that be the reason to watch this demo
            again when you buy new computer ;) Generally a good 3D card is recommended.
            The current ATI Radeon drivers (8/16/2001) does not seem to support the
            copy-to-texture very well so expect even slower frame rates on Radeon cards.
            Also some random crashes may be experienced on those cards as well.

credits               code - memon
                 modelling - memon
             additional 3d - gstep
                    design - sumo, memon, gstep
                soundtrack - sumo lounge, dj holik
            guest starring - johnny park

thanks to   Frans "Otis" Bouma
            Rauli Arjatsalo @ Nebula
            Christopher Oat @ ATI
            Firelight MUltimedia (fmod)
            Kai Johansson
            Ossi Pirkkonen
            Milla Ahtiainen
            Assembly 2001 crew

uses        Intel jpeg library,
            FMOD music system, and
            Moppi Demopaja

contact     Moppi Productions
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