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AzurVeda by Mankind [web]

AzurVeda UVeda MFC GUI Release 0.8, 24/02/2007

1. What to do with this ?

This is a general context editor. 
A Context is a set of Objects, which are all created from a class known by the context. Classes define "kinds" of object. Yes, that's what is called Object Programming.
 This release was built with classes that allows to create nice visual 
 and sounds. It has 3D object classes, some texture classes to be used,a camera viewing class to render the whole thing, end even a MP3 music player class.

 For a first use, we recommand that you familiarize yourself with UVeda
 by throwing the executable, and then use the open icon to load some .avb 
 (avb for AzurVeda Binaries) in the examples directory. 
 As soon as loaded, some objects will automatically be opened in the preview screen.
 You can then try to change values and manipulate objects in the editor.
 Some files are already configured to generate 
 executables: Use Menu item "File/Export Context as Media Executable",
 It will throw a batch script, press a key when the script ends to return to UVeda.
 Executables files should be created in directory Output\ , for each supported

  author: Victorien Ferry, a.k.a. krabob/m4nkind
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