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Versatility by The New Image

                    by Patriek Lesparre (patriekl@dds.nl)
                    for the Gameboy '98 Demo Competition
                            (c) The New Image '98

Tools used:
TASM v3.0.1         : Using v1.5 of Jeff Frohwein's GameBoy-table, with a few
                      corrections and modifications by me.
MS QuickBASIC 4.50  : Used to quickly hack up some utilities, like a graphics
                      converter and a music editor.
Paint Shop Pro v4.14: Used for all graphics.

Tested with the following emulators:

VGB-DOS 0.88: Use -delay (default for v0.8b1) and -verbose 0 commandline
              options. Gives the BEST result! (Perfect image, good sound.)
NO$GMB 1.4a : Perfect image, but the sound is bad (off-key, badly emulated).
GB97 v0.297 : I can't get this emulator to run at full framerate, it seems
              to ALWAYS skip a frame or two! Besides this the image is rather
              good, it has a problem with the last scanline though. I had to
              use 8x8 sprites to work around another glitch, I'm not sure
              whether GB97 is handling 10+ sprites/line right and all others
              wrong or vice versa.
              The sound is reasonable, but is an octave to high and irregular
              (bad vblank-timing or related to the frame-rate thingy?)
VGB-WIN 1.0r: Use Delay Line-interrupts setup-option. Perfect image, sound is
              bad (bad emulation).

So it's best to use VGB-DOS 0.88. On my system VGB-DOS plays all sound an
octave too high in a Windows95 DOS-box, so be sure to run it in true
DOS-mode! (I've checked correct soundpitch against my real gameboy.)

I hope everything works on a real gameboy too. I'm unable to test this, since
I don't have a flash-cart or something similar. It's on my want-list however!


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